Newport "Mini-PSCOs" scheme - "HEY KIDS - Why Not Nick A Parent Today"

It seems to me that the quintessential totalitarian state, in fact and fiction, has amongst its core values the correctness of having parents live in fear of their children selling them out to the secret police.

I've been cleaning up the office this morning, and By God you have no idea how near Gordon Brown's New Labour Stalinists Got. I'll scan the article in question and put a pdf of it up on my website when I have a moment. The original is going in my fire safe as a historical record of what we blindly allowed our rulers to get away with.

In a pile of unwanted trade magazines, offers of cheaper broadband, invitations to allow a double glazing salesman to rip me off and other such junk I find a newsletter headed SAFER GWENT: Policing Summary Edition". I don't know when it arrived but it probably came with the latest council tax demand that's their style round here.

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Welsh Wastrels Announce No Council Tax Freeze For Us

As our party makes its plans and preparations to battle the "big four" (or should that be "the two gruesome twosomes") for the upcoming Welsh Assembly Election I would like to make you all aware of a litttle reported - well, actually completely unreported as far as I can see story I heard last night.

As you know, George Osborne announced in the budget that council tax would be frozen for a year.

Not In Wales It Wont Be

The Westminster Civil Marriage of Tory and Lib Dem was of course met with a gnashing of teeth in the Hot Air Pit In The Bay where the partners in power in London sit together in opposition, faced off by the Labour Losers and the bedfellows they chose as THEIR civil partners after the electorate told Mike German's Welsh Lib Dems they could Go Hang and Lembit Opik decided a "cheeky night in" was prefereable to some serious talking to form the sort of rainbow coalition that stutters from crisis to crisis.

So not surprisingly with the parties of opposition in westminster "in power" (whatever that means) on the seats in the castrated talking shop in the bay it wasn't going to be easy to get Coalition Policy implemented west of Offas Dyke, and that's hardly surprising when the Illiberal Undemocrats want to break up the Union so it can be ruled as eleven fiefdoms from Brussels just as Clegg wanted eleven different immigration policies for the eleven EU regions that they want to slice the United Kingdom into.

Now if you take a look round google you'll quickly find plenty of news articles, some quite recent, talking of the proposed council tax freeze. Some of those make quaint attempts at suggesting the issue "finely balanced" and the like.

What you WILL NOT find anywhere - for I have looked - is a report of Carwyn Jones on Radio 4 News between 6pm and 6:30pm yesterday saying categorically that there will not be a council tax freeze in wales - because he does not have the money to permit it.

Proof positive if we ever needed it who the party of spend, spend, spend are. As if we needed it.

But also proof of where we will have to set researchers analysing so as to show where we can make the savings to restore equality across both sides of Offa's Dyke to turn back the tide of attempts to destroy the United Kingdom.

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Ed Balls agrees with me that EU27 immigration MUST be CONTROLLED

Now here's a turn up for the books.

In my five minutes of fame on Sky TV in the run up to the election I challenged Peter Hain to tell me why his party rejoiced at the fact that 491 MILLION people between the ages of 16 and 65 in 27 countries were free to wander in and out of this country as they pleased.

He, as usual, totally avoided the issue and went off to say how wonderful his party and their policies were and how stupid the country would be to remove them from office.

So imagine my surprise when ED BALLS, in a blatant attempt to find something different to say in support of his leadership campaign so as to stand out from the Jedward Clones and That Bloody Woman, pronounces that it is time to stop the unfettered flow of unskilled EU27 workers into Britain.

Read about his idea to rewrite the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties to "prevent untold damage to constituencies like his" here 

You bloody hypocrite, Balls. 


Aching Feet, Heat Exhaustion ... and every house in the ward leafletted

There's a team photo in someone's digital camera and as soon as they get home please PM or email someone on the site and we will get it uploaded.

Several carloads of activists gave up their Sunday morning, Sunday lunch and Sunday afternoon for the cause today. For, as stated on the website of Torfaen Council (that's a PDF doc by the way) there's an election for the Lowlands And Avondale Ward Community Council and as can be seen from the Notice Of Poll some two thousand seven hundred people will soon be given the choice of a Labour, Plaid, Independent or British National Party Candidate to represent them at this fundamental level of the democratic process.

And my aching feet will readily testify to the fact that there is not a letterbox in that ward that has not been given a leaflet introducing our candidate. Battle weary from the General Election we might be, but nonetheless we hit the streets to once again do our bit for the cause at the grass roots.

