So how did you earn YOUR millions then,Peter

Before I start, I am going to owe rugfish an apology for bumping an excellent analysis of the "Lord Of Darkness" the multiply times disgraced comeback kid Peter Mandelson with another article taking a swing at the same bloke.

But needs must for the hypocrisy  have just read on this web page is truly breathtaking. Mandelson has launched a personal attack on the head of Barclays' investment banking arm Bob Diamond.

He (Bob Diamond) has taken £63Million not by building business or adding value or by creating long term economic strength, he has done so by deal making and shuffling paper around.

Peter Mandelson

(A man I certainly wouldn't want standing at the urinal next to the one I'm using)

But the hypocrisy of the man is breathtaking

I mean just feast your eyes here on the details of the "wad of wonga" a million smackarroonies high Mandelson made for leaving the european union to come back and harass Brown !!

And what exactly has Mandelson done except make dodgy deals in the background - none of which seem to be in my best interest - and shuffle paper around. Answer me that then, Peter

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Why not Let Nick Clegg Know What You Think (!)

Just a quick note as I have lots to do as always.

A day or so ago the Lib Dems started their battle to wrest Newport East from the hands of the Labour Blair Babe Jessica Morden parachuted in to replace the turncoat Alan Howarth who stabbed John Major in the back and got handed this seat as a reward.

Morden has presided over the crumbling of her majority from the more than twenty three thousand she inherited from Alan Howarth to less than six and a half thousand.

Although to be fair that monster majority she inherited had more to do with the leadership quality of Charles Kennedy, William "Look I can wear a Baseball Cap" Hague, Ian Duncan "I was in the army I know what to do with a revolver" Smith and Michael "There Is Something Of The Night About That Man" Howard than the qualities brought to the table by Howarth or Her.

But the Lib Dems are now (somewhat less than honestly as always) proclaiming there are "less than eight hundred votes in it" and that we hold it in our power to chuck Morden on the street and put Ed Townsend in her place. Their interesting numbers come from the EU election where a combination of criminal disinterest on the part of the electorate - leading to a turnout miserably in the low tens of per cent - and sterling work by other parties including us led to a massacre of the majority.

And so it is with that thought that I bring you news of an opportunity to give Mr Clegg a kick in the wallet.

For through my door the other day came a glossy leaflet asking me to tell Nick Clegg what I thought.

After the customary "name, address, email and phone" contact details came a couple of questions.

"Which are the three most important issues facing this country today" with an invite to choose from

  1. "Make Our Streets Safer"
  2. "Act On Jobs"
  3. "Act On Climate Change"
  4. "Clean Up Politics"
  5. "Lower Our Taxes"
  6. "Give Us Better Schools" and last of all
  7. "Give Us Local Control Of The NHS"

Now there was an "Other ____________" box too


No prizes for spotting the elephant in the room. Although "making our streets safer by deporting the criminals who had no right to be in this country in the first place" might get my support you'll win no prizes by guessing what I put in the "other" slot.

Question Two was more open

What Do You Think should be the top priority for the next Government

And Question Three

Who Do You Plan To Support At The General Election

A question followed by a load of tick boxes but as you can imagine I had to fill in the one marked "Other" again.

But why am I bothering to tell you all this ?

Well, the tear off reply strip had on its reverse side the following address to which it should be posted



OK admittedly a NEWPORT postcode for the NEWPORT Lib Dem Campaign HQ and therefore possibly of little use to anyone outside the constituency.

Unless of course some of our regular readers would care to use this opportunity to tell Nick Clegg how misguided he is, for free. And consume some of his campaign expenses while doing it. I mean, what else have you to do on a rainy bank holiday afternoon ? Sit down and watch yet another showing of "Mary Poppins" or "The Great Escape" ?



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The Moslem On The Newport Omnibus

The other night I had a pleasant pint or two in the company of my fellow prospective candidates at which the ins and outs of the process and paperwork of an election were explained to those not familiar with the way things work.

And the degree to which this party has been reduced to operating on a shoestring thanks to Trevor Phillips and his cronies bleeding us dry became all to real.

How much is there in the expenses kitty ? Let us just say, I have a sugegstion for A New Party Motto. But we cannot use it, for we could never afford the royalty payments to Meat Loaf, who, in "Everything Louder Than Everything Else" summed it up nicely, I feel ...

And I ain't in it for the power,
And I ain't in it for my health
I ain't in it for the glory of anything at all
And I sure ain't in it for the wealth
But I'm in it till it's over and I just can't stop
If you wanna get it done,
You gotta do it yourself

And he's right. Not only is it fair to say "And I sure ain't in it for the wealth  !" it is also very much the case that "If you want to get it done, you do indeed have to do it yourself". Or hope that like minded volunteers, of whom we thankfully have a plentiful supply, will come forward and assist when the time comes.

