A tale of two criminals

There is an old joke about the old priest (choose the denomination and theology to suit your target) who, on his death bed, summons his bank manager and his solicitor to his side. Both men come, curious as to what they are required for, and after a while when courtesy has been observed, both ask why each is there as there seems no professional service they can perform at this time. And it is then that the wily old bugger pulls himself up to breathe his last, and just before he does so, says "Our Lord met His End with a thief and a robber at his right and his left hand and I felt the need to do the same"

And it is with that thought that I turn to today's 6pm News.

Let us begin with the story of Bradley Wernham

Wernham aged 19 appeared before a judge at Chelmsford Court last October charged with a number of burglaries and promptly put on an act pleading that he wanted a chance to "wipe the slate clean" and asked for over six hunded and forty similar offences to be taken into consideration. Jeez he is the original one man crime wave. Pleading that he had "lost his way" this little shite spun a tale of a wretched life since his first appearance in court eight years earlier at the age of eleven.

And the stupid bastard of a judge swallowed the gobshite's load of bollocks hook line and sinker and had him handed a flat rent free and ordered him to do unpaid work to change his ways.

The police were not conned though. Within a very short time they caught him red handed bang to rights doing yet another burglary. And this time, the judge did what he should have done long ago and banged him up. 

19 and famous on live TV for being the most prolific petty criminal in Essex. He'll he appearing on Channel Five next month, mark my words.

And speaking of appearing on live TV, step forward and look lively there Mr Terrence Read

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Mr Read began claiming disability benefits in 1995 when he was genuinely ill, but neglected to point out to his benefactors that his condition markedly improved to the point where he could not only partake in, but also teach jazz dance. It is claimed that Mr Read made no false declarations when continuing to receive the benefits he was originally fully entitled to, but somehow, looking at the last page of every one of my tax returns where you have to sign on the dotted line I have a hard time believing that.




"Power2010" Are Not Our Friends

In the run up to the General Election I registered with a number of sites seeking to make life difficult for the New Labour Police State Stalinists and their ever-growing pervasive surveillance and unaccountable practices such as the expenses debacle exposed by Michael Barnbrook.

One of the more interesting ones was POWER 2010 an outfit who rolled out a number of mass mail campaigns "headed" by fairly prominent left wingers whingeing at the way Parliament was unaccountable and so were the parliamentarians in it.

I recall the train started to derail however a month or two before the day when "Despatches" I think it was revealed the degree to which fundamentalist islam was at work corrupting the electoral process, and highlighing the "Islamic Forum For Europe". I visited the site of this fascinatingly named organisation, and was less than impressed to find they were proudly displaying on their website the fact that they were a "friend of", and apparently supporting, Power2010.

As a subscriber to the Power2010 website and an enthusaistic participant in some of their campaigns I felt it only right to bring my concerns at Power2010's interaction with an extremist islamic organisation to the attention of the POWER2010 organisers, but my emails to them sent in my capacity as the British National Party General Election Candidate for the Constituency of Islwyn met with no reply.

Today I have received an email from the organisation advising me that they are seeking to merge with the "Unlock Democracy" organisation. This sounds all well and good until you dig a little deeper and realise what "Unlock Democracy" stand for.

Their proudest achievements they say are the results of their lobbying for the extension of the "devolved powers" now tearing this united kindgom apart in Edinburgh and Cardiff.

And they are entusiastically preparing their campaign for a YES vote on Clegg's electoral reform.

So far from being an organisation interested in truly unlocking democracy they are even now actively plotting ways to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate, hoping to sell them on Gordon Brown's lies that the AV system he, Brown, wished to see brought in, is a fairer way to elect our politicians.

This is the system the Electoral Commission say themselves is actually less proportional than our existing system, stealing as it does the votes of the loser and handing them to the winner to artificially inflate their popularity. The chief advantage of the AV system is, as I have said, the fact that it disadvantages parties with popular support of the level we are now enjoying, who, under the d'Hondt system used to elect The European Parliament and one third of the the Welsh Assembly could be assured of electoral success in the coming years.

So, there we have it. The organisation who were proud to accept the assistance and support of extreme islamists in this country in order to expose corrupt practice in our MP's is now actively plotting with another organisation dedicated to bringing in a parliamentary system designed specifically to prevent electoral success for the Britiah National Party.

Bear that in mind when these so called lovers of democracy and all it stands for lobby for your support.

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What Part of GO TO JAIL YOU ******* CRIMINAL do these guys not get


Four Criminals Still Trying to Evade Seven years In Stir
Picture by URL to the BBC Site your Licence is Paying For

I bloody give up. I really do.

While the fools who voted for the Brokeback Coalition partners (and  come on ladies and gents you can't tell me that performance in the Number Ten Rose Gargen was NOT a Civil Partnership Ceremony) find out the hard way just how much shit Gordon Brown Left Us In, the four fill yer boots pirates of the last parliament and its upper house are still using OUR money in their attempt to evade justice

First they filled their boots in ways the Daily Telegraph made perfectly obvious would put you and me behind bars if we did it. Then they outrageously try to make out they are above the law because "Parliamentary Privilege" means they need not answer the charges of theft and false accounting brought against them as ordinary mortals like you and I would have to.

