bingo cage balls FEBRUARY 6, 2020

Welcome to The Green Arrow! If you’re here, we assume that you have an interest in the game of bingo and would love to find out more about it as well as get some tips on how best to excel in it.
Whether you are a bingo lover or a newbie in the field, you are sure to get lots of information from this site, thanks to our regularly updated resources which will give you an edge over the competition. Thus, if you start raking in wins in the subsequent weeks owing to the information you get here, you will know who to thank.

About us

We are bingo lovers who have played the game, both offline and online. Our team comprises of people who spent their childhoods in the company of bingo lovers as well as people who start playing the game well into their adulthood.
Thus, we understand what it takes to get ahead in the game, and we are eager to share tips on the same. If you wish to learn more about us and how we came across this amazing game, please refer to our ‘About Us’ page where we go into detail as to how we all came together.

What is the purpose of the site?

One, we have a deep love for bingo and talking about it as well as sharing tips about the game gets us going and what better platform to do this on other than a website? Two, a lot of people like the idea of bingo but they seem to have trouble finding footing in the game, and they end up losing out on lots of cash prizes.
Three, this game has quite a rich history, and we would love to get into how it evolved as the stories behind its changes are quite fascinating. Four, there is a misconception that this game is for the old, and we would love to change this perception. Yes, there was a time when this game was a way to help the older generations pass the time and exercise their hands as a way to keep mentally and physically fit in their old age.
However, given how exciting this game is, it is also suitable for younger generations who could benefit from the social aspects of the game. What’s more, with the introduction of numerous gaming sites, it is now possible to play bingo from the comfort of your home and rake in bonuses and cash prizes from the same. Five, we wish to shed more light as to the benefits of this game.
For example, did you know that bingo also works as a means to teach arithmetic and spelling to students? This practice started in the nineteenth century when the Germans first started playing the game, and it was so successful that this form of education soon spread to other parts of the world, such as England.
This game is not only about entertainment, but rather, it encompasses a hoard of other benefits which we would like to explore with you.

What can you expect?

We will cover various aspects of bingo in the following ways:
The History
Do you ever wonder how this game began and spread to other parts of the world? Well, records show that the game started as a lottery in Italy back in the sixteenth century and it was not until it reached America that the game gained recognition as bingo. Before then, people regarded it as beano.
To know more about the invention of the game as well as the various lingo in play in the UK regarding the game, visit our History page. Rules Playing bingo requires knowledge as to how to play and what will give you an edge over the competition. You will find all this information under our ‘Rules’ page, and the tricks are available under our ‘Tips for Playing.’ It takes strategy to win a game of bingo, and the more information that you have, the higher your chances of landing a win. We will also cover milestones in the history of bingo as well as places around the globe where you can enjoy the game.

Why play Bingo?

You may wonder what the positive impact of playing bingo is other than the entertainment. Research shows that this game has a ton of health benefits, and not just for the elderly. First, it calls for attention, and this improves your short-term memory skills as well as your listening ability.
If you miss a number, you are likely to miss out on a chance to win, and you thus give the game your all and end up developing your skills in these areas. Additionally, you get to socialize with other people. When visiting a gaming hall, you will find that many jovial people are out to make friends and you can form social groups as you have one thing in common.
Also, when playing online, you will find that most sites strive to maintain the social aspect that is characteristic of this game, and they thus provide platforms through which you can communicate with other players. Having an active social life reduces the chances of stress, anxiety, and depression and is, therefore, one of the most important benefits of playing bingo.
At The Green Arrow, we aim to provide you with information on the game, and you can count on us to keep you updated on present issues including the legality of the game to upcoming competitions. Be sure to check in now and then.