Number Ten makes a few "Corrections" to Nick Clegg's Despatch Box Performance

Well, I suppose some sort of history was made today.

With Diddy David jetting off to secure an agreement that Robertson's can once again use Obama's official portrait on its jars of "Golden Shred" the task of stepping up to the plate at the last Prime Minister's Question Time before the MP's depart for the summer holiday fell to Nick Clegg.

Who lost no time in declaring the iraq war illegal. God I bet that went down a bundle across the pond. Jeez I can hear it now, the Press Secretary covering the distance from "PR And Spin Central" to the Oval Office faster than Ben Johnson, yelling "Mister President Turn The God Damn TV To CNN ****NOW*****"

Which is almost certainly why long after Clegg stepped down from the box and went to pack his trunk for his "hols", Number Ten issued a special press notice making a few small points about what he said. Including a few about his ideas on the war being his PERSONAL ideas and no-one else's. Well not until AFTER the whitewash commission has finished sanctifying and beatifying all involved and giving them papal immunity to boot.

And to cap that, it seems "senior tory figures" have poured cold water on Vince Cable's idea that graduates should be specially taxed - that's over and above the 40% or more the ones who manage to get jobs will be taxed by virtue of their salaries exceeding the average - to pay for tuition fees.

I can't work out if the retraction was done because of Lib Dem demands for Cable's blood on the pavement and balls strung from a lamp post after the Lib Dem Manifesto said "Read My Lips No Tuition Fees", or because Diddy Dave decided the Eton Set would disembowel him for treason to his fraternity if he carried it out.

But it's a funny old world.  

It has been almost ninety years since a Liberal Prime Minister addressed Parliament and the Nation from the Despatch Box. It is a fair bet that not a single person alive today could recall that event.

After Clegg's performance today it will probably be another ninety years before we see it happen again.

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Moslem Guilty of "Rape By Deception" after pretending to be Jewish to get his leg over

Well, not yet anyway.
wait till the papparazi have a chance though !

Good evening everyone and may I say how nice it is to have something meaty to blog about for a change. Yes there IS a joke in there, but I for one consider this blog to be in the "best possible taste" so I wont go there.

But I must say sitting downstairs three minutes ago I nearly choked over my "ploughman's tea" when I heard the BBC News Reader on the 6 O Clock News carry the story of "Sabbah Kashur"

It seems this palestinian arab has been found guilty of "rape by deception" after meeting a woman in a Jerusalem street in 2008 and having consensual sex with her outside a nearby building that same day.

So what's the problem ? Well it seems that Palestinian Arab Kashur persuaded this woman that he was "a nice jewish boy" and used that to wheedle his way inside her underwear.

When she found out the truth she was not best pleased and apparently threw all sorts of accusations against him, but now the judges in Israel's courts have found Kashur guilty of "rape by deception".

So, I guess the moral of the story is, if a strange man bumps into you in the street and you decide to let him charm his way inside your underwear, DO try to remember to have a torch with you, or at least a street light handy, so you can check his credentials before allowing him "access all areas".

No, it's not funny, is it. And neither is this arab's demand that he be considered a victim of racism. because that's what he is claiming. Yes, honest, he is saying he is a VICTIM OF RACISM after the woman he tricked into consenting to have sex with him said she would never have consented if she had known he was not a Jewish bachelor as he claimed.

But I must give him 10 out of ten for adhering to the tenets of Holy Mo the Head Man. After all, don't the crazed rantings of Unholy Mo (sorry, of course, I mean the "Holy Koran") say that all members of the cult of the dead paedophile must practice deception at every turn to further the influence of the believer against the kuffar.

And you have to admit, pretending to be a a "nice unmarried Jewish boy with good prospects" so as to get one's leg over the unbeliever scores pretty highly on that scale.


Acid Test Today for the Greek Economy and its Eurozone Crutch

A little something I heard over my morning boiled eggs and toast earlier today courtesy of Radio 4 and Mr Robert Peston.

Today we find out what the world thinks of the EU rescue of the Greek economy. Greece have issued government bonds in an attempt to seek to borrow a little over a billion, Robert Peston said earlier today.  "Technically these are bills, not bonds", said Peston, explaining that the greek government, uneasy about the likelihood of success, has chosen to walk before it can run, and is only seeking these funds for six months so it's not a proper "bond" issue.

The question, of course, is whether anyone in the world will trust their dosh to this basket case of a country.

And the interest rate being charged is the best indicator of that.

LAST TIME the greeks borrowed money this way it was for substantially more than six months, and attracted an interest rate of 0.59%. THIS TIME it's FIVE POINT NINE per cent.

How does that ancient Chinese Curse Go again ?

Ah yes I remember "May You Live In Interesting Times".

I bet Angela Merkel does !!  She sure as hell will if this is a flop and she has to explain her decision to prop this bunch of no-hopers up.

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Reckless By Name ..... Rochester Tory MP TOO PISSED to vote on budget

Story here which is where the above picture is being linked from

At the height of the election furore the UAF were wetting themselves with glee at the fact that St Mark's church in Gillingham, was forced to withdraw its hustings invitation to our candidate after an all out and concerted effort by UAF neanderthals and strong-arm merchants.

I don't know if it would have made any difference, but I would like to suggest to the Vicar and the Bishop's Chaplain in that parish that they pray for the soul of the chap pictured above who exploited this No Platform Policy to get himself elected and has has clearly set himself a path of self-destruction courtesy of his inability to control his enjoyment of the demon drink at Westminster Palace given those knock-down prices they charge the members.

