A few meagre hours campaigning remain ...

Originally a statement of the sacrifice needed
and the attitide shown by those making it.

These days more likely a reference to the
kebab following the evening on the lash ...

Well, it's time. Speaking as one of the more than three hundred whose names are on the papers and who stand as the last best hope for this country, if there's anyone out there teetering on the cusp of putting thir mark against our names and our party logo, we have about two hours to persuade them. After that the streets will empty, the pubs (what are left of them) will fill and there's nothing more to do except wake up tomorrow, go out and watch and wait for the count.

Because tomorrow by long standing tradition we can only wear the party name, and we can't have the word "vote" anywhere near it - at elast not within a quarter of a mile or so of a polling station.

So when my fellow candidate finishes his last minute rousing of the undecided in his constituency up the road in a short while I'll be off to nick his PA system and out for the last circuit of the constitency before the battle to come. How very "Henry V".

But you have no idea how tempted I am to take off my normal campaign MP3 and replace it with this

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It is, after all, what we're in this for, is it not. Except perhaps that I'll leave the monkey business with the wallowing in dollar bills to the tories and labour.

So, finally I have one short message for all my fellow candidates, those I have been proud to see in action over the past year or so, and those I haven't had a chance to:-

LETS GO GIVE THE LIB LAB CON PLAID and especially UKIP SHYSTERS HELL, PEOPLE. After all, they deserve nothing less.

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Dawn Parry's Hate Criminals

Cameron's Claw Hammer gang must be recruiting them younger and younger.

I came back to base at 19:45 tonight just as a kid of about twelve came up my drive to hand me an election leaflet for the Tory Candidate at Newport East, Dawn Parry.

Dawn is a woman of extraordinary faith in herself given the fact she is going to come fourth behind Keith Jones (BNP) Ed Townsend (Illiberal Undemocrats) and Jessica Morgan (The B.I.G.O.T. - sorry have you not heard that stands for Brown Is Going On Thursday - party) in two days time.

But her leafleteers were Pure U.A.F. Claw Hammer Fodder.

As this kid of twelve goes to hand me one of Dawn's leaflets I tell him no thanks, and then his elder brother charges up, pushes in front, thrusts one of the leaflets in my direction and says "I would have thought you'd want one you BNP Fascist Nazi Scum"

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Vote LIB DEM to STOP CAMERON pleads outgoing Cabinet.

Some days ago I asked the question "When Ed Townsend ousts Jessica Morden in Newport East, which barrel will he thhow himself across in order to gain power. Will he drop his trousers grit his teeth and think of Baby Face Nick facing to the left, to be buggered by Mandelson in exchange for power on Gordon Brown's government benches, or will he instead face to the right so as to be buggered by Duncan in exchange for his buddy Nick getting a seat at Diddy Dave's right hand.

At the time I pointed out that past performance suggests a leftward bias seeing that the Welsh Lib Dems bit the bullet and propped up Rhodri Morgan's Labour administration in the Assembly rather than see the Tories get handed power, just as David Steel propped up Jim Callaghan in the "Crisis, I see No Crisis" government of the unburied dead in the winter of discontent.

And today I have my answer. Ed Balls And Peter Hain have both told The Torygraph that voters who find Gordon's Government of The Talentless a step too far on the ballot paper should vote Lib Dem so as to keep Diddy Dave from Number Ten.

Mind you, Cameron's party are still hated more than the black death in the constituency I am contesting, and a couple of adjacent ones. Out canvassing with our activists yesterday many of those who spoke to me said they hated to see Brown returned to power but could not stomach the thought of Cameron being victorious after what Thatcher did to the area.

It'll be another century before there will be a welcome in these hillsides for Cameron.

The problem is, by the time it happens the voices in the valley won't be singing "Bread of Heaven" like they did when wales won the Grand Slam in the 80's.

They'll be singing "Allah Akbar"

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BBC News spills beans on UK proxy vote corruption in Pakistan

Which of these will be casting a vote against you
next thurdsay ?

You need to read this. You really do.

In the 1960's the area around Mirpur in what is now Pakistani-administered Kashmir was filled with farmers carrying on their agricultural livelihood. And then someone thought it would be a really cool idea to build a dam and drown half the valley. So thousands of these farmers found their way into this country.

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Will we see this in SW1A 0AA ?

Something I saw on the "UKDEBATE" website earlier today made me smile so I thought I would share the thought with you.

When "an apology for armenia" was attempted in the TURKISH Parliament, this is what happenned :-

When a couple of Korean Parliamentarians tried to get to a committee room, this was the result

And who can forget the way the Ukranians found to settle their differences :-

So here's the deal.

In a week and a half, if the current smart money is on the ball, patriots in this country will be treated to the glorious spectacle of Gordon Brown resigining as "leader" of the largest fascist, pro-police state party in the western world, and his former Welsh Secretary (sorry Mike, I'm just looking at what Ladbrokes are saying here, nothing personal) being forced to occupy the same green leather OPPOSITION bench as the Member for Barking And Dagenham.

In those circumstances, with Our Chairman having taken the Parliamentary Oath and thus entitled to sit upon that green leather, just how long do you think the rabidly hysterical apologist for terrorist murderers and self-professed proud founder of a group of left wing boot boys will remain calm and composed under his stage makeup designed to conceal that positively orange tint of his ?

I tell you this. If the smart money has made the right choice, the BBC need to do a deal with both God AND the Devil for some unique broadcast rights, and be quick about it. Because the chap they should have in charge of the commentary for the state opening of Parliament THIS year isn't the chap who covered it for them LAST year, Mark D'Arcy ...

No Sir not by a long way. They need to get Harry Carpenter to make the ultimate comeback from retitrement. 


