It may be small .... but it doesn't half pack a punch !

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you news that the electorate of Newport - and in particular the 15% of the electorate in the Pillgwenlly ward who claim Islam as their faith - have been told in no uncertain terms that we are here and we are here to stay.


In a daring operation, carried out single handed in broad daylight the message that Keith Jones IS the BNP's Man in Newport East was taken to the streets of his constituency and the City Centre this afternoon by me, in person.

Men digging up the road under the orders of our No Overall Control Council to frustrate the motorist stopped and waved. Shoppers applauded. A mighty cheer rose up from the beer garden of one of the few remaining pubs still doing a trade in Newport as I drove past.

And then, just to show a certain part of our community that there is no such thing as a no-go area in the city where I pay council tax, I took the message into the very heart of Newport's  "Islamic Quarter", the Pillgwenlly Ward, where I drove straight past the mosque from which Mohammed Asghar despatches his shia ialamists and dalek suited women each year to march beating their breasts in mourning for the imam the Sunni faction saw through 1400 years ago and put to death.

Let all around that establishment understand that WE are HERE and WE are NOT GOING AWAY


John Voisey

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JoG's Vocals, Bertie Bert's Audio Dubbing and William Brewer's Generosity Power The Truth In Torfaen

Well THAT was exhilarating

No pictures I'm afraid, we were too busy.  Maybe later.

I've just spent an hour and a half test firing our secret weapon. A vehicle PA system.

The streets of Cwmbran have just been shown that we have arrived. An hour or so of driving round the former Labour Heartland, now a wasteland, abandoned by a party that has forgotten the soil in which its roots were planted, an hour bringing the message that we are here and we are here to stay.

I am indebted to Bertie Bert for setting my words to stirring music, and I am much more indebted to William Brewer for buying the PA system without which my throat would be bleeding by now.

Mind you, I must also thank my election agent for coming up with the idea of putting our campaign vocals onto MP3 as that meant I could sit back and relax and chat while delivering the message, unlike the Newport East Tory Candidate who ws using the same system, with a microphone, last Sunday, and going VERY red in the face as a result.

I also want to thank William Brewer AGAIN for donating the funds to make our very own "truth car" street legal.

Reactions on the street were amazing. EVERYONE smiled, waved, gave a thumbs up or cheered. ONE chap gave us a bit of a worry when he started to wave at us to stop, but he wanted to know if he could do anything to help us canvas !!!  All help gratefully received and a few more streets will soon have a leaflet through the door advertising the party !

But the high point of the night was when we drove past the bowls green. A club match was in progress, and as we went past, play ground to a halt as to a man forty white blazered individuals stoppped and turned to follow our progress past the club house.

So that's how we brought our message to just one of the constituencies in which we are standing. Only 19 more to do !! Thank God we've got a few more of these PA Systems up our sleeve !!


Peter Hain forced to debate immigration with BNP Election Candidate

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Well that was an interesting morning.

A few weeks ago I discovered Sky News was holding a live election debate in Cardiff and naturally when I saw they were asking people to put questions to the panel, I was quick to respond. I was surprised to say the least to find my question - regarding uncontrolled European Union Immigration met with the approval of the SKY TV production team and resulted in my invitation to the debate to put my question in person.

To my utter delight I found the panel would include none other than the Welsh Secretary PETER HAIN !

So, here for all to see, Peter Hain taking - and of course dodging, as always - a question on immigration posed straight to him by the (prospective) British National Party General Election Candidate for the constituency of Islwyn.

At the end of the debate I just couldn't resist getting a little practice at doing a "piece to camera" myself.


Because one things for sure when Hain gets home and finds he's been debating immigration with the BNP he is going to bust a blood vessel.

By the way I hear Rhiannon Passmore Labour councillor for Risca with a venomous and indeed some might say libellous hatred for this party and all it really stands for was writing some drivel in the South Wales Argus wondering where the candidate for Islwyn was.

Well now you have your answer Rhiannon. I was debating issues of substance with real politicians. 

But don't worry I'll be round to see your former voters later this week. Looking forward to it, the ones I have already met all say they like my party and what it stands for. In fact over several hours of canvassing the streets in the constituency last week, I only met one voter who said they were going to vote labour.

Could be an interesting election count, Rhiannon.

