bingo cage balls DECEMBER 13, 2019

Bingo is a lively game enjoyed by people across the globe. You will find people playing it in online sites, in gaming halls to basements, and the game has no age limit and thus welcomes people of all generations.
Given that the game has been in play since the sixteenth century when it originated in Italy, there is a lot of history to it, and with that comes lots of records that people have set over the centuries. Here are some of the most notable achievements that will motivate you to get deeper into the game:

Largest Game (Offline)

In most cases, you will find that there can only be a certain number of people playing bingo at a time owing to space limitations. Where the game takes place in an online space, there can be more players, though.
The biggest gaming halls can host about one to ten thousand people at a time, and that is on a full night, with most nights attracting less than a thousand people, Thus, when a retailer in South America invited people to a game hoping to set a world record by doing so, not many people could have imagined that the event would attract 70,080 people.
That was back in 2006, and since then, nobody has broken the record. As the retailer walked away with a record, the players got to enjoy a lively game where they won thousands of cash prizes.

Largest Game (Online)

The situation is different when it comes to online spaces as the site can host as many people as are willing to take part in a game. It is one of the reasons that people enjoy online gaming as they know that their space cannot get cramped, and with many people playing, the cash prizes increase.
The largest such event took place in 2010, hosted by Coca-Cola in Tokyo, where 493,824 players were present. With so many people taking part in the event, the game must have been chaotic, and few bingo rooms ever come close to this number, even on their best day. Thus, the company set a record which is yet to get broken to-date.

Largest Jackpot

Jackpots in the game often vary based on the number of players in the event as well as the host. You will find that some games will land the winners three digits in the jackpot, but this is quite minimal when compared to the record set in 2008 by the National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot.
The winner walked away with 1,167,795 pounds, which is a record that none other has matched to this day.

Largest Card

Gala Bingo partnered with several reality television stars in 2014 for their annual ball where they embarked on making the biggest bingo card ever seen. The result was a 4.98 m by 1.99 m card which they used in a game where the proceeds went to charity.

Highest Game

We are not talking about the payout here but rather; the high is about altitude. Twenty-four Gala Coral employees hiked up Mount Everest to the base camp where they played several games at an elevation of 17,500 feet above the sea level. Given that not many people are willing to go that high in the name of setting a record, the chances are quite high that this will be the standard for many years to come.
These records are a show of how far people are willing to go to demonstrate their love for the game, which they can play both online and offline. Practicing the game gives you the upper hand over the competition and one day, you too could set a record that will bear your name for a long time to come.