Now I had the "easy" job. In many streets my General Election Agent and other willing "runners" did most of the hard graft, the leg and stair work (thanks guys) taking the message to the letterboxes. I had the easy job. Decked out with a Party Rosette I quickly found a role in hailing the many passers by, the people out in their gardens on a glorious sunny morning, the people washing their cars or any of a dozen other "sunday jobs".

And I very quickly found every person I spoke to very interested.


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Back To Business

Diddy Dave shares a joke with his new Civil Partner
"Nice Guy" Nick.

OK enough already of the pussyfooting around with silly season stories and internal infighing.

There is a job to do - the mounting of our campaign for success in the Welsh Assembly and it starts NOW.

Over here you can download a copy of The ConDem proposal for their coalition government. I have downloaded a copy of it for the same reason I have still got the Labaah 1997 Manifesto and Gordon's 1997 Budget - The lying cheating scum in Number Ten and Eleven will have to be held to account and you can bet your arse they will erase this document from the public domain when the accounting time comes round so grab it while you still can.

And it makes some very interesting reading.

What I found shocking are the pages and pages of schemes plans bodies and funding that Gordon Brown the Control Freak threw into pervasive surveillance of law abiding citizens as they went about their everyday lives. Truly the bastard was a Stalinist of the First Order and succeeded in imposing a degree of invasion into our personal lives that will take decades to roll back

But all is far from beer and skittles in the Coalition Camp.

Diddy David and his new Found Civil Partner "Nice Guy Nick" are still signed up to :-

  • Allowing any of the 491 MILLION EU27 Passport Holders FREE UNFETTERED ACCESS to this country
  • CELEBRATION of lifestyle choices that fall far from the arithmetic norm practiced by the majority of our society
  • PROTECTION of "cultural practices" (except for English Scottish Welsh and Irish ones that is)

And that's just for starters.

And don't hold out much hope of seeing the promised £10,000 single person's tax allowance this side of 2015

So there is much work to be done. Starting this weekend, on the streets of Torfaen.


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Sometimes I wish I'd just been a Lumberjack.....


Image courtesy of url to this bbc web site

Well I suppose it answers one question "where did the 2012 Olympic Mascots leave their other eye"

Regular readers of my articles might recall I'm something of a scientist - or at least I used to be - and I have on my CV several years where I brought home a pay packet obtained through employment wearing a white coat and running a lab that would have been the envy of Boris Karloff Christopher Lee Jeremy Brett and Bobby Boris Picket and the Crypt Kicker Five put together. 

And i make no excuses for the fact that some of the things me and my fellow scientists came up with mean that quite a few people have been given the opportunity to kick the shadowy figure carrying the agricultural implement into touch for a little while longer.

But I'm not entirely sure I signed up for this. 

Scientists in the US have succeeded in creating the first wholly synthetic living cell although to be fair they have not, as I thought from what I heard in the media today, done the work entirely from scratch. No, what they have done, in brief terms for the layman, is the equivalent of putting an existing life form in a photocopier.

GA and I have enough experience of large scale man made projects to know where this is heading.


I mean the Bruce Willis Film, with a theme I consider the role model for "The Project I Want To Forget" if ever there was one.

Look, how can I put this. The country that gave us GM Soya whether we wanted it or not by deliberately contaminating the world export of the stuff with a few tractorloads of mutant material is in the business of manufacturing life forms by copying ALL the raw materials one nut and bolt at a time. Some people may think that a wizard wheeze. I on the other hand will remind you of the stupidity of allowing this as the millions of corpses pile up in the streets because of some small issue with a decimal point.

Sometimes, I wish I'd been a lumberjack, or a Tank Driver. One carefully placed shell round at the height of the cold war and the whole research institute behind this "development" would never have had its key staff. Oh well, such is life - and lingering death.


Can anyone accused of downloading illegal porn ever expect a fair trial now ?

From time to time our readers here leave me in little doubt that the one thing no-one can ever accuse me of is "courting popularity". But something disturbs me today. Something a little out of the ordinary compared to the usual matters I bring to this forum.

And before you read what follows, ask youself how secure is your router, how likely is it that the white van parked up your road last night held a nerd geek sorely in need of a girlfriend, a laptop with a wireless card and cracking software, and a list of things to download to order leaving someone else's arse on the line when the Net Cops trace the IP address.

You see, at some point in the next four years it is quite likely that there will be a trial. In that trial a man born on the 13th of August 1982 and presented to the court as John Smith, John Doe, or some such will be accused of the offence of possesion and making available for distribution various items of pornography contrary to the obscene publications act.

