The Huguenot Lie


In his interview with Nick Griffin last night, the congenitally supercilious Jeremy Paxman attempted to question the existence of such a creature as a native or indigenous Briton, by seeking to exaggerate the number of immigrants who have come to Britain over the centuries, and as ever, he raised what he and the other Historical deceivers believe is their trump card the Huguenot refugees who arrived here after 1571.

However, let us look at this claim that Britain is a nation of immigrants, and that what is happening to day is no different to what went before.  Does the fact that, as an act of charity we took in a group of of persecuted French protestants 430 years ago invalidate our claim to be an indigenous people.  Let us look at the truth of the Huguenot lie.

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What even Mr Paxman might understand


It seems that despite adjudicating over University challenge in his spare time, Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman struggles for a definition of an indigenous or native Briton, or so the disingenuous and obscenely over compensated old poser tried to pretend in his unsuccessful attempts to discomfort Nick Griffin this evening.

Well, in that case, lets give him a fact which will not challenge his Panten Super Hold spray addled brain and one which will not even require him to grasp a definition of either native or indigenous which would be quite clear to 99% of the population. Indeed it will not even be necessarily for him to pontificate superciliously about a tiny group of French Huguenots or an even smaller group of Lithuanian Jews, but which might just give him an inkling of the size of problem we are facing.

It is an indisputable fact that, if current immigration and immigrant birth rate numbers continue, within less than 50 years, the descendants of those British born people who celebrated VE day in 1945 will be in the minority within the British Isles.

Is that clear enough, even for you Mr. Paxman?


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UAF - a Threat to Democracy


Ignored by the controlled media, across the country the violent thugs of the fascist UAF are attempting to smash democracy by attacking election meetings attended by BNP members, already hustings have been threatened or invaded in Essex and in Blackpool and now we hear of further meeting in Harborough has been cancelled following threats of violence.

The media must appreciate that these are the tactics of a totalitarian state. The UAF, who call themselves "Unite against Fascism" in rather the same manner in which a group of rabbits might say  "Bunnies against cottontails" are supported by the three main political parties, which effectively makes this state sponsored political violence. Yet they remain silent and refuse to report what is going one.

Is there no journalist left in this country with a remaining iota of honour and decency to truthfully report the news, if only in memory of a democracy which millions of our grandfathers' generation died for?

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The "Independent" PCC in Action




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This man


This man says what he truly believes, whilst knowing as he does so that he will be vilified and slandered for it. He speaks the truth knowing that he will be called a liar and that he will be lied about.

In fact, this man has had more lies told against him than probably any other native figure in our island history. This is because the union to which the journalists telling the lies about him belong has rules  instructing those very journalists that they must lie, and must uniquely lie, about him.

This man goes out every day knowing that as he does so there are organised and state funded thugs determined to stop him. He knows those thugs may use violence, and if they do, the police will not protect him, they stood by and watched him being attacked on College Green and will do so again. Meanwhile the bigots at the Crown Prosecution Service will ignore clear evidence and refuse to prosecute his assailants.

Indeed, this man goes out every day knowing it could be his last, for he would not be the fist European patriot leader to be murdered for his beliefs.

Yet, this man has, himself, been prosecuted twice for the crime of telling truths which were demonstrably true and which the media, the government and the very courts trying him knew to be true.

He is not only prosecuted by the courts, but he faces daily trial by media. When this man went on to the state broadcaster's flagship political debate show, it was to find that, for the first time in its history its format had been deliberately changed so that it became a bear pit, with him as the bear, yet he held his own against the dogs.

This man leads a political party which various state and tax payer funded pressure groups, quangos and arms of the state have been set up deliberately to destroy. A party whom the lying media accuse of inciting violence, when, the party and its members have, in fact, only ever been the victims of that violence.

This is the man whom the state, the controlled media and the mob seek to silence, and yet he still speaks out.

He does all this in the knowledge that the benefits to himself are few, whilst the dangers are great and many. At the very least, this man deserves to be heard.

Ignore the lies told about this man by his enemies, his enemies may be many, but they are your enemies too.

This man is Nick Griffin, the bravest and the most honourable politician in our land today.


