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Ok it seems I have a bit of a bone to pick with the Corsham Crusader. You've Nicked My Ideal Post Title !!

But as I mentioned in an earlier post, the phoney war is over and the real one has begun. And so we in South East Wales are taking to the streets to take our message to the people.

First of all then, I must warmly thank one of our activists William Brewer for acquiring a number of Vehicle Mounted  PA Systems which I assure you we are about to put to very good use !

Now as regular readers of our site and for that matter any other patriot blog will know, we usually leave the bullhorn tactics to our vocally challenged opponents. We stood quietly manning our stands, handing out leaflets, answering questions posed by the many thousands of people who came up to us to seek the truth.

And we left the ampliied yelling of to Peter Hain's supporters. And do you know, one of their five word mantras even had six letters in it. But alas no Scrabble Triple Word Scores.

But now the time has come to take the message to the people. Which is why starting next week you will find one of these rigs in the hands of Jenny Noble bringing the message to the people of Torfaen, another in the hands of Anthony King  in the constituency of Blaenau Gwent, and me, John Voisey, amongst the voters in Islwyn.

Keep your ears open. The truth is coming your way.


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So How WILL I handle the Catholic Church Sex Abuse Issue

Among the comments on my previous post I noted one "So How Would I Handle The Catholic Child Sex Abuse Issue"

I began to write a reply there but quickly decided it was something that deserved a fuller response than a reply to a comment.  And as with many of my posts, some of you aren't going to like this. Well, I will have to get used to that.

I will start by saying this. 

I believe that if a man or woman comes to the decision that through their faith they wish to follow a path that leads them to a course where they choose to take, and are permitted to use, the trappings of faith to take that faith to others then they have a PARTICULAR responsibility that comes with the PRIVILEGE of being allowed the trappings and office that faith permits. The two are a package and can never be separated.

And from that I say that no man or woman who takes up that office, who is given those trappings, and who chooses to accept the POWER, STATUS, RESPECT and PRIVILEGE **RIGHTLY**accorded by our right minded society to those who declare their desire to walk that path, NO Man or woman who ABUSES that position in ANY WAY can be allowed to retain that position and all that goes with it.

Which means that my position is clear. 

If ANYONE in such a post is PROVEN to a standard of proof sufficient to secure conviction in a court of criminal law in this country to have committed a criminal act that ABUSES that position of privilege then they should be stripped of that position and those trappings.

There is no other way. There can be no excuse. There can be no mitigating circumstance. There can be no legal argument. And there can be no debate. They have abused the trust which society granted them when they took up their chosen path and for them there can be no question of bing allowed to remain in that position.

And any who try to arrange things otherwise should face the accusation of corruption and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and face the same fate. And that goes right the way to the top. 

I'm sorry. I don't care if it causes a thousand times as many vacancies in the Holy See and The Anglican Communion than there are now in the Houses Of Parliament courtesy of dodgy moat clearing and duck house expense claims. The fact is the dog collars have to be ripped from their necks. There is no other way to restore the faith and trust the organisations demand from their followers.

That's it.

Except for two very important points. The first being the need for PROOF substantial enough to satisfy a jury in a court of criminal law. Without it those clamouring for action are nothing more than an unruly mob. WITH IT they are the voice of the people demanding action.

But the SECOND point is more important. What happens to the man or woman once stripped of their office? In this country we used to have a policy whereby the punishment meted out to those found guilty of not only a criminal act but also of abusing a position of trust that made it easier for them to commit that criminal act was worse than that meted out to those not able to benefit from that trust in the first place. It's a point of debate all of its own really, but I feel that to have that is right and proper even though some will no doubt think otherwise. 

Now, one last thing. Given the emotive nature of the matter itself you can expect some PARTICULARLY ENTHUSIASTIC scrutiny by myself of comments made.


Leftie Luvvies At the Beeb In A Tizzy Over "Fair Airtime" Demands

Over on UKDEBATE.CO.UK one of our more accomplished master debaters questioned my apparent silence on the issue of fair airtime for minority parties. Well, they had a point, and so I thought I would go see what is already being done. And I confess I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

Over here you can read how Radio 4's "journalists" are incandescent with rage. Why ? Well, it seems that in exchange for not being given a platform to debate with the three main party leaders, Radio 4 is being instructed to give airtime to all excluded parties the next day - which includes ours, of course. And that is what makes the left-funded left-leaning luvvies so hot under the collar.

They clearly have no problem in "addressing" our issues - they gave the UKIP man seven minutes of The Politics Show the other week. What a shame though the UKIP MEP's chose to make their mark by breezing into the debate to vote to show their appearance, so they can collect their money, and then breezed off to the bar leaving the EU superstate's supporters to turn the screw another notch.

