God it must be a slow news day.

Over here on the BBC News site we hear of a man of Turkish Descent who is a permanent resident of New Zealand, is up on charges of domestic violence after passers by thought he was murdering his wife in the street.

Be honest.

If you saw this as you wandered home from the pub past the kebeb shop, what would you think ?

(image courtesy of url link from this page of the Mail Online)

But this man says he was performing a "kolbasti", a "dance" the literal translation of which is "caught red handed by the police" invented, if wikipedia is to be believed, by a bunch of turkish drunks.

Dancing ? Well I'm not convinced. Looking at the above it's not so much Midge Ure's"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" as "Dancing With Petechiael Haemorrhage developing" (sorry for the spelling there). No I'm sorry on the evidence so far this is an Open and Shut Case M'Lud.


Look, here's a bunch of turkish drunks doing this "dance". See what you think ? I say frankly these dance moves look more like those Boris Karloff makes as "The Creature".

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No, on balance, I feel that the slammer is where this guy should be going. Personally, I think there will be many, many more "But We Were Only Dancing, M'lud" defences if Cameron and his Brokeback Coalition Partner In Crime get their way and let Turkey into the EU.

I mean, ask yourself this question. Britain, a country where traditionally the majority of the population in recent history are basically law abiding has a language where it takes SIX words to say "caught red handed by the law" yet Turkey, where this "dance" originated from, is so accustomed to having its citizens "caught red handed by the law" they can say it only ONE word.

Says a lot for the culture of that country, doesn't it.

It could be worse I suppose. He could have been trying his hand at being Anthony Quinn's replacement

Now where did I put those spinning plates ?

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