For it is reported by the BBC News that Mark Reckless MP for Rochester and Strood, one of the new intake at the last election, was discovered in the Commons Bar to be so drunk and incapacitated that he was considered incapable of voting on the budget.

Oh there's all manner of people queueing up to make excuses for this wastrel, but in the middle of the report there is a quote from the man himself that when he gets himself into this state he usually just goes home.

I think this man should be made Junior Health Minister and given the job of ramming the government's anti-drink policy down the throats of the country. Starting with the fools who elected him

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Thoughts on a Papal Visit

Yesterday in the early evening I was driving home and I believe it must have been the Radio 4 Six O Clock News I was listening to on my radio. They ran a piece about the papal visit and the apologist they found to defend this outrageous event made my flesh creep.

I have to say that as a former research scientist now working in the IT industry I consider the apology that was finally wrung out of the institution this man heads up for the way they treated Galileo to be less than convincing. 

However, what made my blood boil was the way they glossed over this man, and his institution's SYSTEMATIC CONCEALMENT of CHILD ABUSE. 

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Armed Forces Day - Cardiff - As Seen By A Civilian Spectator

Well that was quite a day, and it is with mixed feelings that I write up my thoughts.

Today was "Armed Forces Day". Against a backdrop of unusual glorious sunshine and temperatures heading for those of some of our current theatres of war, the yuppified bars and restaurants of Cardiff Bay thronged this morning and this afternoon to soldiers sailors and airmen in dress uniform to a degree I doubt anyone below the age of seventy could recall seeing outside of the bars in Camberley (down the road from Sandhurst) on passing out day.

The bars were doing a roaring trade with the participants split into three groups "civvies", "serving military" and "old timers" and from what I could see it was an equal split betweeen the three groups.

I went to see this spectacle because one of the last ships ever to carry a radar system whose software bore the mark of the sweat of my brow, the Type 23 Frigate HMS Kent was moored up at Roath Basin, a stone's throw from the buildings used by the Welsh Assembly.

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Britain "the most welcoming country in Europe" for Moslems, says new head of MCB

"Tell them to come on in the ConDems are New Labour All Over"


The title of this post is taken from two column lines in this newspaper article

The article itself is bad enough, it shows the degree to which this government has decided capitulation to those who wish to hide their faces from the legacy of the New Labour Surveillance State is the way to go.

A recent (yougov) poll has returned a result suggesting that 67% of the people of this country want to see us adopt the policies now being rolled into place in Europe to ban this insidious and odious outward statement of militant islamisc fanaticism.

Yet new immigration minister Damian Green "resists demands" from within his party and shows that arrogantly ignoring the will of the people is not just a New Labour trait, when he says that to ban the wearing of this icon of moslem extremism would be "rather un-british and run contrary to the conventions of a tolerant and mutually respectful society"

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Cathays Park 10-07-2010 As The BBC Saw It

The protest as depicted on the BBC Wales News.BBC.CO.UK page 

A few posts back Green Arrow brought you coverage from our BNP Wales TV Crew of the "Ummah Rise" march in Cardiff, forty odd extremists plus three Searchlight Cymru / Socialist Workers Party hangers on expressing their demands for "freedom".  

I never thought I would see the hatred dished out by the Finsbury Park Mosque's imam on the streets of the city of my birth, but I was certainly "put in my place" wasn't I.

However, I came here "in the spirit of fairness (Copyright 1999 Dawn Primarolo The Poll Tax Dodging Postmaster General and her Civil Service Sidekicks) to answer a comment left in the IntenseDebate listings for that post.

The question was (quite rightly) raised there "and when will we see this on the MSM".

The answer might surprise you. 

The answer is ... today ... here:-

OK they don't go into details over the filthy insults and offensive verbiage used by these members of the provisional wing of the cult of the dead paedophile who brought their dalek suited concubines to stand meekly behind them while they indulged in their "heads down, bums in the air" ritual and subsequent pathetic ranting.

But I for one take heart at this appearance in the main stream media of this coverage.

Because God knows under Brown and Blair before him any such attempt to report the truth would have been slapped down hard.


Who Builds a Mosque On The Site Of a Pig Abbatoir ?

Here we go then. The ultimate in "I could not make it up" posts. I'm sure that there have been one or two mentions of this construction before on this web site, but now it sems things are moving ahead with a mega-mosque on the highest point around Marseilles, a design that will overpower the currently christian skyline provided by The Basilica of Notre Dame De La Garde.

But over on the BBC News Web Site we can see some very interesting snippets of information about this wonderful project. Here is what it has to say on the subject:-

The new mosque in Marseille is being built a long way from the picturesque surroundings of the old port.

In fact it is on the furthest outskirts of the city, on the site of an old abattoir - and a pig abattoir at that. The site is derelict, a favourite haunt for drug users, and needles litter the floor of the old warehouse.

Some say the location speaks volumes.

I certainly do !

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Election and Referendum Chaos Coming To A Ballot Box near You

Remember when "electoral reform" was the
way Labour would save itself from extinction?

GA's article below citing the report by Ted Castle in the "Public Finance" site set me thinking.

Is it any coincidence the people of Wales face not one but three sets of ballot papers next year ?

Of course it isn't. The hope is that the people will be so weary of turning out three times they won't bother,and the arguments over three separate trips to the ballot box, and three separate set of school closures, are already being rehearsed. Look at this page on the BBC site whingeing that schools are being forced to close too often already.

So why three trips to make your mark ?

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