How different it is for the other parties though. Endless bucketloads of money pouring in to flood your homes with lies.

Hammering home the difference were two items brought to my attention today. The first is this, from a picture taken by one of our activists, showing to to the voters of Newport and Risca the man to vote for in Cardiff West. Just why exactly the voters of Newport and Risca want to know this, from an ad on the back of a NEWPORT omnibus, when none of them vote in Cardiff West is another story I suppose.


One can only speculate that Plaid Curry, the Party about whom the Welsh Lib Dems say "Think Plaid - Think DOLE" feel the "Asghar Effect" is worth cultivating. I have my doubts.

But I reserve the majority of my ire for the Welsh Lib Dem's "Talk Of The Town" election magazine that hit my doormat last night. For in it, Nick Clegg appears in a picture I can't find on the 'net and I don't have time to scan. If 'walesrocs' is reading this and has a minute spare, go have a look in your letterbox and prepare to be annoyed.

For although this is the image "Nice Nick" wants to paint nationally where he thinks he has a chance ....

The image he used in Newport East's St Julians ward was rather different.

Under a banner of "A Fair Start For OUR children" Clegg is seen squatting at a primary school table at which sits a girl of about seven. In a Niqab


Sorry Nicky Boy You'll get no sympathy vote from me if you think that image represents OUR children.

As I said I'd LOVE to have that pic to post up here, so if anyone has that mag and a scanner, you know where to send the email !

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Kevin Edwards Under Fire for opposing Mega Halal Park

A few weeks ago we carried the story as reported by BBC News that a global megacorporation based in the islamist hellhole of Penang, Malaysia was attempting to front an invasion of the sharia lifestyle into wales under the guise of a "1,500 strong employment opportunity" to be operated by their UK arm "The Halal Industries Group PLC"

At the time this story broke I put some effort into discovering the likely location of this retail park and I confess when I heard rumours it was headed for south east wales I was rather looking forward to my forthcoming elction campaign as the BNP candidate for Islwyn but it seems that pleasure of having the torrent of support against this islamification of The Principality will be handed to Mike Green as the likely location for this super-park is none other than the constituency of Labour's Welsh Secretary Peter Hain. Although it must be said a second preference has been suggested in the Caermarthen area.

Now over on the "This Is South Wales" news website Councillor Kevin Edwards, our man standing for the constituency of Aberavon is taking a fair amount of flak for his opposition to this "wonderful employment opportunity" and some of you may like to pop over there and voice your opinion.

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Gordon, Carwyn and Burying The Dead

Yesterday I understand our glorious all powerful and all seeing Prime Minister "Not Flash, Just" Gordon stepped up to the mike to denounce the current and forthcoming display of the flexing of union muscle. Now it is not hard to see why, and I cannot for the life of me see anything terribly spectacularly revealing in this daily mail online story headed "These strikes could cost me the election, laments Prime Minister"

Of course the hacks are already out peddling the "Spring Of Discontent" as Union Muscle wanting its pound of flesh and after a more than a decade of bankrolling Labour while watching Blair achieve Thatcherite goals The Iron Lady could only wet herself in ecstasy at the thought of achieveing, who the hell could blame them.

And no wonder, for all of us slightly older than the baby faced Milliband Jedward Clones can remember the dying months of the last labour administration when it was not possible to bury your dead, or empty your bins. How fascinating it is then to note that that while Alistair Darling imposed a whopping rise in landfill tax in the budget to keep your bins overflowing, those round here who are supposed to share his party symbol have imposed a stonking 43% rise in cemetary and crematorium fees which threatens to bring about a return of the former issue too. Unless you shred up the dead for compost or stuff 'em in the freezer and hope there will be room in the green bin come the next collection day.

But if Gordon truly believes that it is the job of government to govern, and to speak out at the disruption that his party's financial backers are causing, would it perhaps be possible for him to brief his Welsh Secretary to come and have a quiet word in the ear of his upstart rebel general west of Offa's Dyke.

For as I reported here when strikers mounted a picket line outside the hot air pit in the bay, the first thing that Peter Hain's Poodle did was to suspend the business of the "Government In The Bay" so as to prevent any AM from the embarrassment of having to cross their paymaster's picket line to govern.

There is indeed much talk of Hung Parliaments and comparisons between 1974 and now. But while Heath went to the country on a strapline "Who Governs Britain" and was given a "Not You, Pal" slap in the face, was there ever a more appropriate  line upon which to launch an election campaign.

Because if I made a list of "Who Governs Britain" Today Number one slot would have to go to "The Unelected European Commission And Its Unelected President" and Number Two slot would have to go to "Those Who Demand Appeasement Of The Cult Of The Dead Paedophile And Recognition OF Its Right To Demand Others Live By Its Example"

"Union Members", "Gordon Browns Government" and "The Will OF The British Electorate" are a long, long way down that list.


