Geert Wilders

Good morning kinsfolk,

Boy you have to have your eyes all over.

Geert Wilders, who has said some rather bad things about the BNP, and I quote from The First Post web site, “… and the BNP, which he said was "racist" and "not my party". but works hard for Holland has said he intends to bring his PVV party to 5 other European countries, Britain included.

Now he may have good intentions but I say "Thanks, but no thanks". I don't want a knight in shining armour from over the seas to rescue Britain, we already have our own hero thanks, his name is Nick Griffin MEP!



So what gives Geert? Why do you want to have your PVV party operating in 5 countries? Plus will you be the head of this international organization?

I can understand you wanting to fight islamization and yes alliances with already existing or new national political groups will help but why do you want your PVV party in all these countries?

Although I think you, Geert, have done a great job in Holland and are quite capable of doing more, I for one do not want any foreigner coming to Britain to tell the British how to run Britain. We have had enough of that already.

Geert, you must realise that any intrusion into British politics will only split an already fragmented vote more. What is needed now is unity between nationalist parties and support from outside the nationalist parties to bring the vote together under the only real chance we have of change, the British National Party.

And while we are at it, for heaven’s sake stop being a sop for the Marxists and stop trying to brand my friends, my party and myself as racist. You are an intelligent guy, so why stoop to their level, or is there more to it, than meets the eye with you?,news-comment,news-politics,geert-wilders...

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