Diane Abbott Joins The Jedward Clones

Now I've heard everything.

Over here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8693687.stm you can read how Labour has reached the bottom of the barrel. 

Many times during my General Election campaign I heard people discuss in hushed tones in dark corners of pubs just who the hell they might find to replace Gormless Gordon and indeed they had a point because the party is having to plumb the depths of hitherto uncharted mediocrity to find a token capable of taking the helm.

And now full time supporter of Cameron's Claw Hammer Gang Diane Abbott has made it known she is up for the job.

I think she is a perfect choice. Just as Michael Foot was in the 1980's. a perfect choice for ensuring the party stay in the gutter where it belongs until it learns some humility.

Abbott of course is famous for her remarks to camera on Andrew Neill's "This Week" when the supposed "BNP Membership List" was made public. With venom and spite she tried to incite violence with claims that it was extremely important that "people (meaning her hammer wielding thugs) knew where these Nazis Lived", not realising perhaps that to say such words intending to cause distress and alarm is a breach of the law her lickspittle pals brought in as Sectoion 5 of the Public Order Act, the same legislation I just had the police use against a Tory Loudmouthed Oik I found ranting on my driveway.

Abbott is also famous for - along with Trevor Phillips - condemning as "racist" the council of Tower Hamlets who wanted to operate a "Sons And Daughters" policy for council house accomodation 20 years ago, a charge she seems less keen to hurl at the Bangladeshi Officials who operate the same policy in favour of Bangladeshi "tenants" today.

Cameron must be wetting himself with rejoicing this morning. If Abbott gets the leadership he'll be Prime Minister until his grandchildren have finished paying off Brown's Government Debt. Giving her a Donkey jacket will be the icing on the cake.


Newport East Conservative Activist Admits Public Order Hate Crime Offence

In this article  http://www.thegreenarrow.co.uk/writers/jogs-blog/1876-dawn-parrys-hate-criminals I revealed how, a few days before the election, a singularly foul mouthed young man stormed onto the driveway of my home and ranted hate insults at me when I told his (seemingly 12 year old) sibling that I did not really want one of the leaflets they were "delivering" in the area for Dawn Parry the Conservative Party Candidate.

It is an unfortunate fact that true patriots must develop a fairly thick skin especially if they wish, as I have done, to bring the truth of what has been done to our country to the notice of the electorate, by standing in the street and asking for the support of that electorate at election time.

The thickness of the skin becomes particularly important if you have stood downwind (downgale more like) of a ranting lib-demmer in Abergavenny, tried to locate a frothing at the mouth so called Western Valleys UAF Organiser in Islwyn, or had the balls to go and Beard the Demon Peter Hain in his "lair" on the streets of Neath as our West Wales and South Wales Organisers and colleagues did in the Euro Election, or take the battle to the TV Studio as I managed to do in the General Election.

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Sour Grapes at the SNP

And so the fallout begins.

One of the most entertaining airtime moments on Radio Four this evening.

On the "Extended News Coverage" on Radio Four tonight the SNP were allowed to complain bitterly that Brown had rejected all possibility of a Progressive Coalition Government and rushed to resign without ever contacting the Scottish Nationalists to see if a deal would be done.

Well, nice try.

Except that as this article in the Daily Record points out, SNP leader Alex Salmand refused point blank to enter into any formal agreement with Labour, agreeing only to support Labour on an issue-by-issue basis as long as a river of money was kept pouring out of Westminster into Edinburgh.

So what would you do if your only hope of power was a man pledged to hold you to ransom and drop you in it at the first sign of the bribes drying up?

Exactly. Tell him to bunk off.

Good God. It seems Gordon Brown had some principles after all.


Dead Man Squatting


The other day when I went to fill the car up I noticed the headline in the stacks of unsold copies of "The Sun"

"Man, 59, Found Squatting In Downing Street" it said

Well, I may soon see another. Corpse discovered in Cabinet Room. 

Last night at 8pm I heard the most awesome "trailer" for an upcoming Radio 4 radio transmission. Arranged hurriedly in response to the days events we were to be treated to a special programme "Gordon Brown: A Life In Politics". And as I tucked in to scrambled egg and toast this morning, just before they let David Blunkett have some air time to say how disastrous a Lib-Lab coalition would be, they ran the trailer again, for another broadcast of the same name, to take place at 4pm today. 

To have one obituary transmitted on national radio while one is still standing upright in the frame of the door to Number Ten seems a little unfair

To have two such programmes transmitted within twenty four hours really does suggest one should take a long hard look at whether one's biological oxygen demand upon the planet is worth the trouble.

Go on Gordon. Do the Decent Thing. Call Iain Duncan Smith and ask to borrow his pearl handled revolver. You know, the one he referred to in his last speech as his party leader.

And can you do it sooner rather than later please ? After you called that woman a bigot I popped into BetFred and stuck a tenner on a Labour Party Leadership Election taking place within a fortnight. If you could see your way to causing one by the end of the week I'd be really grateful. And the booze the winnings will buy will ensure you a good send off. In fact I'll pour a whole bottle of good scotch malt over your grave - provided you have no objection to it passing through my kidneys first, that is.

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So, Is Weyman in court on Monday

According to the MORNING STAR (rofl) oh ok go on read it here (how can I set a Cascading Style Sheet to show a background of recycled toilet paper I wonder) the illustrious hard man of the UAF Weyman Bennett who was arrested on suspicion of consiracy to promote violent disorder on 20th March - when he tried his usual stunt of organising a UAF pissup to "protest" about an EDL meeting in Bolton - and who seems to have kept a rather low profile since - is in court before the beak on Monday Morning

According to Greater Manchester Police Bennett was released on bail pending further enquiries until May 10th.

