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Bingo has grown at a fast rate since its inception, so much so that you will find people playing it across the globe, both in gaming halls and on their phones or laptops. There is so much history about the game in every country, based on how it got there and how people used it. Take an example of the USA.
People here grew fond of the game as it was a means of raising funds for the church before it moved to homes and gaming halls. People in Germany used the game as a way to teach children about vocabulary and arithmetic. The stories behind bingo in each country are fascinating as you will see. Let’s look at some of the top examples:

The UK

People in the UK did not hear of this game until about six decades ago when it took the region by a storm. So loved was the game that people were soon streaming into gaming halls across the region, hoping to make some good winnings with the various tricks that they hand in mind.
Though the country was late to the game, it stands as one of the regions where the game is most played. And the interesting thing about this country is that where in other countries people see the game as one for the old, people in the UK play it regardless of their age. Thus, you will find people enjoying it in halls as well as on their mobile phones.
When the game started in the country, the caller would call out figures from one to ninety and over time, the players developed a lingo. In this way, you would find that 88 would go by two fat ladies, and 22 would be known as two little ducks. These are but a few of the names that players came up with over time, making the game very interesting. Over time, bingo evolved to include other variations other than the 90 balls, thus increasing people’s interest in the game.


You may know this country as the land of pizza, and admittedly, their pizza recipes are out of this world. But that is not all that the Italians can do if the history of bingo is anything to go by, as the game originated in this nation. At the time, it was the Gioco del Lotto, which was a national lottery that attracted many players following the unification of the country.
Reports show that the game started at around 1530, which is way before most of the countries in this list heard of the game. As the game increased in popularity, so did the various gaming halls in which players could try their luck and take home some winnings. Even as gaming sites continue to crop up every day, Italy is still a country where you can have a good meal as you enjoy a great game of bingo.


The Germans got hold of the game, long before it became a trend in the UK, which was back in 1880. Over time, they have changed the game such that it is quite similar to what you would find in the UK and if you can play and win in Germany, the chances are high that you can do as well in the UK.
The game was known as der Lottospiel, and where one won in the game, they would exclaim Volltreffer! For the Germans, this game was more than a way to pass the time during the weeknights and was also a way to teach children spelling and math. They also integrated the game into other subjects such as history in a bid to make the learning processes more practical and fun.
Using the game in education increased its popularity such that the subsequent generations were eager to take part in the variations in play. England soon picked up using bingo as a way to teach students in school. Today, there are at least forty bingo halls in Germany where people converge for a game and lively conversations.


Now, here is a country that is giving the UK a run for its money, owing to the significant number of people playing the game regularly. It ranks second in the world regarding the popularity of bingo.
Interestingly, the game started gaining traction in 1990 after the country’s resurgence and has since taken off at a fast rate, as people enjoy the game both online and offline. Additionally, some shows advocate for the playing of bingo, which increases the number of people streaming into the halls or using the online sites that feature several variations.
The legality of gambling in the country is in question, and you will thus find that there are few online sites from the country that offer the game. However, that has not stopped the citizens from enjoying one of their favourite pastimes. America, Japan, and Sweden are other nations whose citizens have a deep love for this game and enjoy it both online and offline.