I have wondered in the past, if the conservative run site Nothing British is secretly working to promote the British National Party by revealing how incompetent the conservatives are at running a simple blog let alone be put in charge of running a country and today they seem to confirm it in their latest post.

Today, Jonathan Dupont steps up to the plate for Nothing British who have reported on the news that Nick Griffin MEP had been invited to speak at Michigan State University, USA about climate change.

In an attack on Jordan Zammit the organiser of the event, they quote Mr Zammit as saying that Mr Griffin’s views “will greatly contribute to the marketplace of ideas which is a fundamental aspect of a collegiate education." and then imply that are both racists and biggots by writing:

We know Griffin has to travel a long way to find people who share his racist and bigoted views, but perhaps as an elected MEP he should focus rather more on helping out his constituents?

Wow.  Dupont are you really that stupid in giving me ammunition like the above quote?  Because had you bothered to check your facts about Mr Zammit you would have found this:

“My motivation for hosting Mr. Griffin was that I was presented with the opportunity, and although I do not agree with his views, I believe he has the right to speak, and therefore, since he was already coming to the United States, I believed it would be beneficial to the University if he came here,” Zammit said. “Again, I reiterate, I do not agree with Mr. Griffin’s views or his party, but I was very much looking forward to hearing him speak and his views on things. No harm could ever come from listening.”

And had you bothered to do a final check before posting your bile Dupont, you would know that the event has been cancelled after Mr Zamit and other organisers were forced to withdraw the invitation after "left-wing agitators relentlessly threatened with violence and death the organisers of the events".  A red is a red is a red and operate in the same way the world over.  Silence by any means possible, those who would speak the truth.

But where you really drop the ball Dupont is where you write that Mr Griffin "should focus rather more on helping out his constituents". Now that was really dumb, even for you Dupont, because you should have known, that that stupid line would just give me an opportunity to remind people about how David Cameron swanned off to Rwanda whilst much of his own constituency in Whitney was under water.

The Daily Mail’s front page asked of Cameron’s trip: ‘One million victims of the deluge, so where’s the Rt Hon member for washed-out Witney?’ A local Rwandan journalist embarrassed Cameron by asking him: ‘What do you have to say about continuing with your visit to Rwanda when part of your constituency is completely devastated by floods?’ (1) Even the Daily Telegraph quoted a senior Conservative MP saying: ‘Rwanda always looked a bit like a stunt. Now it looks like a very ill-timed one.

Now that was not good was it Dupont?  Because checking out Cameron' Travels I discover that when he does travel he likes to travel for FREE.  Nothing cheap about Nothing British about David Cameron.

  • 16 August 2008, private plane from Farnborough to Istanbul for my wife and two children. Then from Istanbul to Santorini, and return to Dalaman, for myself, my wife and two children; provided by Matthew Freud, of London. (Registered 15 September 2008)
  • 13 October 2008, helicopter from London to West Yorkshire and return, provided by Mr David Ross, of London. (Registered 29 October 2008)
  • 7 November 2008, private plane from Glasgow to Gatwick, provided by Malcolm Scott, of Kirknewton, West Lothian. (Registered 2 December 2008)
  • 15 May 2009, private plane from Dundee to Oxford, provided by Malcolm Scott, of Kirknewton, West Lothian. (Registered 5 June 2009)
  • 29/30 May 2009, private plane from Carlisle to Prague to Warsaw to Luton, provided by IPGL Limited. (Registered 12 June 2009)
  • 28-31 January 2009, to Davos, Switzerland, to attend and participate in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. The World Economic Forum provided my conference pass, occasional car use in Davos (including airport transfers) and some hospitality. The return part of my journey was made by private plane from Altenrhein, Switzerland, to RAF Northolt, provided by IPGL Limited, London. (My outward journey was paid for by the Conservative Party.) UBS also provided occasional car use in Davos.

So now people will be asking, just what it is that David Cameron has promised these people in return for all these FREE flights?   I guess I will now be monitoring the activities of the individuals and companies named.

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