And when they lost that case, they appealed.

And now they have lost the appeal.

So, when they are tried and found guilty, will their callous use of more public money to attempt to set themselves above the law count AGAINST them and ENSURE that if they are convicted they serve EVERY DAY of the MAXIMUM seven year sentence the crimes of which they are charged carry ? You know, like the reverse of how 'fessing up and contrition generally reduces the sentence.

Well they bloody would if I were Justice Minister. Indeed if I had my way this is how it would be done....


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Wikileaks, Afghanistan And Obama

Hi. John of Gwent here, signing on to make sure people realise this one's mine and not Green Arrows, because I think this might be another post in the "someone has to say it, it might as well be me" mould.

So, what a day today is. What a fine day it is to be ringing the United States President and asking if he would like to buy a copy of Norton Internet Security !

I think it is fair to say we're not exactly friends with "wikileaks" - not after the way it was used to make Diane Abbott's day by (in her words) letting everyone know where the fascists live. It did that all right Diane, but none of them were the addresses on those lists, the real fascists are all at SW1A 0AA and you know it.

But this morning I woke up to wonder if the wikileaks site had finally bitten off more than it could chew.

For it seems to have put into the public eye the details of thousands and thousands of military reports on operations in Blair and Bush's Other Military Belligerence On Top Of Iraq.

It seems Obama is uncomfortable with the revelation that things have not entirely gone the way his spin doctors want you to believe.

So let's deal with that first shall we. Guess what guys it's a war FFS not a bloody game of baseball or that silly spectacle those across the pond call football

War is not the nice clean 9 to 5 job Blair Brown Bush and a dozen blokes in uniform paid to sanitise the truth for the public inboth our countries want you to believe.

War is death, served up a hundred different ways and all of them involving bits of your insides getting shredded.

War is stench, filth, disease and destruction. on a biblical scale.

And inevitably war means putting in the ground a number of people who had no reason to expect to be going there as soon as they did.

I tell people I've seen quite enough examples of people shuffling off this existence in a violent, traumatic, aginising way already for a lifetime thank you and it's true I have, but I've never seen anything like the average squaddie coming back from one of those tours gets to witness.

Now *I* know that, *THEY* know that but how many others know it given that all our politicians who sent them out there to experience it are doing their bloody best 24/7/365 to make it look like we've packed them off to a bloody holiday camp. Jane Austen's novels are set slap bang in the middle of the Napoleonic War yet who would know, and this is not because she ignored it, far from it her characters were often in contact with military men, but the fact is that in her time just as now, apart from those doing the killing and the dying on both sides NO ONE in "polite society" has the faintest idea what is going on.

I think that might be about to change, courtesy of god knows how many thousand reports, videos, you name it.

I really am in two minds about this. To have someone release information such as this flies in the face of everything I have known, everything I have been instructed to do, for thirty years. It is the sort of thing we shoot people for. But then again the belief that we in the west can engage in nice safe clean sanitary war get the job done and get out is perhaps the biggest and most outrageously shocking lie our politicians could have foisted upon us.

Or maybe not. Maybe the most outrageous lie they can foist upon us is the one that the blame and compensation game operates in war just as if it were the case that civilian casualties in a missile strike equate to victims of a road crash.

I don't know what to make of these wikileaks, I think it would take me the best part of a month to read through them and understand what they mean, and that in itself is a problem because no-one is going to give any sort of IMPARTIAL summary of these documents are they.

Mind you, I will say this.

By Sixteen Hundred Hours Zulu Obama will have found a way to blame British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward for the leak of the documents.

By Eighteen Hundred Hours Zulu Gitmo will have another resident, a Mr Bradley Manning.

And by next wednesday the BNP need never worry about wikileaks releasing another membership list ever again. For by that time Obama will have put a nuclear-tipped cruise missile through their front door and had his PR people spin it as an unbelieveably unfortunate volcanic event caused by global warming.

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What Does Steve Jobs Think Of Indian Outsourcers Now ?

Picture courtesy of link from THIS web page on the BBC Website.

I wonder what Steve Jobs thinks of Indian IT Outsourcing Today. For if you click the link above you will read how the Indian Government have launched what is being referred to as the Indian I-Pad.Theirs has no hard drive, it runs off a solid state card like the SD cards in mobile phones. It can run off solar power (although god knows how you read the screen in the noon day delhi sun) and it seems to do anything the I-Pad can.

Or so they hype says.

But the reason Mr Jobs will soon be Mr Job-Less ?

Well unlike the I-Pad which my techno-mad work colleage and Cardiff Councillor just HAD to have at a cost of the best part of seven hundred quid with all the accessories, this little number costs THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS.

