Welsh Assembly "Government" refuses to cross picket line


Something caight my eye on \the BBC Wales News site this morning.

Apparently there is a public sector worker's strike on today, just in time for Darling's last and pointless budget.

And The Labour and Plaid Curry Partys that "run" the welsh assembly government decide to walk out in solidarity.

Well actually they refused to cross the picket line.

A bloody shame Darling wasn't made aware of who is going to pay his election deposit. If he had made the same decision as Carwyn Jones none of us would have had to pay any tax next year.

He might even have got reelected on that sot of ticket.



Who's up for a trip to Manchester on May 10th

Now, as anyone who has not been hiding under a rock for several days knows, the UAF Spokestosser Weyman Bennett was arrested on suspicion of, and subsequently apparently charged with the offence of "conspiracy to promote violent disorder".

He has, according to some red sites, changed his mind about whether he was charged or not.

But a spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police says Weyman Bennett has been released on bail until May 10th.

I'll neatly step over the obvious, that his public appearance to answer these alleged charges has been put of until after the next election so as to avoid embarrassment to Diddy David Cameron his staunch supporter and apparent signatory to the UAF founding document.

Do we have anyone in the area who fancies a wander up to see weyman face the music ?


Employ, Subsidise, Deport ? Which is it to be, Mr Clegg ? Or Should that be Sauron ?

The Liberal Democrat leader was handed five minutes of fame on BBC1's "The Politics Show" yesterday. If anyone has a link to a youtube of his performance, let's have it. Because I really want to highlight his insanity of a "policy" on immigration.

Clegg has come up with this brilliant idea.

He says there are "areas" of the country that have too many people and not enough work, and other "areas" that have not enough people and too much work to do, so he wishes to have immigrants granted the right to work in one "area" but not others.

A concept that the BBC lackey "in charge" of the programme quickly turned into a ridicule fest by continuously labouring the sole question "If a worker allowed to immigrate into one "area" with a work permit allowing him to work in that "area" lost his job in weeks, would he be given unemployment benefit or deported given that his work permit would not allow him to work in another "area".

Utter bollocks I thought

And then the truth hit me like a sledgehammer.

Don't use "area" in Cleggs Propaganda as I have presented it above.

Use the words "EU Region"

There are eleven "Regions" in Britain. Scotland is one. Wales another. These have already been "devolved" for the manifestly obvious purpose of sowing and promoting disunity in our once united kingdom. Why else have free hospital parking in one region but not the other ten, free prescriptions in one, reduced prescription charges on a second, and full price in the other nine ? Why else have places you can walk into without an appointment when it suits you in nine but not the other two.

And now Clegg wants to administer immigration at he EU Region Level so as to destroy further the ability of the "Once Great" Britain, the "Once United" Kingdom to rule itself.

But why ?

And that's when it hit me.then it hit me. Nine

There are two regions where The Illiberal Undemocrats already have the means to use disunity to break up the union. That leaves nine to go

Call it a bit of a Tolkien Moment if you will ....

Three rings for the elf-lords under the sky

Seven for the Dwarf Lords in the halls of stone

Nine For Mortal Men Doomed To Die ......


One ring to rule them all, one ring to frind them

One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

In the Land of Belgium, where (almost all ) the MEP's lie .......

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CAMRA Ignore BNP Candidates In Their Campaign To Save The British Pub

As a member of CAMRA (cmon guys, with my waistline how could I be other) I was very pleased to see an email from Emily Ryans their Campaigns Guru asking me as a member to join the CAMRA online campaign to email all parliamentary candidates asking them to pledge to support five points to save the British Pub.

The campaign demands the right for all lessees to buy themselves out of the tie that forces them to pay twice what a non tied house pays for their beer, demands flexibility in planning regulations for pubs wanting to diversify and retail other things, and so on.

And I duly sent off my email that will cause my reuest to hit the inboxes of all the declared candidates in Newport East.

And then I thought of something

And I went back and tried to see what would happen if I lived in Barking.



Why Not ?

