Are we at the beginning of the Post PC Era? 

This was the thought that started these posts off and in fact it is a wider view than just 'Why you should consider a Mac'.

Sales of Desktop Windows PC computers are down, Mac desktops are holding their own, Windows laptop sales are down, Mac laptop sales have increased but the real boom in sales are for 'smart phones' and touch tablets (at the moment the iPad) Netbook sales have crashed after the release of the iPad.

On the smart phone the iPhone has been the top seller ever since it went on sale until recently when the combined sales from many manufactures for Android powered phones (Android is the operating system, think of it like Windows or perhaps Linux would be a better analogy) started to out sell it in the USA. 71% of all smart phones in Japan are iPhones.

For many people owning a computer is just for 4 or 5 things, email, web browsing, storage of photos, music and videos, contacts and calendars, video, voice and text chat. Some others will add letter writing and spreadsheets.

You can do all those things on a smart phone and while on the move. Don't like the small screen then you can do all of those on a touch tablet. Need a full size keyboard, you can have one too which in the case of the iPad holds the screen up so you can see it better while charging the iPad.


Plus there are now 225,000+ applications available for the iPhone alone So there should be one to fill your needs.

Lets look at the prices too.

It's hard to compare prices as so many programs and applications can do the same thing and there are ways to keep the price down by using on-line sources paid for with adverts but here goes.

Email, Contacts, Calendar

Mac Free

iPhone, iPad Free

Android I guess they're free, wouldn't be much of a smart phone without them

Windows 7 you have to get them after you instal (web based or purchase)

MS Outlook (email, contacts and calendars) £90.60

Word Processor, Spreadsheet

Mac iWork 3 Apps, Pages, Numbers, Keynote = (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) £58.73

iPad, Pages £5.99 Numbers £5.99 Keynote £5.99

Windows Office Home, Word, Excel, Powerpoint (no Outlook) £80.23 Business (with outlook) £187.99

(All prices Amazon UK or App Store UK for iPad)

I know that is not very scientific but it does show that these mobile apps can do what a lot of home users want and at a very low price.

So what does it mean for home users? I and some others in the industry think that users will now need to and in fact are doing, to check their requirements before just choosing a desktop PC. Many will find that carrying their contacts, calendars, videos, video camera and editing software even with them is much better than being stuck at a desk with more power that they can use. Convenience is winning over high specification.

What about content creators and developers? Well, we need to consider a much wider range of devices and platforms, some web content may well move into applications and we must move fast or be left behind as home computing is changing very fast.

What about organisation like the BNP? The BNP are very good at using new technology, the whole movement is. But can it change fast enough and will it get caught up in a new browser war of which device to support or waste time, energy and money trying to support too many platforms.

This is where I suggest that members, organisers and branches put their heads together and choose one device/platform. I personally think it should be Apple's Mac and iPhone. I can and will help the BNP develop for iPhone if anyone else can help with other platforms may be I will not be needed and the BNP can choose another platform, but if I'm the only one coming forward why not make use of me. I also believe that the Mac systems will prove to be safer, more secure and easier to use than any other platform. Plus I also believe that Apple's products can safely be bought secondhand and have a lifespan greater than any other device on the market.

I have to make my living from computers and I have seen first hand the drop in sales of desktop PC's and all their peripherals. I also have family members who are running secondhand Macs and have been for over 6 years. I normally work as a web designer but my view into the future sees very little money in that now, most sites are now content management systems with very little work for a designer, the Mac comes equipped with a very good home website application so not much work for me with little sites. As the computer is waining what is on the rise, smart phones and touch tablets, so that is where I am heading, iPhone and iPad applications.

Are you coming with me or will you struggle on?

Now, some people think I am suggesting that you dump your PC computer, I'm not, I just want you to consider a Mac or even consider if you really need one as there is so much choice right now. Be open to new ways of computing, as an example, when GA started the PalTalk room I found the Mac version (an online version) not very good and the only way to get it to work properly was to have a virtual PC on my Mac. Well, now the online Mac version is quite good and I have a version on my iPhone which can Instant Message with my 'Pals' and will soon be able to join room from any where I like, outside, or just sat in my armchair.

The times are changing and I can see a day when desktop computers are back in the office and not at home. Computers will become much more like appliances and future users will wonder at why those old timers thought they needed to know how computers worked or how to fix them. The new generation of users will not even see the file system of where their music and videos are stored, there will be no Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, each application will look after its own files like the iPad does now.

Jump on board, it will be a little bumpy at first but we'll soon be running smooth.

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