British Forces Dying For Brown may not be able to vote him out.

A story I have been made aware of in The Times and The Daily Mail the latter of which throw in a couple of other issues for good measure.

Those of you who have a postal vote and bother to read the small print will know the spiel there which says if you mess up your ballot paper don't hang about getting another as there is little time in which to receive a fresh ballot paper.

Now it seems that the regulations that dictate when ballot papers can be printed and distributed, combined with Gordon's obvious desire to delay calling an election to the last possible moment, to give everyone the least amount of time to prepare, combined with the fact that the expected date coincides with a massive rotation of troops means it is rather unlikely that any of the thousands of our soldiers our there in the sand risking death daily for Blair and Brown's Military Belligerence will be able to receive a postal vote, complete it and return it in time for it to be counted, and by the same token those being rotated out there will leave before their postal votes could reach them in this country and will not receive them out there in time.

So this government - who secretly arranged without telling any local government of their actions - for polling facilities to be made available for IRAQI NATIONALS in this country to vote HERE for THEIR government - is denying those who have the job of going out and dying for Blair and Brown the right to put them on the dole where they belong.

It seems almost daily I come to believe that NOW I have seen everything, heard everything. NOW surely I think this corrupt shower have sunk to a point so low that there simply is nowhere they could go to sink lower, nowhere they could be less esteemed, nowhere they could act more basely, nowhere they could be held in MORE contempt.

And daily, it seems , I come upon something that shows me I am wrong and there is indeed a further level in the cesspit in which these people currently operate.


Bad News For Mystic Meg and Co

The "Juggler".
Also known as "The Magician".
An apt description of a Chancellor Of The Exchequer, I thought.


I have just gone to the BBC News web site to find the April Fool Page For The Day. And come away disappointed. In the past the newspapers and the online media have treated me to delights such as Non Stop Flights to Australia through the use of in flight refuelling technology, and the classic "Theft Of BMW Blueprints means Your Car Is Counterfeited And You'll know because the BMW Badge is back to front"

But these days there seems little space for All Fools Day traditions.

A pity. I had hoped this page announcing petrol prices are close to a record high was the work of some sick bitter twisted mind who thought it a cruel joke to play. Alas the reality was brought home for me all too easily as I put six litres of petrol into my Piaggio Fly 125cc scooter to allow me another 200 or so kilometres.

But one page did catch my eye. It seems Mystic Meg and her cohorts of fortune tellers seers oracles and professions of a like mind are in for a rough time under islamic occupation. As one soon to be ex lebanese citizen has found out to their cost.

Mr Ali Sabat was the host of a popular TV show in Lebanon in which he "predicted the future, cast horoscopes and gave advice". 

Such things are frowned upon by the wahadi sect of the cult of the dead paedophile, and when Mr Sabat recently decided to go on the required pilgrimage to Mecca he was arrested by the Saudi Religious Police - the same ones that forced teenage girls to  burn to death in a boarding school inferno rather than shame themselves by running into the street immodestly dressed.

And so Mr Sabat found himself on the wriong end of a trial for witchcraft

But the bloody fool brought it on himself, as he signed a confession admitting to such after being told he would be allowed to return home to Lebanon once he signed it.  Of course, as soon as he did, he found himself in line for the Friday beheading.

But it is clear these charges were trumped up. If this man is truly in league with the devil in order to fortell the future. pray tell me, WHY THE ***K DID HE NOT SEE THIS COMING ?


Under New Labour it is now a crime to sell a child a goldfish


Good Morning everyone.

So the rising sun heralds the start of yet another day and the sands of time marking Gordon Brown's cosy time in a warm bed in Downing Street trickle noiselessly away.

So today I thought I would like share with you the legacy this over-legislating stalinist control freak has left us. Now, it is well known that Brown and Blair before him have put so many new laws on the statute books it is no longer possible to live and breathe in Britain without giving someone good reason to take you away if the government wish it but I admit even I am gobsmacked by what I just read.

If I were to take to the streets (and I soon will be !) and ask the question "what one thing do you believe we should have new laws to prevent" what do you think people would say. 

How far up the list do you think "selling a goldfish to a fourteen year old" should be in the top 100 heinous crimes list. How do you think it rates against rape ? Or Murder ? Or Paedophilia ? Or Fraud ?