(I have the PDF printout of the form on this machine right now, later today I will put it on a server for our regional organiser and hopefully our national organiser to use as evidence than CAMRA seem less than happy to canvass the candidates most dedicated to supporting the way of life they seek to preserve against destruction)

EDIT: been a bit of a busy day. For any who want to see, the PDF can be grabbed from here

Also emily has not bothered to say anything to me yet. Why not ask her why not. Google will give you her email address as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Lobbing The Grenades Back At The Enemy

I must confess I had trouble sitting on my chair this morning as a search engine pointed me to the tories' latest attempt at giving Brown a good stuffing through negative campaigning. Go look for yourself here

I particularly liked this one

... and i think this one had a certain ring to it as well

But there was one which particularly caught my eye. This one.

Now I'm not entirely convinced Labour ARE to blame for the Treaty OF Nice which established the allocation of seats and the use of the D'Hondt formula that finally gave the true patriots of this country the political power they deserved without having to stoop to the use of the armalite and the roadside bomb as other ignored minorities have been force dto in the past, but the fact is New Labour did not start talking OUR language until two BNP MEP's booked their tickets to Brussels.

And as was pointed out in the recent Newport meeting, if you take a look at the voting figures for the last welsh assembly election and then take a look at the votes we gained at the last eu election it does not take a genius to work out that we are a force to be reckoned with next year.

I can't wait. But then again it will be the turncoat Former Labour turned Welsh Nationalist (to get a seat) turned Tory (to get his daughter a job) Mohammed Asghar who my vote willhelp put out onto the gutter where he belongs

Oh yes. All those images are shown here courtesty of url's leeching off the parent site. Yes I know it's bad form but hey, they want people to see tese images, and i want to help them spend Lord Ashcroft's money wisely, on the bandwidth it will consume as hundreds who hate Gordon just as much as them do just that. And besides which, doing it this way I can't be accused of stealing their work can I. But it wil be interesting to see how long these images remain on the pro-tory site when they realise they're being useful to us !

And finally ...

Direct from the site hosting the billboard generator I bring you the truest thing you'lll ever see or read in the dirty war that will be taking place over the next few weeks....

Enjoy. Unless you're a Labour MP. In which case Be afraid. Be very afraid. For in the vacuum that is the dark world of afterparliament, no one gives a damn how long you scream.

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Anyone Fancy A Gamble On The BNP Gaining a Westminster Seat?

I had a truly fascinating conversation last night at the Newport meeting

According to my research this morning bookmakers are offering odds of "1/8" (put eight down win 1 plus your stake back) on a tory general election win, "5/1" (put one down win five plus your stake back) on Gordon Brown making it back to Number Ten, "200/1" on Nick Clegg being our next prime minister ....

And yesterday William Hill offered 11/4 on the British National Party gaining at least one seat in Westminster.

No, I didn't put any money down. I handed it to Brian to put against one of the candidate deposits instead.A much safer bet !

But it shows you how far we have come, does it not.

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An Email From Emily Ryans, CAMRA

I recently put up an article pointing out that no BNP candidates were being canvassed by CAMRA in their recent campaign to save the British Pub

I reproduce here in full an email I have received this morning from Emily Ryans of CAMRA who is in charge of this campaign.

I won't be renewing my membership of CAMRA and I think any BNP member or supporter who is oiught to think carefully about renewing.

Dear John,

Thank you for your email.

CAMRA has taken the decision not to canvass or accept support from the British National Party (BNP). 

Support from the BNP would be damaging to CAMRA as it would alienate mainstream opinion. Furthermore, many of our members consider the discriminatory policies and attitudes of the BNP as wholly unacceptable in modern society. 

CAMRA welcomes the role of pubs within communities in creating an environment for people of all backgrounds and all communities to enjoy a drink.  This is clearly at odds with the attitudes of the BNP.

As such, we have not included BNP candidates in the database for our campaigning website, and will not be inviting or accepting the support of BNP candidates for our campaign.

Kind regards,


Emily Ryans
Campaigns Officer
CAMRA, The Campaign for Real Ale
Tel: 01727 798 447
Mob: 07939 426 964
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Right then. How many supporters do we have in the Licensed Victuallers Association. I think there's something they need to know.

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Bribery or Bullshit ? You Decide

This morning's Times Online carried an interesting tale which you can read in the Daily Mail if you prefer your headlines in large print and your news peppered with pictures. I do not know if The News of The World caries the story with topless pics to match and to be honest I do not care to find out.

It seems a number of Labour's Ministers have been caught with their fingers in the till. AGAIN.