That this charge will be allowed is thanks to the sense shown by the judge who threw out one Mr Steven Arnold's appeal against HIS conviction on the grounds that material he obtained and supplied was not covered under the act because it was held electronically and was not therefore a photograph in the sense of the Act.

It is thanks to the actions and words yesterday of a Mr Justice Bean ;-)  that I can now explain to you that it is a posibility that the man standing before that court will be the same individual who on the 12th of February 1993 extinguished the life of one Jamie Bulger.

Yes, a bloke known officially as Mister Bean has made it posible for every jury in the land facing the already gruesome task of deciding the guilt or innocence of a man now twenty eight years old to be saddled with the underlying thought that the man in the dock is not who he claims to be but is instead the most infamous murderer Britain has known since ... well since the last one.

Was it wise for Mister Bean to lift reporting restrictions on that case and thus allow me to post the above on a public forum having heard John Humphries talk of the man and the case half an hour ago ?

I have grave doubts that it was, for the very simple reason that if any and every future juror faced with an accused man of that age accused of that crime for the next couple of years who heard this morning's Today Programme  does NOT have the thought "Oh SHIT is this that murdering bastard ?" fleeting pass between their ears they are not human. I for one would certainly think it, were i sitting in that jury, and I have to confess to thinking I would have CONSIDERABLE trouble setting that fleting thought aside.

And because of that, I wish to recant an earlier statement in my post here. I am quite firmly of the belief that it is now, thanks to Mister (INjustice) Bean, quite UNLIKELY that there will be a trial.

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Death Of A Stalinist Control Freak's Dream


"I paid £30 for one of these and I would gladly have paid £75 for the advantages it has given me" is the quote on this BBC web page from a gentleman who thinks his ID card that he went out of his way to apply for is the best thing since sliced bread.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, whether to file his claim in with the "Incubator babies" lies of George Bush Senior or the "Richard Gere Stuck My Gerbil Up His Arse" fantasy press. 

A total of 15,000 of these cards have been issued, at a cost to the british taxpayer of half a bleeding billion pounds. Two hundred and Fifty Million paid up front to developers and software houses to create the Gestapo Industry and it seems another Two Hundred And Sixty Million Will Be Blown In Exit Costs.

So much for WILLIAM HAGUE's promise to cut the scheme of without paying a brass farthing in compensation to the firms DAFT enough to bid for the work.

So who is Mr Kirby then ? A Labour Party Official ? Or a man in need of sectioning under the Mental Health Act ?  

I don't know, but I know that if 15,000 of these things cost half a bloody billin that's a damn sight more than the £30 apiece their owners paid.

Never mind. Maybe some sad bastard might buy them up if we put them on EBAY


Hain Throws His Toys Out Of The Pram

Oh dear dear me.

The "stars" of the Sky News Debate who I grilled on EU-Immigration are having a "toys-out-of-pram" chucking session. I knew their staged love-fest for Adam Boulton wouldn't last.

It seems that the "Welsh Has Been And Never Will Be Again" Secretary Peter Hain has been exposed as a wastrel and profligate purveyor of nothing but hot air by the new girl in the job Cheryl Gillan. She expresses shock at Hain's lack of progress on handing power to the Hot Air Pit In The Bay while He accuses her of talking "pure rubbish on stilts".

Meanwhile Fourth Man of The Moment (well HE thought he was anyway) Plaid Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones is pi55ed off that Kirsty Williams - the Lib Dem leader IN OPPOSITION in the Welsh Assembly is getting too close to the Conservative Secretary of State for HIS liking. So HE is inviting "any left leaning Lib Dems" to "Do an Asghar" and jump ship to Plaid.  Nice try Ieuan but I'd have waited another year in your shoes before trying this as it's you'll need to play that card to have anyone sitting with you after the next Assembly Election.


Gordon's Legacy - One Sporting extravaganza, but TWO mascots !

Image courtesy of link to this facebook photo

 OK I surrender let's do the mascot thing shall we. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Wenlock and Mandeville. The creatures that are to embody the spirit of the 210 Olympics and bring the ecstasy of the event to the people.

Yeah right.

Am I the only one who thinks it fitting that the mascots for the two Olympic events are faceless chinless wonders the product of overpaid sycophants of a faceless chinless government whose only failure in the profligate spending to no real purpose stakes is their failure to have that sodding mega-mosque built next door to the area of London they have taken over to build this edifice to wastrel extravagance.

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