So we can therefore see the truth is they want the ability to present "the opposition and minority" parties on the journalists terms not the electoral commission's.

But for a far more balanced writeup of the issues at stake, I recommend you have a read of this article instead.


Neath BNP: Another Day, Another Candidate Funded

I am, as ever, short on time with much to say and regrettably will have to fil in the details later as information and pictures become available.

But I wanted to bring our readers some news from the front line where we are giving our political enemies the nightmare of their lives.

Last night I went to Swansea for a meeting organised by Neath's Party activists at which there were a number of new faces - people who, having heard about us, had the common sense to come and ask us to our faces who we were, what we wanted to do, and how we wanted to do it. Proof that in the face of the massively funded onslaught against us by the enemies of this country and all it stood for, there are still people out there wanting answers and prepared to come and seek us out to find them, rather than be spoon fed the garbage our enemies would prefer they digest.

The evening raised over a thousand pounds which will be used to fund the parliamentary election deposits of yet more from our number whose names will be added to those already declared. No Audi Quattro's real or mocked up, or helicopter flights for us, of course. We know only too well where the funds for our battle come from and how bloody hard it was for our supporters to earn it. Given the crass attacks on our financial reserves orchestrated by the EHRC I confess it is a humbling experience to see the notes of all denominations pile up as those present dug deep to support the fight.


Of those speaking at the meeting I will provide details later. I have to say though I envy the lady who stod up to speak having just been selected to fight the constituency of "The Wrekin", in Shropshire, west of Stafford. I have looked up that constituency, and seen its Tory MP is clinging to power by the narrowest of margins having claimed it from Blairs Stormtroopers in 2005 because the Illiberal Undemocrats grabbed a huge wad of the vote thanks to Blairs Illegal War.  She is therefore going to find herself right in the middle of the whirlwind as the big three "helicopter and bus in" their big names for the daily scraps we see on the nightly news. And every one of her supporters will be fawned over, coaxed cajoled and doubtless harassed by the big three desperate for them to turn away from us and return one of their lackeys to the trough. It amazes me that someone who describes herself as an "ordinary mum with a teenage daughter" is willing to enter that battleground in our colours but then again if you told me ten years ago I'd be flying the same flag in the same contest in a Labour Heartland I would have called you mad.

And speaking of Labour Heartlands, the meeting's final speaker was Mikal Greenberg the man chosen from among us to stick it to Peter Hain on his own turf. What can I say. Have a care where you put your receipts this time, Peter. Your days of expense paid jets and carefree squandering of union funds are well and truly over and your worst nigthmare has materialised at the top of your constituency's ballot paper.

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T Minus 30 And Counting ....

"The Unbelievable In Pursuit Of The Unachieveable"

Well SOMEONE has to write this, and it might as well be me. The usual suspects have made it known through the normal leaking and briefing chanels that today is the day Gordon Brown will do the honourable thing and request that Her Majesty dissolve his corrupt administration and start the proces of finding another.

I suppose "they're under starters orders" is a suitable phrase given my previous post in here that this time round the bookies are offering odds on a BNP member swearing the parliamentary oath in a months time that aren't on a par with a lottery win or an international telephone number.

But I hope you'll excuse me for not deciding to place a bet on one or more of our number standing in that chamber in a little over thirty days time.

I have two reasons for not making such a wager.

Firstly, if I did, then you can bet your arse the "poison left" would find a way to say because I have been announced as a BNP General Election Candidate, to place such a bet makes me guilty of "insider trading". There you are, Gerry and Co. A free idea for you. I look forward to the write-up.

But on a more practical level our party can do with my money in the bucket labelled "For Parliamentary Deposits".  And that's where a wad of my own wonga


been placed, along with

many similar


quite a few much larger

donations to the cause. Because we all realise that is a fund that is quite unlikely to make millions for our bankers, but it has a far greater chance of returning your capital investment than many of Alistair Darlings fantasy investment schemes.

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An Open Invitation From Labour Councillor Rhiannon Passmore

A big hat tip to my fellow activist and fellow candidate in the upcoming general election Keith Jones the recently announced General Election Candidate for Newport East for bringing the following to my attention.

In the Friday April 2nd edition of the South Wales Argus, Risca Councillor Rhiannon Passmore wrote a letter which truly deserves the title the Argus gave it, "Scaremongering At Its Worst"

I shall reproduce her words here in full because it seems that the letters to the Argus are not preserved online anywhere and so her attempts to muckrake in the constituency in which I shall be challenging her party on their promises and their record deserve a wider audience, as does her open invitation to any and all to come and hear her dig herself even deeper into brown stuff of questionable aroma.

