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Just a foreword. I did not write this article it was the work of Silver Falcon a South African lady. Its as true today as it was when it was first posted on another site in 2004, the difference being no-one has heeded her prophetic warnings and we are dangerously close to burning our boats. She is right when she wrote there will be no return, and she quite rightly said its as never as easy as now (2004) to do something about it.


There are 9 days left before the elections and in those 9 days candidates will try and convince the electorate one more time why they should vote for a particular person representing a particular political view.

No wonder Searchlight is in overdrive and the smear campaign artists are outdoing themselves. Smear campaigns are a sure sign that you have no policy of your own one the one hand or that the one you do have is not strong enough to stand on its own on the other.

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The Westminster Burglars

I wonder if the frenzied looting of the tax payer funded money trough in Westminster is not akin to a nervous burglar stuffing loose notes into his pockets as he flees in a panic. If people like you and I can see the looming problem Europe and this country are going to face in the not too distant future, you would have to wonder exactly what is going through the disturbed minds of our representatives in the Houses of Swindle. Here I would like to use contemporary Police-speak and say it is only a ‘very tiny minority’ of politicians involved in the expense scandal, but its not.

Being blessed with a vivid imagination I picture young piglets suckling noisily at their mothers teats, but here the analogy ends, these swine are ransacking the public purse and if that was not criminal enough one of them even questioned what concern has their looting of their tax payer funded piggy bank got to do with the smelly, unwashed Hoi Polloi anyway, they should keep their noses out of his financial affairs.

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God might save the Queen, but who is going to save her people?


God save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God Save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God Save the Queen.

The second verse is occasionally sung as well:

Thy choicest gifts in store
on her are pleased to pour,
long may she reign.
May she defend our laws,
And give us ever cause,
to sing with heart and voice,
God save the Queen.

Now let’s break this down. This stirring anthem is from another time, another Great Britain, some might say even from a parallel dimension. It was a time of Empire, the time of renaissance, a cultural movement dating back to the 14th to the 17th century. It was the era of great writers, dramatists, poets, painters and composers. Our people defended Our Country from the French, Dutch, Spanish and Germans, and much blood was spilled on foreign soil.

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Bright days ahead for the BNP

For the British National Party to forcibly accept members other than Britons could be a heaven sent opportunity.

Whether the BNP realise it or not they have been thrown a lifeline. By coercion to amend their constitution, an act which has come earlier than later, they will shed all accusations of being a racist political party; even tagged with this burdensome label they have done very well in local elections.

With this tag removed it opens up a completely new ball game. All cards are on the table. I smell fresh air in this dank, decaying, politically corrupt, governed by proxy, land we live in.

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Eire surrenders its Constitution

Beijing and China’s unbridled celebration of Nationalism; Try that little stunt in the UK and see what happens. Nationalism and with it a celebration of ones heritage, culture and history is being systematically destroyed in the UK and Europe, or indeed throughout what we refer to as the ‘Western World’.

Any signs of Nationalism on the streets of Europe will unearth the Liberalists, Communists, Fascists and many other bottom crawling feeders.

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Dhimmitude; the Death of Europe

Having our laws decided by politicians in Westminster who were elected to represent constituencies north of the border but who cannot represent them in their own parliament might appear to a time traveler to be pretty bizarre, but having our laws decided in Westminster in coalition with a consortium of foreign governments might call into question whether treason has been committed. If Henry the Eight decided treason has not been committed, so be it. So it is with our politicians.

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Peckham revisited

How about this for an observation? If a Nigerian saw a film clip of Bamgbode Street, Lagos or a Pakistani, Sufi Tabasum Road, Islamabad, or a Jamaican, Old Hope Road, Kingston and were horrified to see their own people notable by their complete absence, would you think the first thing that would spring to their mind might be, are we being colonized or just ethnically cleansed or perhaps both? We are not even considered a Police State…..well not officially, that is? Why it is racially offensive in this country to complain of the overwhelming of our own population, but in immigrant countries it would be considered patriotic.

The video of Peckham could be one in a series of hundreds which show graphically what is deliberately planned for our country, to OUR cities and OUR towns but we are not allowed to comment for fear of being accused of racism. Someone finds the obvious comments on the Peckham video offensive, well I find the violent colonization of my country without MY people’s permission bloody offensive and treasonous.

I suppose it is a bit like the Emperors new clothes. The disturbing reality is staring you in the face but you are forbidden to comment for fear of incarceration. What the authorities have accomplished in one foul swoop is that they have trawled up within these draconian race/hate laws any criticism of colonization and ethnic cleansing (immigration) the congestion and overcrowding, the violence in our society, the rape, muggings, general mayhem and murder, but most importantly the fragmentation of our society.

My God, they really have the people terrified. If the Sheeple continue to vote for the LabLibCon, by the end of the century, and as surely as night follows day, their idyllic hideaway, their little piece of England reminiscent of Shakespeare’s ‘Sceptered Isle’ will be gone, their leafy village one day will also resemble a Multi-Culti hell hole, just like Peckham. The whites would have all fled to the Welsh Brecon’s or beyond. Don’t think it cannot happen, it is happening right now, today!

Read my lips, the British Isles that your parents knew are being changed daily beyond all recognition, without your intervention they will be completely gone in your children’s lifetime. Apathy will be the death of Great Britain.

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Who are "Our Own" People?

A while ago there was “intense debate” concerning a rumour, allegation, call it what you will, of members of the armed forces being quizzed as to whether they would fire on their “own people” I remember one comment out of many that was from an ex-serviceman who said it does not work that way in the army. I would be inclined to agree.

The first time I read of this disturbing allegation was on the Green Arrow site posted by a regular contributor, a person whose I would not dismiss lightly. He was told of this by a colleague of his who was a member of the armed forces. In this once green and pleasant land nothing, and I mean nothing, would be too bizarre for me to believe or disbelieve.

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A Reason to Fear

We are living in troubled times. We are surrounded by enemies, and they are not all wearing silk suits or expecting the people who elected them to office to agree to pay off their mortgages, to fund water features in their garden or even to carve up this once proud country in exchange for a seat in pseudo illegally established parliament in a place called Brussels.

No, the enemy is all around. The obvious ones are the ever increasing number of swarthy skinned Saracens who like worker bees are at present busily engaged in building a stable bridgehead. They may well be the ones that one day will light the kindling of the funeral pyre that will consume us all; the funeral pyre that a very wise man warned us of 60 years ago.

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Eurabia. A concept by Bat Ye'or

There have been millions of words posted on the internet warning of the dangers to Western society by the rapidly spreading influence of Islam. Needless to say it is impossible to reduce all this information to a digest form in less than a thousand words.

I made a statement that Eurabia was a contradiction in terms and compared it to a Mossad/Hamas appreciation society and I got rebuked for it. It was understandable. One line of text consisting of 6 words could not possibly imply what I meant by that statement.

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