Is the appearance of a suspected criminal a matter of PUBLIC record in the PUBLIC domain ?

If so, can anyone make a few enquiries ?

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Bye Bye Gordon. I'd like to say it's been nice knowing you. But I can't.


Your chance to seal this man's fate begins NOW

I have much to thank Gordon Brown for.

In various ways he has converted me from a businessman indifferent to the political scene to a front line warrior in the battle to reverse the path upon which he and his cronies have almost succeeded in sending us.

But today is payback day.

Payback for the raids on our pensions.

Payback for the invasion of our country.

Payback for the destruction of our identity.

Payback for the destruction of our industry.

Payback for the destruction of our economy.

Payback for the interference in the education of our children.

And payback for the measures that make your minority status more important in deciding your eligibility for a job than your talent and ability to do it.

And most of all ...

Payback for the 3,600 new ways in which the state can acquire your DNA for its burgeoning database.

I could go on. But I have much to do today, and so little time to do it.

I'd like to be a Member of Parliament at 22:01 today. I find it amazing that I have been given the chance to offer myself as one of those willing to do the job. One of 640 out of sixty million. Not bad for a chap whose grandfather was a drayman and whose father couldn't get to university because the family could not afford it.

But the truth is I do not really care who people reading this vote for, as long as they can look me straight in the face and tell me outright they did not vote the way they did because of a belief in any word this man said.

Whatever happens after 22:00 hours today, this man must be sent a message.

And that message must be "You said you would take full responsibility for your party's failure to win a fourth term outight. So now, for the first time ever in your sick, sorry excuse of a political career, keep your word for the first time in your life, and GO"

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Geoff "Helicopter Free" Hoon begins his new career - in broadcasting.


I wonder how much this ex minister got paid for this .....

Labour former defence minister and architect of at least one failed coup to depose Gormless Gordon, "Helicopter Free" Hoon appeared on BBC Radio Four last night in an "entertainment" programme called "Devils Advocate" where the stars of the show have to stand up and formally debate a motion to which their beliefs are utterly opposed.

Hoon was speaking FOR the motion "that this house believes the only way to combat terrorism was go go about ignoring it in our daily lives"

The BBC of course considered this an absolute hoot given that this was the man who gave us the condition in which we now live, a police state where our every move is watched for our own good ..........

Oh what magnificently short memories these people have.

In the days after the home grown islamist bombings on our tube stations Hoon and Blair were BOTH going round London urging people to "keep calm and carry on", bringing the message that it was of the utmost importance that we the British People did exactly what was advocated in this "motion", that we do indeed adopt the principle that unless we ignore the threat of terrorism in our daily lives by continuing to offer ourselves as bomb fodder, the terrorists had won.

And having delivered the message to the unsuspecting duped public, they hopped back into their bulletproof bombproof RPG proof ministerial limmos with their armed response vehicle escort and went on the the next location to dupe some more.

I don't know if the lefty luvvies behind Radio 4's editorial board were so thick they didn't know this, so selectively amnesiac they ignored it, or so callous that they knew all about it and considered the double nature of this particular stunt a singularly splendid wheeze.

As for me, I'm off to throw up.

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So What About The Royal Mail Then

Right then. We stumped up good money to have leaflets printed and delivered by the bastards in the Royal Mail who did no such thing. What is being done to complain to the people whose responsibility it was to ensure all parties were treated equally in the business of election literature.

Here's one complaint for a start. The leaflets for Keith Jones, candidate for Newport East, were delivered to the Ringland area of Newport at least a week before the election. No leaflets for this candidate made their way to the St Julians Ward.

Why Not, and why is there no human being on the Royal Mail complaint system to take it on the chin for their political bias.

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Help I have woken up a bit part actor in a remake of "The Matrix"

Either that or they are cloning politicians.

I dropped into the BBC News web Site to see if they are still squabbling over whether the 59 year old man currently squatting in Number Ten should be allowed to remain there and be largely ignored as an irrelevance or whether the SAS should be given a bit of practice at lobbing thunderflash grenades.

And this was the sight that greeted me on the News Front Page.

Neo Trinity and Morpheus have failed, The Smiths are breeding again.


Do you still think being a Son Of The Manse will save you,Gordon.


So did your hotline to God deliver the miracle Gordon ?

This morning one man wakes to find the uncomfortable truth staring him in the face. He has about as much chance of being Prime Minister of Britain in June 2010 as Howlin Laud Wossisname.

I would love to be able to say you are the weakest link and you leave with nothing but as we all know this man has a rosy future in front of him which is something that can be said of few of the citizens whose lives he has blighted, mine included.

If he had any sort of honour there would be a by election in Cowdenbeath next week.


EDIT: And Finally.... with apologies to Alice Cooper, there's this ditty stuck in my head. Been there sincce 4am

Four weeks canvassing but no Rolls Royce,
I tried to get elected ...
My agent in our truth truck says he's sick of my voice
I tried to get elected ...


What do you think, does it scan .... (!)

I'll have the rest penned ready for RWB 2010. If the party faithful don't stump up my next election deposit, I'll threaten to sing it ............... and GA will attest having heard my singing he knows it to truly be a Weapon of Mass Destruction whose use is proscribed in all areas except the bath and even then only below a foot of soapy water.

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