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Which Way Will Townsend Bend ?

One for the constituents in my neck of the woods.

As you may know the Lib Dems call themselves the serious opposition to Labour in Newport East where Keith Jones is our man. But there is a serious question to ask.

In the Welsh Assembly Elections seven years ago the Liberal Democrats jumped into bed with Rhodri Morgan and propped up the administration that wasted millions on the Millennium Centre, the Wales Botanical Garden and a host of white elephants of the like kind. And of course they made it possible for Rhodri to bugger off for a cosy chat about golf when he should have been reflecting on how lucky he was to be standing in the Welsh Assembly and not being forced to use German as the official language and the Reichsmark as the single European currency

But in the rematch three years ago The Lib Dems dumped their bedfellows and chose instead to cuddle up to Nick Bourne as part of the "Rainbow Alliance".

So, Ed, my question is, will you drop your trousers for Cameron, or Brown ?


BBC Seeks Opinion of BNP Candidate on Jobs, Transport and Commuting

Having seen Sarah's article on "Political Values" starring "Chip", "Dale" and "One to mind the intellectuals" I thought I would give you an account of a telephone interview I had with the BBC yesterday.

But to do it, I'm going to cheat outrageously

A while ago some of the Gwent BNP members set up a "blogger" page intending to use it as an unofficial blog for local issues. 

I think my first experience of being interviewed for my opinion on a real economic and political issue is a damn fine way to give that blog a wider audience.

So here is the link to my views on the way housing is springing up in Islwyn for no purpose other than to provide a bed for the night for the "commuter class" as happens in the commuter belt round London.

Enjoy. And while you're there try to retain a little optimism that the BBC are asking us the same questions on real issues that they are asking the other candidates.


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Single Mum "Soldier" gets £100,000 "damages" after going AWOL to babysit her child

Ye Bloody Gods I could not make this up.

Over here I present to you an easy lottery win opportunity. All you need to do is :-

  1. Be A Carribbean Born Unmarried Mother
  2. Use that to swing your way into an army posting at Chelsea Barracks. (Harriet Hate-Men will give you a hand with that if you have trouble filling out the forms because of your "tragic circumstances").

Now bide your time until the inevitable happens and your call to the parade ground clashes with your inability to get a babysitter.

When that happens.....

  1. Wait for the army to tell you they are a 'war-fighting machine' that cannot accomodate your work life balance requirements.
  2. Take them to a tribunal
  3. Accuse them of failing to allow you an acceptable work-life balance.
  4. Now throw in the extra bonus accusation that they are racist because they refused to bring your "extended family" From Your Home in the Carribbean to live in Britain to babysit your sprog
  5. Ignore the fact that the father clearly can't be arsed to take responsibility for his part in this.
  6. And Now Collect £100,000 in damages

That is what 28 year old "Ms Tilern DeBique" (pictured above courtesy of url to daily mail) did, saying she was forced to leave the army because they insisted she was available for duty "round the clock".

I can almost picture GA's face as he reads this. Imagine the scene on HMS Illustrious if the radar went nuts at 5am on a Sunday after a refit and the response from my bunk where I've been "accomodated" by the Navy as a "guest technician" for the duration of the "Shakedown Cruise" around Devon And Cornwall" was "Now look here, it's a Sunday and I'm having a bit of a lie-in".

The Navy would have brought back keelhauling on the spot, used the aircraft launch catapult to help me on my way and had the propellors turning in opposite directions as I went between them for good measure.

Now funnily enough a TV Crew went back onto "Rusty Lusty" a year or two ago and a woman is now in charge of the people who would be dragged from their bunks at all ungodly hours to fix such issues.

And I have no problem with that. Not least because that documentary showed she was well capable of not only manhandling bits of the propshaft that needed to be inspected and rapaired, but also capable of dealing with the Captain on behalf of those in her charge whose job it was to sort the mess out.

Someone ought to tell the tosser who thought it was a good idea to even let this get to a tribunal a few home truths. Because unlike John Wayne's Indians, our enemies don't work 9-5 and if our front line troops have the right to run home to change the baby's nappy it's not just their infant who's crawling round in shit.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 April 2010 09:51 )


Seismology - Iranian Style

Did The Earth Move For You, Darlin ?
Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi says this sort of thing
causes earthquakes !!