In the article then, Councillor Passmore has this to say :-

"If I bar you from something - if you are not white - is this wrong in Britain today ?  The BNP disbarred non-white membership right up until a legal challenge last year. Yet they legally stand candidates for elections across the valleys.

The BNP invite Hitler supporters to speak at "family days" to witness Nazi salutes from their skinheads.

If your grandparent were Jewish - or ethnic minority - Hitler sent you to a concentration camp.

This the founder of the Nazi League, Nick Griffin, openly supported until recently.

The BNP scaremonger and heighten concerns supported by red top newspapers and use scandal and disillusionment to gain from organised politics but forced repatriation is their only policy.

No Air Brush can change the ugly face of today's BNP, if you scratch away the gloss, and there is much of this.

Which children of non-white origin would you forcibly repatriate, Mr Griffin ? Please tell.

To discuss the BNP and their history please come to an open meeting at 7:30pm on April 23 at Ty Sign Risca TLC Shop.  Signed Rhiannon Passmore, Sycamore Crescent, Ty Sign, Risca

I am not sure where to start. The woman seems deranged. But it is more likely she is merely deluded by the propaganda fed to her by the of the Gerry Gable Circus.

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Confessions of a fifty two year old (political) virgin

I have a damn good mind to put a "READ MORE" button RIGHT HERE so I can say "I thought that would get your attention".

I've just penned an article for "UkDebate" but I thought you should have a look and a chance to tell me what you think.

I have met with the Returning Officer for the Parliamentary Constituency of Islwyn and declared my interest in standing as a candidate in the forthcoming General Election.

As a result I have a large brown envelope with a LOT of "the necessary documentation", a much thicker posh brochure from the electoral commission explaining a whole raft of things I need to know, lists of every voter in my chosen constituency issued to me for the express purpose of ensuring the eligibility of those who sign my candidacy papers and for my use in canvassing the voters of the constituency in which I am standing .....

.... and it just hit me right between the eyes how bloody wierd this is.

I mean, this is bizarre.

I'm standing for election to be one of those who run the country.

ME !!! 

And I'm struck by this completely BIZARRE sense of history. Almost a thousand years ago my Norman French ancestors sailed across the English Channel and helped take the throne from Harold Godwinson. 

A man who they reckoned had swindled them out of their rightful claim but who swindled "Harold III of Norway" a bloody sight more.

I suppose I could claim they were in it for revenge for his end as well, i mean, they had taken it into their heads to travel south from those cold northern lands a couple of centuries earlier but it was pretty much the same blood if not the same mitochondrial DNA that struck back against Godwinson after his win at Stamford Bridge.

But sitting here now, with the candidate nomination papers on my desk, I can't help wondering a couple of things.

First of all, I wonder what those Norman French ancestors would think of me, for letting the country they left in my admittedly now VERY extended blood-diluted and somewhat distant family's trust to sink to what it has become.

Secondly I wonder jow they would regard the current shower who are claiming rich pickings for running it until Sunday, those for whom the duck houses, the serviced moats and the £3,000 bathroom refits, the "ex-minister for hire" fees of £3000 a day and the multi million pound speech and lecture circuits  mean so much more that being in it to serve the people (a phrase Blair and Brown only EVER used for a fortnight once every five years.

And finally I wonder what they'd think of me and my desire to kick these corrupt buggers in the ballot box because I think I can do a more HONEST job of it myself.

I don't know.

But maybe I should be grateful I don't need to be quite as expert with the bow and the battleaxe as they had to be.

I'll leave you with one last thought. The constituency in which I am going to put myself forward is famous (or infamous) for being the one that sent Neil Kinnock The Welsh Windbag to The House.

The returning officer is doing the job there this year for the last time. And on the wall of his office is a corkboard, and pinned onto it is a small letter, on pale green paper, with a dim watermark image with spidery writing.

The image is that of Screaming Lord Sutch and the spidery writing is his. It is the letter he wrote and enclosed with his nomination form when he was standing against Kinnock.

A lot of people take the piss out of him but those who would seek to strive to deny him (and me) from doing this also seek to deny the Martin Bell's of this world the right to stand up and say what the Hamilton's did was wrong, pure and simple.

But in doing what I just did, I have to say I think only the truly arrogant can go and do it and not be fazed by the sheer sense of history behind the process, the people, and what this is all about.

The sad and sorry fact is it is just those sort of people who will get elected.

Well boys and girls that's it. The phoney war is over. The real one began a couple of days ago. I just hope it is worth it. And I hope you get the sort of government you deserve. The problem as I see it is that with so few people engaging in the process, you probably will.


British Jobs For Foreign Workers (again)

I must get the details of this so I can fling it in the faces of all three party leaders if I get the chance (but maybe more of that later). However, for the moment you will have to make do with the tabloid headlines.

