Welcome to all new members over the last two years.


Unfortunately it has come to my attention that for whatever reason many new members have not been contacted as yet. So I would just like to reassure you that you have not been forgotten and to open up a temporary way in which you can make contact with other BNP members.

First my story, yes that's me above in the photo, when I was thinking of joining I emailed GA and he kindly lead me in finding out the truth and ultimately to joining the BNP.

I used GA and his contacts as my contact with the BNP and now consider those contacts among my friends. I also now have a great organiser back in the UK whom I have telephoned even though I am in Japan, sometimes you have to make the contact, it paid off for me I really enjoy the very infrequent chats I have with him.


So why have you not been contacted, well, I don't know any details but it could be any number of reasons. Remember that during this last two years 'we' because it is us who make up the BNP, have fought two major elections, the European and the General Election. We have had to deal with a few court cases, a leadership challenge, the destruction of the web site and email system, the organizing of the Summer School, and the Indigenous Family Forum Event. Then please remember that each Organiser is a human being and sometimes gets, ill or has family problems or occasionally doesn't pull his or her weight.

The thing is we cannot sit around complaining, as members we must pull together to try and fill the gaps until an Officer can do the official work. All members should be trying to help new members find their feet and to keep them enthused about being in the party and to make sure we don't loose new members because of lack of contact.

As for now I cannot help you as an Officer, officially from the party so please remember that, as you read this, but I will be trying to move up the ladder a little and get the right training and support and clearance to become an Contact for the BNP. I hope that you too will feel that you will go the extra mile and become an Activist, or Contact or even surpass me and become a new Organiser or support an existing Organiser so that contact is made quickly with future new members.

One stalwart of the BNP as come forward and offered his initial support for this venture but as I'm sure you can appreciate he must get clearance from the people above him, we must do things correctly, be seen to be doing things correctly and do things with the support of the party. So for now I do this as a member only.

So what will/can I do.

Well as producer of the VBR podcast, I will open up the shows email address, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to any new members who have not been contacted to contact me. Then at least you will have one friend who is a member. If you allow me I will pass on to other members in your area your email and to you their email. In time if all goes well we will pass your email to the BNP Officer that has offered to email all new members with at least one official contact email and to pass on your email to your nearest Organiser or to inform you that there is no current contact, group or branch in your area. It's not much but it's all I could come up with, without having a security nightmare or breaking BNP contact rules.

It may be advisable for you to set up a free Google mail or Hotmail type account for this unofficial contact service until you know the friends we send you.

If you have been a member for sometime and would like to email us to offer support to new members please do and I will try to keep track of who is in each area.

I am reluctant to keep a database as this would involve the data protection act, which I do understand from working in the web industry and building sites for local government back in the UK and also the fear that I could use the data to harm the party. So it's up to you, send as much or as little data as you wish or if you think it's too risky please hold on until the party can contact you officially.

A good place to start to get more information is of course the BNP's official website but after the site was brought down a few documents have not come back as yet or are a little out of date but please download and read the Activists and Organisers Handbook. It's a great introduction for new members and will help you become an asset to the party and learn a little about how the groups and branches work.

There's just one last thing I have to say to new members who have come here to read the truth about the present dissenters and may be thinking "What have I joined". Remember that there are approximately 14,000 members, and around 10 to 20 are kicking up a fuss and the good need to defend and expose the truth but that leaves 13,980 members who are just like you trying hard to save their nation.

Don't give up, don't in, don't let your membership just run out, we may have only the next 10 years to change the direction the elite are taking us in before it's too late. Time is running out for all nations not just Great Britain. 

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