Newport Council: 13 years of demanding money under false pretences

Some of you may have seen the picture of the lilac shuttlecraft (you could hardly call it a battle bus but my election agent and GA himself will swear blind it IS fitted with a warp drive) parked on my driveway decked out in BNP posters with on-board PA ready to take the message to South Wales.

And some of you may have noted the street lamps in the background.

Two months ago Western Power had to rip up the substation powering this area and replace some key part. When they finished I noted the three street lights outside my house no longer worked.

Two weeks ago when it became obvious no bugger was doing anything about it, least of all the lib dems on the council who supposedly "sort this stuff out" (at least they did outside THEIR houses) I called the council. Who told me they would note the problem and sort it in five days time.

They didn't.

So I called them again. And was told "sorry, these aren't adopted. Contact the Developer who erected them".

Nice of Newport Council to make me aware of this wasn't it.

But these bloody street lights have been there since the street was constructed THIRTEEN YEARS AGO when I moved in. The council has been more than happy to steal money from me each month for ther upkeep in the form of Council Tax payments. And now when they are called upon to meet their side of the bargain, they find a reason not to.

Sounds like Labour All Over doesn't it. I wonder how many women have to be raped, and how many men run over in the pitch black before some lazy loafing piece of scum in Newport Civic Centre gets off their bloated subsidised arse and gets this mess sorted out.

The Liberal Democrats used to pride themselves on sorting out this sort of thing. But that was when their power base was centred at the Local Authority and went no further. Now their leader has delusions of Prime Ministership and their male candidates prepare to drop their trousers for mandelson in exchange for a seat on the Labour Government benches from 2010 to 2015, they don't give a damn about such things. How typical

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Independent's Jerome Taylor Beaten By Asian Thugs while exposing vote fraud


Go read the details here and fume.

Jerome Taylor, journalist for "The Independent" went to see one of the candidates standing in the Tower Hamlets area for the General Election. Alone. When he foolishly told a few asian youths why he was there, they and several more of their mates beat him to the ground with whatever weapons they could get their hands on.

The fact he survived to be tended by the paramedics (who normally refuse to venture into this area without a police escort) is due entirely to a local have a go hero who came out and fought these thugs off until they ran, some running directly into the house of the candidate he sought to question over these fraud allegations.

If ever there was a reason to abandon the election in this rotten borough and hold it on another day only after every voter's eligibility has been validated by electoral officials going door to door protected by armed response police officers, this is it.

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Today Another Dairy Farmer Goes Bust

I found a very interesting article in the South Wales Argus this morning

I think it shows very well how Britain has "prospered" under the care and attention of Gordon Brown and his predecessor.

Almost fifty years ago the parents of a young man of 17 bought him a piece of land at St Brides, one of the many village and farming areas you can see if you look towards the coast as you drive on the elevated section of the M4 between Cardiff and Newport.

It, and a shed to go with it, was the start of a dairy herd now 300 head strong. That man passed away at Christmas and his widow who married him 36 years ago has come to the decision that the time has come to put the business under the auctioneer's hammer.

Why ? Because is costs 26p to produce a litre of milk, and they only get 21p a litre for it.

I think that says a lot about our country and its ability to feed the burgeoning population Labour's "come on in one and all the benefits are lovely" immigration policy have endowed us with, don't you ?


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Lord Pearson of Ukip says "VOTE TORY AND NOT FOR OUR OWN MAN"

Lord Pearson, UKIP's leader, happy to sacrifice his
own men to let other parties do his work for him.

Oh dear.

It seems that UKIP have a communication problem

UKIP have a policy of NOT standing a candidate where the "major party" candidate likely to win the seat is openly eurosceptic. Well, that is their right. Any party has the right to choose the seats in which to stand, and that is why our Party's National and Regional Officials carefully analysed the constituencies to come up with a list of seats we feel it right to contest on our limited budget so as to give the British People the best opportunity we can think of to make their voice heard . If other parties wish to have other ways of deciding where they wish to place their parliamentary deposit, so be it.

But news reaches me of a bit of a glitch in the process. Over here the BBC are delighted to trumpet the fact that Pearson has gone over the head of his own party candidates and written an open letter telling the voters of Wells, Taunton Deane and Somerset and Frome to support Tory Eurosceptics and not his own men.

The party has already divvied up the five hundred smackeroonies needed to stand their own candidates and I guess by now it is too late to have the names removed from the ballot papers anyway. The UKIP man in WELLS Jake Baynes has already refused to obey the instructions of his party leader, saying he disagrees with the party leadership and calls it a "betrayal". Their man in Taunton Deane Tony McKintyre says he knew nothing of the party orders to stand aside and the first he heard of Pearson's letter was when the BBC rang him.

There is no word of the UKIP man in Somerton and Frome, Barry Harding. Maybe he has decided to prove that someone in his party CAN organise a pi55-up in a brewery (or cider press room at least) and has fallen into the vat where he will drown a happy man in a week's time. Who knows.

In the meanwhile, I must dash. I have an election to fight !


So where's my election leaflet ?

An ever popular theme regrettably.

Two days ago residents in the area of Newport nearest the home address of our Newport East Candidate Keith Jones received the official election leaflet produced in support of his candidature and delivered by the Royal Mail in accordance with the law of the land.

There are two sorting offices in Newport but two days later there is no sign of Keith's leaflet in NP19 7.

I have heard nothing about the other BNP candidates in adjoining constituencies or my own in Islwyn either.

So, Dude, Where's My leaflet ? Or am I going to have to drag some SWP or Gerry Gable loving postal workers before a judge to have their responsibilities explained to them ?

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