It appears that Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have indeed delivered on their promises to create new jobs in Britain. They appear to have created 1,670,000 of them.

And 98.5% of them have gone to immigrants

Read the story for yourself. If any of our regular team of information gatherers can find me the hard facts to back that up, I really need them I may have an opportunity to make use of them quite spectacularly and to devastating effect.


Power2010 Can't Bring Themselves to Utter Our Name

A few days ago I wrote an article here pointing out that Emily Ryans, PR Guru for the Campaign For Real Ale, has seen fit to neither solicit nor accept support from our party as "our aims are not compatible with those of CAMRA". Oh really. Well she can kiss my renewal goodbye.

But tonight I find more evidence that our name sticks in the craw of those who play fast and loose with democracy as it should be upheld.

A while ago I wrote an article on these forums highlighting the dodgy link between the Islamic Forum Of Europe, which Andrew Gilligan and the Despatches program did such a sterling job of exposing a few weeks back on Channel 4, and Pam Giddy's "Power2010" Group, another dodgy bunch dedicated "up front" to arranging for stroppy letters "outing" MP's and Lords who have been excessive with their expense claims, and otherwise lax in the democracy department, in her eyes.

But I am always a little suspect of the motives of such an organisation especially when The Islamic Forum Of Europe displays a link on its front page declaring it proud to be a supporter of her little pressure group.

And when emails started to come from her in the name of Billy Bragg and Philip Pulman I knew something was up.

But tonight Philip Pulman has invited me to email my candidates to solicit their views on several articles. So as you may expect I was of there like a shot, entering a postcode for a business in barking so as to see whether POWER2010 and their islamist friends will solicit the views of Nick Griffin.

And surprise surprise, they will.

But not as a candidate for the British National Party. Oh No. He gets listed as "other". Look, here is the evidence.


After Despatches blew the lid open on The Islamic Forum of Eurupe's attempts to sidestep democracy in order to extort money for their aims and influence for their "faith" I emailed Pam Giddy asking if she was content that such a group were fervent supporters of HER organisation. To date, she has declined to offer me her insight on this.



"N.I. rise 'will not cost jobs' - Lies Chancellor

This man says his National Insurance Rise will
NOT cost you your job.

But can you afford to put petrol in the tank
of the used car he would like to sell you ?

As a man whose small business was destroyed by Gordon Brown as Chancellor, I want to explain something to all of you who wonder whether a rise in National Insurance will truly cost your job.

Because the lying toad currently in Number 11 Downing Street Says it will not.

So, let me make it clear for those who do not understand.

Today, according to this government website, for every pound above £95 that you earn every week, you hand this piece of red toad 11p in national insurance.

As the income tax threshold is £6475 this means you pay NI substantially earlier than you start paying tax, because you only start paying that (at 20p in the £) after you take home £124.

He did sod all to increase the thresholds in his last budget so any pay rise you get this year means you chuck him more money.

And he has pre-arranged in his last budget that the 11p you pay him now will be 12p soon. And **** knows how much more he will steal from you if he is allowed back

But what none of you who do not run your own limited company businesses ever see is that on top of that your employer hands this piece of shit a further 12.8 pence, soon to be 13.8 pence.

Stop and think a minute. Imagine that every time you do some work that earns money for your employer the money pours into a big orange plastic bucket. And now imagine that at the end of the week your employer comes and pours out "your" share of that to take home as your gross pay.

If that is more than £95 then before he or she pours out anything for you to have as gross pay he or she must first count out 12.8 pence for the lying red toad in number 11 for every £1 they are giving you "gross". THEN they take OUT of your pile the additional 20p (or 40p or 50p if you're really lucky) of tax, AND the 11p YOU pay in NI.

And thanks to his rise in National Insurance Contributions, next week that will be 12p and 13.8 pence.

So, let me ask you a question.

We can see how YOUR increased contribution to Darlings Bail Out Fund works. YOU will TAKE HOME LESS.

But WHERE is the EMPLOYERS EXTRA CONTRIBUTION going to come from ?

Will YOU WORK an extra minute for every hour and a half you work now so as to increase the number of coins in the orange bucket ?

WILL YOU take a PAY CUT of one pound in every hundred so the chancellor can have his extra NI out of the big orange bucket ?

OR WILL ONE IN EVERY HUNDRED OF YOU GO OUT AND COMMIT SUICIDE while the other 99 do their work for no extra reward so there is one big orange bucket left over for this piece of shit to take away.

Because THAT IS THE REALITY today in a Britain where there companies are going bust left right and centre.

And that is why this man's OUTRAGEOUS LIE that his rise in NI is NOT a tax on your job MAKES ME SO BLOODY ANGRY.

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