As I pack my bags in preparation for my trip to this weekend's BNP Summer School (how typical to leave everything until the last minute) I turn on the BBC Radio 4 Ten O Clock News and hear that "for only the third time ever" (that's something I'll have to check) the Home Secretary has issued an order banning people from marching through the streets of Bradford.

The order was made to stop the English Defence League from marching through the town and it has, to the intense annoyance of a certain Weyman Bennett also caused Cameron's Claw Hammer Gang to be banned from marching to protest about EDL being allowed to march.

Now as our party members have been reminded The EDL are a proscribed organisation so were I writing this in any official party capacity I suppose a slap on the wrists would be coming my way just for suggesting they be allowed to do anything other than what Weyman would wish they would do. But that's another story that detracts from what I came here to say.

For after a cursory fifteen seconds or so of airtime was handed to the EDL's Tommy Robinson the lickspittle NUJ arse licking BBC allowed Weyman several minutes to rail away at how unfair it was that his band of brothers should not be allowed to strut up and down the streets to gloat at the EDL being prevented from doing the same.

But all the time he painted his claw hammer gang as whiter than white and pure as the driven snow, there was this nagging thing scratching away inside my head, trying to make me remember something.

And then I remembered.

Last time Weyman led his thugs into what he hoped would escalate into a street fight, in Bolton the police were waiting for him and he was promptly arrested on suspicion of having committed the crime of conspiracy to organise violent disorder and according to some sources was charged and bailed to appear in court at a later date to answer those charges.

So, Mr NUJ-arse-kissing BBC "journalist", answer me this. While you let Bennett whine and whinge about how "peaceful" his people are and how "violent" the EDL are, why did none of you bother to bring up the issue of Bennett's arrest and the subsequent charge of conspiracy to commit violent disorder ?

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