Well it seems that Gordon hates grannies who sell goldfish. I can't imagine why, maybe he had a terrifying sexual ordeal in a fairground as a child, or some other tragic dark secret lurks in his past (until Andrew Rawnsley writes another book, anyway)

But it seems that while stabbings, muggings, burglary and the odd rape gets you nothing more than a slap on the wrist, Gordon has seen to it that selling a goldfish to an under 16 year old gets  you a £1000 fine, a seven week curfew preventing you from babysitting your grandchild and an electronic tag. Plus the customary entry in the DNA Database.

You think I jest ? Read this and weep for the days when three rings over a hoop-la got you a goldfish to take home. And then get our candidate in her area out on the streets to pick up the votes Gordon Brown just lost from the hard working shopkeepers who Napoleon mocked at his cost.

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How about this for a fund raiser

Just a thought.

I have just tripped over the website of this company who specialise in supplying calor gas driven hog roasting machines for hire with or without the staff to make your family occasion for 200 or corporate day go down well with everyone except your sharia bankers.

I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how much they charge.

But I bet it would go down a treat at the next Red White And Blue.

Or for that matter in the campaign camp for the hard working activists fighting for our man in Barking and Dagenham.


Why this country and its people are worth fighting for.

Let's have some good news for a change shall we.

A few moments ago I read something on the BBC News Web Site that for me highlights EXACTLY what it is about this country and more to the point the people who live in it, which makes it worth fighting for.

If I told you that a British Scientist and Inventor could achieve, at a cost of £500 a go, something that the Americans cannot do for less than 300 MILLION pounds, you'd call me barking mad.

Wouldn't you.

Read On. Go here and bask in the glory that is our eccentric, eclectic, barking mad and yet utterly brilliant scientific engineering inventors.

For with little more than a digital camera similar to those available from ASDA for fifty quid, a box made out of the material that is right now insulating the walls of the dormer loft extension in which I sit, a radio transmitter and receiver that acts as a tracking device, a weather balloon with a amall parachute release mechanism, a tank of helium, a roll of Duct Tape, a bucketful of good luck and a reservior of Sheer Ingenuity the size of the Ladybower Dam, Robert Harrison, Scientist and Inventer Extraordinare, launches balloon missions into space to capture photographs that rival the ones NASA Astronuts take from the windows of their space shuttle.

The difference is that NASA rack up a bill of £300 MILLION and Mr Harrison does it on average for slightly less than a Westminster Parliamentary Deposit.

PLEASE Go view the short video on the BBC website that demonstrates how this man does what he does. It is well worth the three of four minutes of your life it will take.

And whilst I would never, ever seek to belittle the achievements of this man for his sheer ingenuity, the fact is, he is far from alone in being able to stop, think "outside the box" to use one of those horrid americanisms and then proceed to achieve by sheer audacity what others would think unbelieveable.

GA and a few of his friends already know, for they have seen it first hand, that I have those same skills and abilities and when the need arises I use them to the same devastating effect. Give me a chance to hand pick two or three fellow thinkers and we could take "Scrapheap Challenge" by storm. In my case it somes from three years as an undregratuate in a REAL Science, followed by another three in which the talents of ingenuity and invention were put to their limits to achieve the impossible on a daily basis with a shoestring budget and then publish it to the acclaim of my peers.

But this is no gloating boast of superior brain power. Far from it. The fact is that every one of us could have come up with Mr Harrison's novel idea and many of us perform similar achievements daily.

Thirty years ago a whole class of thirty odd fourteen year olds in my cousin's secondary school came up with thirty odd variations on two or three basic ideas of how to get a camera "airborne" to take an aerial photograph. My cousin rigged a box kite with a small platform and an additional control line to fire a spring loaded trigger over a kodak instamatic camera shutter button. His was just one of thirty very functional, very feasible, very practical examples of using technology to get a job done in a field of endeavour.

How come we do this so well ? well I'll let you into a little secret. THIS IS THE SORT OF THING WE BRITISH DO BEST. Actually an awful lot of the more successful in the area have Scottish surnames and quite a few attribute that to the high content of oily fish in their diet at the time.

So there you go. Let's hear it for the Great British Inventor. Mr Harrison is the latest in a long and noble line of worthy thinkers and doers. But on a more sombre note at the end of the journalist's voice over on that clip you will hear how Mr Harrison wishes to get more young people involved and inspired to do similar ingenious and eclectic, if not downright eccentric, deeds.

I hope he succeeds. But the environment and culture that nurtured his talents, which was dying in the late 70's under the crush of government regulation and red tape, is now all but extinct, the victim of succesive governments committed to the destruction of its every aspect.

I fear Mr Harrison will fail in his quest to find others to follow in his shoes. And that is a pity because I said when I started writing this that I wanted to focus on some good news. But on the other hand in six weeks or so we have a chance to put the boot in and start to roll back the tide that threatens to drown out those qualities.

Have a good morning and an even better weekend. For as I sign off this post, the sands of time are running out in Gordon's hourglass.

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