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Well I must admit it, I never thought I would see the day come when this would happen, but it has. Or maybe not.

I remember driving off "Le Shuttle" at Coquelles and going to do some work for France Telecom some years ago. I remember it not for the job, nor the journey, nor the money, nor the difficulty or ease of getting paid it, nor for any of the dozen or so other things that flood into the mind when looking back at those high roller years.

No, the thing that sticks in the memory is the sight, the sound and above all the bloody smell of Sangatte, the "camp" for all manner of illegals who fancied their chances of jumping a truck and vanishing into the dark underworld on the other side, our side, of "La Manche".


And the attitude of the French towards this collection of loafers strays hangers on and ne'er do wells ? A typical bloody Gallic Shrug that's what. They couldn't do enough quickly enough to collect 'em up in one place and show 'em the back door to a life of what the bastards thought was luxury and riches beyond compare in our country. Even if nine times out of then it meant paying one gangland warlord to spend the rest of their days in hock or slavery to another over here.

And then Sangatte was "removed" and in its place the stinking unwashed gathered in a "plastic sheet tent city" made famous by a BBC News report showing a near-toothless afghan smiling at the reporter saying "I want to come to England And Claim Political Asylum"

It was the month before the European Elections and as son as the title credits rolled on that News broadcast I emailed every one of my Euro-MEP's asking what they made of this programme, of the locals who took money off the stinking unwashed to show them the best places to hide by traffic lights to allow them to break into a lorry, while using baseball bats to beat off the BBC Reporter showing them in their sordid little criminal act.

I remember that Glenys Kinnock failed to reply to my email - well she was too busy counting the multi-million pound haul she and her sickening other half whose parliamentary seat I contested a few months ago had made from their own personal Euro-Lottery where every ticket they drew was a multiple-rollover winner, and the mugs like us paid the stake AND prize money.

I remember the Plaid Cymru MEP (did she jump to the Tories like Mohammed "Call Me Oscar" I wonder) actually wrote to me to say that as "Good Europeans" we had a "duty" to look after these "vulnerable" people.

And I remember not one of the scum remembered the law that says all of these idle loafing hangers on should have declared their plight as refugees from persecution at the first safe country they encountered.

And then everything changed.

image via url from The Guardian story covering 
Nick Griffin's EU election

See, Andrew does do the odd publicity shot !
(image from google search result)

I remember writing a blog entry on the old Green Arrow Blog that used a picture very like the one at the top of these two. The post title I used was "Not So Daft A Fan Now, Eh ?" and the post was a tribute to two people, Nick of course for getting elected, but also to and an unknown cyber-warrior who went under the name of "Daft Fan" on the UkDebate forum, His tireless attacks on those who kept taking a pop at the party, its officers, its activists, its members and its policies were a wonder of endurance.

Now here's a funny thing. When I went digging around for images to populate this post with, a google search for Nick Griffin EU Election rapidly brought back a link to the photo above. But just see what happens when you try the same sort of thing with Andrew Brons. Go on, try it. Fire up google and enter "Andrew Brons EU Election" and then click the "images" tab and see what you get.

Or rather,see what you do not get. For there are no pictures like that of Nick. The only ones I could find show Andrew at work, at Party Business, at party events, and of course there is one with his daughter taken rather recently with someone's stately home as the backdrop ... ;-)

Anyway, within a week or two of these men settling into do their new jobs, the wind of change was blowing through the corridors of power.

French Riot Police dismantled "Le Jungle" and arrested the handful of afghans who stayed there to the end as decoys, old men and young children only, the women of use to the sex industry and the men of use to the meat packers having vanished into the night days before. The French authorities arrested the hangers on, but "had to let them go without charge" later, freeing them to wander back to the fields outside Calais and the archways and doorways in the town where they are to this day.

Phil Woolas was forced to earn his pay as Immigration Minister by standing up in front of a microphone and admitting to the BBC that these flotsam and jestam of afghan society would never be allowed to enter Britain legally as asylum seekers as they had failed to claim asylum in France or any earlier safe country to which they had come in their journey. Strange that, a LABOUR IMMIGRATION MINISTER openly espousing BNP Policy on Live TV and Radio. A sight and sound beaten only by the bizarre fact that in order to out-do his political rival William "The Hat" Hague went on in front of the microphones and said, and I quote, "in order to claim asylum they should have gone to the embassy of a nearby safe country while in their own country".

Proof positive that the lad who thought a hat and a log flume ride would cement his place as Leader Of A Modern Opposition And Leader Of A Modern Government was barking mad when as Welsh Secretary he wasted tens if not hundreds of millions on the LG Factory that stands unused west of Junction 28 of the M4, was barking mad when he wore that hat for that photo shoot, and is barking mad still.

But back to my main story. It seems that The French are getting tough on Roma Gypsies wandering in to their country and wreaking havoc. Click the link under the picture at the top of this page and read the story for yourself, but it looks to me like the job is once again only half done. The police took away their caravans so the buggers have pitched tents in order to live in shit.

Oh well. Time will tell. But as I come to finish off this article, I cannot help thinking one thing. 

I came here to write an article on how the French are cracking down on those who abuse the hospitality of their country and the treaties under which God Help Us All 27 fools signed away their right to govern their own people in order for a place at the trough where they gorge themselves on the expense of countries like ours, and I ended up writing one showing how the people who do that are having a much harder time in this country and abroad thanks to the circumstances that elected Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons to the European Parliament and the way the money grubbing boots filling scum in Westminster have been forced to adapt or face removal and replacement by someone more to the British People's liking.

Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere for our members. I hope so because one more week like last week and we won't have a party left to be a member of.

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