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OK now those of you who have had their internet and news access revoked for the past week or simply have had their minds on other things might be forgiven for not noticing that an unholy racket is starting to brew up over the decision by the chap portrayed in the above video, the man in charge of the "Dove World Outreach Center", to "Burn A Koran For September 11th"

Well, if you click the link in that last paragraph you will arrive at that establishment's page announcing "ten reasons to burn a koran" and in the sidebar you'll find a link offering five more.

Certainly I would say this establishment is a little more active than the Anglican Church as described by Pat Condell as "something that goes nicely with a cup of tea and a sandwich" for look what greets the supplicant on their way to worship the Lord in their particular house.


But as I drove home from work tonight I was struck by a comment that was broadcast on Radio 4 from a mouthpiece for this bunch of no-hopers. 

It seems that the Head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has chosen to criticise the above gentleman f the cloth, saying that his actions oppose everything that NATO stands for.


That's strange. I thought NATO stood for protecting the sovereign countries of North America and Western Europe and the people who claim citizenship of those countries against any and all manner of attack from those outside who wish the treaty countries ill.

Indeed if you pop over to NATO's own on-line library you can download a PDF document that lays down that very obligation.

Maybe someone should print off a copy and hand it to these military mouthpieces so they can be called to account over just how, exactly, having Christ knows how many combat troops engaged in wars of dubious rightfulness in the name of effecting regieme change is protecting the borders of our sovereign states against attack.

OK if I am honest I suppose I would have to admit that burning a load of the Cult Of The Dead Paedophiles Most Revered Instruction Manual is not going to gain us many friends from the ranks of the cultist.

But some on, his guy's going to be doing it on the 9th anniversary of the felling of the World Trade Centre. DON'T try to B.S. me that all the followers of the religion of peace are going to be out singing dancing and making daisy chains on that day. I have no illusions that quite a few will be trying to blow the head and nuts off the soldier on their soil that day as they have every other for years without end.

So, speaking entirely personally and for myself, I am inclined to think that since the Taliban and their mates are going to be going off on a Killing Spree regardless of what we say and do, anyone praising the Lord while Passing Round A Cigarette Lighter might just get some applause from me.

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