This time it's claims of "Pay us £5000 and we can arrrange for you to meet Tony" and "I can get Lord Adonis To Fix This For You".

Makes me sick to the pit of my stomach to have to report it, but it is important for all to realise how the people currently in charge have been, and probably still are "on the make" and the only thing their corrupt leadership can say is "well, they're all stepping down in a few weeks".

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Is That a Halal Cheese Sandwich In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me ?

Our regional organiser sent me a picture a fellow activist took whilst attending Neville Hall Hospital. Abergavenny and suggested I might like to make it more widely known.

Interesting that Neville Hall Hospital, one of the three main general hospitals serving the monolith that New Labour have assembled from the former Blaenau, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen Local health boards and Gwent its NHS Trust, sees fit to specially label its cheese sandwiches as Halal.

The national statistics office wants you to believe that Cardiff has the highest proportion of followers of the cult of the dead paedophile, at 4% of the population, while taking Wales as a whole they are a mere 1% of the population. Mind you, they don't half pack 'em in their ghettoes though, for newport council provide a councillor candidate information pack that shows one of our councl wards is13% islamic and the one next door 15%.

But let's put that aside and stick with the national statistics. So in the interests of "fairness" a label that matters to less than one in a hundred is displayed on all food meeting those criteria served to the other 99%.

But this is a non-issue. I won't bother putting the links up here but trust me even the most fervent supporter of Anjem Choudhury will tell you all cheese is halal because there is no blood in the rennet used to curdle the milk. It is a fact that the indigenous british vegetarian has to be a damn sight more picky (because the use of animal rennet is a no-no) in their choice of cheeses than the dalek-suited ones.

In fact, it is a great pity our activist didn't get a better shot of this label, as I cannot see if this cheese sandwich is suitable for vegetarians.

I have few details but will you accept that this pro-vegetarian lifestyle site says that 6% of the UK are vegetarian, twice the percentage in europe as a whole thanks to mad cow disease scares (lots of young adults were frightened into abandoning red meat, investigated a vegetarian diet and stayed with it) and bucketloads more (myself included) were forced into vegetarianism as a starving student and will today cheerfully opt for vegetarian meals several days a week just for the hell - or the flavour - or the reminiscence of times past when I had the body of a chippendale and the libido to match  - of it.

SO it may be that Nevill Hall Hospital pays more attention to a religious cult than a healthy lifestyle cult with six times as many people. Strange behaviour indeed if one is supposed to believe the hype that a follower of a vegetarian lifestyle pays more attention to their diet, health and fitness, something the HNS is spending millions to breainwash us into doing.

So what gives ? Indoctrination, that's what. Imposition of the concept upon the subconscious mind making it familiar and therefore accepted.

But I will not get hung up on this. Because what I think we do need to concentrate on, however, is Lodge Hill Junior School, Cerleon, Newport, and its policy of serving Halal meat to all the school children because to serve any other would make the halal eat haram.  I think someone ought to ask Paul Flynn whether he approves of every child in the school being forced to eat meat prepared for this cult on the grounds it cannot serve both at the same time. A policy that ensures a market for the product that outstrips the genuine demand so as to make it appear attractive to investors to construct mega halal meat parks like the one the Welsh Assembly Government is being asked to subsidise because the Abu Dhabi investors will not invest unless tax advantages can be screwed out of local governments

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Carwyn Jones LIES HIS HEAD OFF on Dragons Eye

It is 23:50 on Thursday 18th March and I am sitting in my living room spitting bloood.

BBC has just run a piece on Carwyn Jones' First 100 Days as First Minister in the Cardiff Bay Hot Air Pit.

In which this man extolled the magnificent way his party has used **REACT FUNDING** to help redundant workers to set up their own businesses.


Barclays Bank threw me, and several thousand others, onto the street two Christmasses ago.  The lying scum in Barclays' HR division waxed lyrical about how much money would be available to grease my path into another job. And in due course, but too late to help me, as you had to apply to them BEFORE you went to see an employer, the man from *REACT* came to give us his well versed spiel.

He made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that **REACT** funding would *NOT* be made available to anyone looking to start up their own business, it was ONLY available as a bribe to hand to to your new employer to take you on .


But hey, he's a LABOUR politician. Lying comes naturally to such people.

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