Hello my friends, I have been asked to put forward my thoughts and my reasons why I use an Apple Mac and why I think it would be a good idea to switch especially for activists and organisers.

What computer system you use can be a very emotive subject and to tell you the truth I feel like I am jumping into a pit of vipers by doing this. Some very computer savvy people out there will have strong views and for them I say carry on with what works for you. But in my immediate family I have 7 computer users, 2 gamers, 4 home users and me the professional designer.



The 2 gamers will need faster machines especially in the graphics processing department, I need a fast machine because I make HD quality video and quite often have multiple art and design applications running at once. But the other 4 generally only read email, browser the web, store their photographs and music, use video chat, keep their appointments in the calendar, and contact details in an address book, or occasionally write a letter for printing, 2 of them keep their accounts in a spreedsheet.

Does that sound like you? I'm sure it fits most people. So most people would in fact be happy with a lower spec machine. What do most users want from a computer, they want it to be easy to set up, to 'just' work, to not need fixing, to need less maintenance, to not de-value and to do all the things above out of the box or with software at a reasonable cost. (downloading a free pirate copy is not a reasonable cost).

I'll come back to these points over the next few articles but today I will finish with some facts and figures.

The US Military use Macs.

The Ford Motor Co run whole production lines using the smallest Mac Minis as the terminals for stock replenishment.

Google have gone completely Mac

Apple's head designer is 7 times Designer of the Year winner, British designer Jonathan Ive.

iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch use British ARM processors.

The top two images are for the US but the bottom is for Europe. Remember these figures are for one company, Apple against all other PC makers combined.

Someone in the US government likes Macs

Tell me now that Macs are no good for business


If I had a penny for how many times someone has said to me "Why have you got a Mac? They're ****" I be a rich man.

But I now think it should be...

Why Have You Still Got A Windows PC?

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