Hello there and welcome to The Green Arrow!

Who are we?

We are three bingo lovers who have had our fair share of experience with the game, enabling us to come up with numerous resources that will help you excel in this exciting game.

I grew up in Bristol, and my grandparents, who lived with us, enjoyed playing bingo whenever they got the chance. Whether it was in the evening as they sipped on some drinks with friends or during family events, they were always up for a game, and as I grew up, I developed an interest in the game.
At first, it was because of the cash rewards, which helped me buy goodies on the way home, but I later became keener on how the game worked. It was not long before I was hosting games for my friends, helping them navigate the combinations and increase their chances of winning.
When I started working in accounts owing to my love of numbers, I realized that though most of my colleagues loved bingo, they were not strategic in their plays, and they seldom walked away with wins, and this encouraged me to create a platform where I could share my knowledge with people who were in need of the same.
My friend Mark was into bingo, so much so that you could expect him to dodge into a gaming hall at some point during the weekend and emerge later with some winnings or cursing at the world for anyone who cared to listen.
After a while, I decided to join him in one of the games and a lady at the front got my attention as she was silent throughout the sessions as my friend banged on his table and tore up his cards in frustration. She was so focused on the game, and when she finally yelled out bingo, I knew she was the one to watch.
Slowly but surely, Mark and I worked on aping some of her behaviours, and it did not take long for him to start making some good money. Later, we ventured into online gaming, and that was also a success, and we were able to invest some of the winnings.
I did not know much about bingo as a kid as people regarded it as more of an old people game and I thus went with the trend which was betting on sports such as football. When I joined campus, I came across bingo, and going through its history was a thrill for me.
I decided to try it out, but since I did not have much of a grasp as to how it worked, I spent the better part of my first year going on about my losses to Eric. He came through for me by coming with me to the gaming halls and advising me on how to go about winning.
When the money started streaming in, we got a lot of interest from our friends who wanted some tips on how to play. I realized that most of them had a love for the game but didn’t understand the importance of strategy, which is a situation that I had faced in the start.
Eric and I partnered with our long-time friend Martha who had a lot of experience in the game, and we created a site to help people win more games over time.

Why Us?

We have all played the game, both in gaming halls and in online sites, and we understand what it takes to bag a win and lose. Though the game is hugely about luck, we all agree that having a plan in place enables one to have the edge over the competition and all that matters at the end of the day is that upper hand.
We give you tips on how to prepare yourself for games, both online and in gaming halls, by showing you some of the loopholes that people often miss, and which can land you that pattern of which you are in search.
If you are a bingo lover, this site will come in handy regarding what websites to visit and how you can make the most out of the random combinations in play. We have tons of resources available for you, which we frequently update to match the trends on the market.