Yesterday it seems the latest in a long line of Irish born Presidents of the US of A. Barrack O'Bama, got himself a little prime time TV exposure, coming out in support of the moslem plan to build an islamist (oh sorry I of course meant islamic I really must learn to tell the difference) cultural and community centre - in other words a bloody mosque - within a molatov cocktail's throw of "ground zero".

Today it seems the man with a marked reluctance to go to court with his passport and birth certificate is on the defensive. Radio 4's news programmes are carrying the equivalent of a "page 13 retraction of yesterdays front page story". We are expected to believe that this Mixed Race Irish Hawaiian Born (if you believe the wet liberals) son of a supposed follower of the cult of the dead paedophile is quoted as saying that "just because they have the right to do it does not mean it is a good idea".

Hmmm. How's that saying go again. Oh yeah I remember - NO SHIT, SHERLOCK

So what has provoked this hasty retreat ? Well it seems the religious right who according to the BBC News still require America to be White, Right, and Christian (and what's wrong with that ?) are having a go at O'Bama (who if you click here you will find is indeed of Irish descent, but PROTESTANT, not CATHOLIC !!) and say building a mosque near Ground Zero would be like building a shrine to Emperor Hirohito at Pearl Harbour.


And that last part got me thinking. And twenty seconds of googling later, I found my answer

This is modern day Hiroshima. But guess what is round the corner in this "shopping mall"

They have a few with free wireless hotspots in Nagasaki too. Oh well, maybe that Shinto Temple atop USS Arizona isn't so evil an idea after all.

On the other hand, maybe not.

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