Yes that's right. A Touch Screen Portable for less than the cost of a Vindaloo with the Poppadoms and Chutney and a couple of Cobra Beers to wash it down.

I'll have five. That'll last me till the end of the week if Indian Build Quality in Software is anything to go by.

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Ian Tomlinson: A Whitewash Too Far ?

So, the police officer from the Tactical Support Group who was filmed assaulting Ian Tomlinson is to get off scot free.

Let us take a critical look at why.
Well, I will skip over the fact that the photographic evidence collected by a member of the public capturing beyond any shred of reasonable doubt the offence of common assault committed by the police officer would almost certainly be inadmissable in court by virtue of its being collected illegally thanks to the Labour Government's "anti terror" measure making it illegal to photograph a policeman, even one breaking the law.
No, the nice little cop out that assures this officer a fast tracked pension is the fact that in order to make a charge for common assault stick, the charge MUST be laid WITHIN six months of the assault. And as the CPS and the Home Office were at that time still arguing amongst themselves the government of the day had a cast iron alibi to make sure THAT was not going to happen.

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Thanks for the Spam E-Mail Eddy.

How strange.

Sometime between eight pm yesterday and one am this morning a piece of virulent spam hit my inbox.

Penned by some chap who thinks he is going to lead the party in future it stresses the need to get as many people as possible to sign an attached word document which indicates the signatories wish by their signature to nominate him to stand as a leadership candidate.

Well, nice try Eddy but I fear your effort is in vain. And so much for the stories on other fora that suggest you're going to abide by the rules and stick to the procedures laid down for the official nomination papers. 

I don't know anyone with the right to express a preference who has not already done so and sent their official party nomination form - you know, the one with the anti-fraud measures - back to Andrew Brons.

Sometimes I am really pleased I'm not yet entitled to a vote in this election.


Cameron Humbles Himself (And Us With Him Of Course) In India

Over on the BBC News Web Pages I find that the New Labour Spirit of "wedge the doors open, come on in, feel free" is alive and well in the Brokeback Coalition.

"The Hindu" newspaper, covering his summer holiday foreign trip round the planet, includes a piece about Cameron's trade delegation to India in which Cameron says :- 

"I have come to your country in a spirit of humility. "I know that Britain cannot rely on sentiment and shared history for a place in India's future. Your country has the whole world beating a path to its door."

Hey, Dave. Nice speech, but wrong country mate.

I thought you told us that if we voted or you, the whole world would be beating a path to OUR door. Have you been listening to that Baroness Warsi woman again ?



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Want to be a diplomat ? If you're a white man, don't bother

 More evidence, as if you needed it, of the fact that we might have chucked out a control freak ridden, multiculturalism-mad government but the one we got in its place is little better.

William Hague, you know, the "Boy Tory" doing a man's job as Tory Leader and doing it so badly he had to give up, has a rather interesting little scheme going at the Foreign Office.

His work experience scheme pays rather more than his predecessor's Youff (no)Opportunities Programme, handing the lucky winner £367 a week.

The scheme is intended to give the talented the chance to get a foot on the ladder in the Foreign and Diplomatic Service.

All good stuff and well done I WOULD say.

Except that unless you are FEMALE, BLACK, ASIAN, "other minority ethnic", DISABLED or SO POOR YOU QUALIY FOR A FULL STUDENT MAINTAINANCE GRANT you don't qualiy to apply.

How bloody typical.

Equality Of Opportunity My Fragrant Viking Arse 


Sherlock Does A Spot Of Time Travel


It seems that Conan Doyle's creation has been given a ride in the Tardis.

The BBC are launching a mini series in which The Great Detective makes a comeback and does so in the 21st Century. And given that the series is co-founded by Doctor Who's new Head Man Steven Moffat, creator of the Weeping Angels", it may have promise.

But I await with mixed emotion the treatment of "A Study In Scarlet" and its less than politically correct portrayal of the Mormon Church, yet I can see now the role of "Fred The Shred" in the Adventure Of The Man With The Twisted Lip.

But one aspect of the original story needed no alteration.


Fans of the original stories, as they appeared in The Strand Magazine, will know exactly how John H Watson, MD. late of the Indian Army, began his illustrious alternative career as Mr Holmes' biographer.

Conan Doyle gave Watson a medical degree from the University of London, Postgraduate Training in Surgery at Netley College and a commission in the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers as Assistant Surgeon. And a posting to India right in time for the "Second Afghan War". 

Watson's military career ended courtesy of a "Jezail Bullet" that shattered his shoulder, and would have ended his days had his orderly not succeeded in rescuing him onto a horse for a life and death ride to a forward base where just as he found himself gaining in his convalescing, indian enteric fever struck.

Were I in need of bundling the Great Detective into a Time Machine in which there were only one spare seat, I could have found him a replacement faithful sidekick on the wards of Selly Oak. It's an even money bet MRSA would have done what "enteric fever" did to his Victorian predecessor.

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