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UAF Expose their true nature in Bolton


UAF thug Weyman Bennett was arrested later charged with conspiracy to organise violent disorder

As a result of a violent UAF attack on a peaceful English Defence League demonstration in Bolton this weekend:

61 UAF thugs were Arrested for violence.

6 EDL protesters were arrested for public order offenses.

For once, even the Politically correct police have admitted that it was the UAF who were behind the violence. Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, from Greater Manchester Police, who led the policing operation, said:

"We have seen groups of people, predominantly associated with the UAF, engaging in violent confrontation. It is clear to me that a large number have attended with the sole intention of committing disorder and their actions have been wholly unacceptable. Turning their anger on to police officers, they acted with, at times, extreme violence and their actions led to injuries to police officers, protesters and members of the public."

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A statement of truth


There is one statement in the BNP's 2010 election manifesto which the party and every one of its supporters must ensure is made known to the wider public at every possible opportunity. It is a statement which I urge the BNP to find space for in their forthcoming election broadcast and repeat every time they are given airtime on any major TV or radio outlet, particularly when they are being broadcast live, so that it can not be easily edited out, as the controlled media will certainly seek to do.

They must repeat it on door steps and shout it out at hustings, for it is a truth which must be spoken.

That statement is:

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Billy's New Number


Tonight's news tells us that the very old and largely forgotten one time punk rocker and far let agitator Billy Bragg is heading towards his long abandoned birthplace in Essex, together with various theatre lovies and assorted anarchists, all intent on convincing the local population of Barking not to vote BNP by the means of performance art and ethnic nose flute recitals.

However, news has just reached me that the crumbly old poser is secretly planning to release a new single in the hope of having a hit in the current century.

A draft of the lyrics were found scribbled on the back of a napkin from London's Mezzo Restaurant (the place to be in 1992) and left in a gents lavatory in Dagenham together with a carton of Lapsang souchong, a heavily thumbed copy of Das Kapital and an expired but unopened packet of condoms.

In the merciful absence of Mr. Bragg to perform himself, you will need to improvise and imagine the following sung by a very aged and rather scuzzy vintage 1978 punk rocker suffering from stomach acid and raging haemorrhoids:

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Political Values 2010


As anyone in Britain, who has not been in a coma for the last month, is aware, last night we had first ever US style "leaders debates" to be staged in this country, as part of the 2010 general election campaign. It was not exactly an inclusive affair, involving only leaders of the ruling Lib/Lab/Con troika and noticably excluding leaders of the “smaller” parties such as Nick Griffin, lord fudge of Ukipper and that woman who looks like a pomeranian who runs the Greens.

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Eugenics 2010

eugenics 2010b

As regular readers of my blog will be aware, I have a weakness for American cop shows, despite the, diversity quota approved, parallel universe of evil white criminals and honest, law abiding, black victims in which they are set. We all have our own foibles and vices and late evenings will often find me, my Albion knight and a bottle of Shiraz in front of of the TV watching the mindless pap that is CSI, Law and Order or the ludicrous twaddle the Mentalist.

As a result, last weekend I watched an episode of NBC's Law and Order entitled “Birthright”.

I don't know how far we are behind America, but this was part of series 16 with Police Officers Green and Fontana rather than Lupo and Bernard who I understand are this season's black and white detectives.

Whatever the series. anyone who is a regular viewer of Law and Order will be aware that each episode follows a set formula, a crime is committed and is investigated for the first part of the show by mixed race detectives from the New York Police department under the control of the sturdy and black authority figure Lt. Anita Van Buren. After Lt. Van Buren's boys have made their arrest the action moves on to the court case where the accused perpetrator is prosecuted by the indescribably irritating Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and the relevant season's interchangeable foxy chick.

Invariably as the show develops some social issue is addressed from a resolutely politically correct standpoint.

However. “Birthright” did not initially appear to be following the usual pattern. What first struck me was that it actually portrayed black people as criminals, committing crimes and actually killing people without some white person pulling the strings. Admittedly the victims were also black rather than white, but this was still revolutionary stuff for NBC.

Of course, the revolution only lasted for the first five minutes of the show, after which we were swiftly jerked back into more familiar territory when the real, and predictably white, villainess made her appearance.

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