GA will tell you that it takes a lot to render me speechless. But the BBC News Pages did it today. For an iranian cleric with an unpronounceable name has blamed recent seismic activity upon IMMODESTLY DRESSED WOMEN.

No, honstly, this tosser is out there telling the faithful that the reason their country is currently rocked by earthquake after earthquake is that Allah is displeased with the women of this country who dare to push the limits of islamic modesty by allowing shock horror a lock of hair to be seen in public.

No. I'm sorry. There is only one phrase that fits. "Die In Ignorance. I can waste no more time on you"

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SKY NEWS transmits ELECTON DEBATE WALES today 10:30

From this link on Adam Boulton's Blog. I think this might be one to watch, and record.

The First Leaders' Debate has lit up Decision Time 2010, so it’s a great time to be holding a major political debate this weekend ahead of the Sky News Leaders' Debate this coming Thursday.

I’m in Cardiff for the Sky News Wales Debate starting at 1030am today. Wales’ four main parties will be on the Podium: Ieuan Wyn Jones, the leader of Plaid Cymru and Deputy First Minister of Wales; Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary, for Labour; Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats; and Cheryl Gillan, the Conservative Shadow Welsh Secretary.

They’ll be facing questions from a live audience made up of Sky Viewers in Wales and party supporters. This audience is allowed to clap and make its views felt.

With the shutdown of most of the coal and steel industries, Wales is the poorest nation in the UK and a recipient of EU convergence aid. While on a Saturday night Cardiff now has an international reputation for drunken misbehaviour. I expect these and other issues facing Wales and the UK to come up in the course of the debate, including of course Cleggmania and the astonishing rise of the Liberal Democrats.

Nowhere to hide

So please join us today for the Wales Debate from 10.30am until 11am on Sky News...


Living The Life Of Riley Off Our Taxes ?

Foreword By The Green Arrow

Whilist I am in broad agreement with the point that John of Gwent makes in this article, I think it only fair to point out that the family concerned are an anomaly in that there are very few British families like theirs, whereas there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of moslem families doing exactly the same thing that are a bigger danger to the indigenous population.

I would like to see more photos of large white families like the one above but these families should be provided for by working parents who are given generous tax breaks and allowances for each child not fully funded by the remaining hard working British Taxpayers.

End of Forword


One for the "bloody immigrant asylum seekers over here sucking our tax system dry" brigade. And the picture above is courtesy of a url to the page it appears on in the Daily Mail.

But before I go on, I happen to know a chap who runs an IT business out of an office near Ross On Wye. He and his wife have also acquired an entire football team and I have on several occasions suggested he might find cable TV a cheaper form of entertainment, but while I might poke fun, I recognise that he has funded his seriously larger than average family out of income earned through his business. And while I am sure there are all manner of means tested benefits available to families of that size to swell his take home, at least he is taking home a taxed salary from getting off his arse and doing a job of work.

The people pictured above however are a somewhat different story.

It seems twelve years ago this couple embarked on their project to breed an entire rugby team and are still hard at it, courtesy of our taxes which translate into an income of £815 a week as a mix of income support, housing benefit, child tax credits, a council tax discount, a carer's allowance and a disability living allowance for a child who suffers from a severe skin disorder. He has seven children already, an eighth on the way, and they intend to have at least six more after that.

Well, in order to have forty two thousand pounds left over in my hand these days I would need an income on a par with that I enjoyed at the top of the roller coaster in my high roller days.  A good hundred grand at least.

Because while if I added up the gross salaries that come into this house yes we do exceed the forty two grand this chap gets.  But Gordon nicks over a third of it from me. So as someone who has to kiss bye bye to over a third of his gross pay I for one will not hold back from condemning the system that allows these people to enjoy this way of life without lifting a finger to do anything to provide the funds supporting it themselves.

Parasites is the only polite word I can think of to describe them.

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Dead Man Elected. So Cheer Up Gordon, you have a chance after all

Sometimes I wonder just how much trouble I can get into with my sense of humour.

Let's see.

If I were Gordon's spin doctor I suppose I might just take heart from this page on the Telegraph which tells of the sad and untimely death on the campaign trail of an American man seeking election as Mayor. A man who must have counted for something in his town as many of the people called his wife on hearing of his passing and after passing on their condolences declared "they were still going to vote for him"

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