Getting Away With Murder


Gone but not forgotten

Briefly the facts; the post mortem results are that Dr David Kelly committed suicide, although his family said he was not a person to commit suicide. The argument was that Hutton’s conclusion that Dr Kelly killed himself by cutting his wrist with a blunt knife severing the ulnar artery in his left wrist after taking an overdose of prescription painkillers.

This argument was untenable because the artery is small and difficult to access, and severing it could not have caused death. A group of doctors compiled a medical dossier as part of their legal challenge to the Hutton verdict.

In their 12-page opinion, they concluded: ‘the bleeding from Dr Kelly’s ulnar artery is “highly unlikely” to have been so voluminous and rapid that it was the cause of death.

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Selected Tracts from the NUJ Bible

Selected tracts from the NUJ Bible. Or how to sanitise the news courtesy of the "Free British Media"

This was written for US consumption but it applies right across the western media.

The following was apparently released by the Society of Professional Journalists shortly after the 9/11 attacks: Guidelines for Countering Racial, Ethnic and Religious Profiling.

Just as the UK's National Union of Journalists has banned its members from any "positive" reporting of nationalist news, so too journalists in the US march in politically correct lockstep:

On Oct. 6 at its National Convention in Seattle, the Society of Professional Journalists passed a resolution urging members and fellow journalists to take steps against racial profiling in their coverage of the war on terrorism and to reaffirm their commitment to:

  • Use language that is informative and not inflammatory;
  • Portray Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in the richness of their diverse experiences;
  • Seek truth through a variety of voices and perspectives that help audiences understand the complexities of the events in Pennsylvania, New York City and Washington, D.C.


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Russian roulette? Why not for a change try Indian Roulette?


Russian roulette?  Why not for a change try Indian Roulette

I will preface this article with a rider that thankfully there are only a minority of Indian surgeons whose breathtaking incompetence of the likes of Dr Patel who has left many of his patients bypassing a near death experience, passing go and going straight to Nirvana. Having said that it is no consolation for the person or persons who found that they were left with a litre of blood in their abdomen after a botched up surgery. As I write this Dr Patel’s case is being heard in the courts.

Referred to as Doctor Death, Jayant Patel, who you may have guessed, is an Indian gentleman whose lasse, devil-may-care operating techniques are now beginning to come to light have shown that American records have confirmed he was responsible for at least three deaths. I admit a small very number indeed, an amount that one may not worry too much about, unless of course it was a member of your family, particularly your wife. Whilst at the Bunderberg base hospital in Queensland it is strongly suspected that his tally so far could total 80 SOULS. His complication rate for operations was 30% above normal and that at least 14 of the doctor’s cases had involved major complications. As a result of the disclosure as many as 400 former patients are now being tracked. A nurse who was a whistle blower said she was appalled at his operating techniques and complained to her superiors but no action was taken, and when she confronted Dr Patel was told to co-operate and do as she was told.

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Letter From Kabul

Letter from Kabul.


A formal request has been received by her Majesties Government from the Al Qaeda network in the Yemen for permission to move their headquarters from North Yemen to a recently disbanded 800 year old Anglican church in Walthamstow.

Their application has received the full backing and support of the Somalia’s Al-Shabab, the Muslim Brotherhood and Indonesia’s Jemaah Islamiya terror group.

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 January 2010 09:39 )

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Celebrity Candour


As far as I know Jeremy Clarkson is apolitical; he is NOT a member of the BNP, which in today’s Stalinist Britain is a very wise move? A friend in Florida sent me this rant by Clarkson. If Clarkson was not a celebrity and did not keep his politics to himself then publicly airing views like this there is a real risk of him being accused of Racism/Fascism and/or being a BNP Nartsey.

What he is doing is describing the contemporary Britain which he sees though HIS eyes. One does not make comments like this in the UK without the risk of being crucified by the State Controlled TV and print Media or at worst a frantic visit by the State Controlled Political Police investigating any number of possible charges listed as a ‘Hate crimes’ What he sees is similar to the scene a little boy witnessed when he realised the Emperor was not wearing any clothes, it is called stark reality.

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There are no Winners There are no losers


They, the enemy of the people hide behind selective discrimination and fake moral outrage. There is no pretence; they know there will be no reaction from the native people because those who dare complain will be accused of being racist which in the mind of these rabid imbeciles is an accusation worse than being accused of being a paedophile. It is not the people of this land who are racists but is rather a childish accusation that is wielded as a big stick by the people who are trying their best to change this country into something that it is not.

How often have you read in the positions vacant column of newspapers, only blacks and people of an ethnic minority need apply? I would call that racist and discriminatory. Would you find similar requirements for positions in Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Indian, Turkish, Chinese or Japanese newspapers? No, this rule does not apply; it is only applicable in countries subservient to the EUSSR. They make the rules, our government submits to them, and we as a cowed race blindly obey them.

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We won the war but lost the peace.


We won the war but lost the peace.

Britain stood alone. It is 1940 France had already surrendered and the rest of Europe had been conquered. The German Dorniers and Junkers Ju88’s flew low over the French coast before climbing to a safe altitude over the channel to avoid the searchlights and the flak from the Ack Ack guns defending the Kent coast unaware that Chain Home radar had already picked them up on their oscilloscopes. Meanwhile it was the highly qualified WAAF Filter Plotters who were responsible for displaying the information of the enemy aircraft on the gridded map table guided by information from ground observers and the Chain Home radar stations to chart their position and course.

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Press one for English


Press One for English

Operator....'Number Please'

‘Redhill 4166’

‘Just one moment’

Now that short request of the post office telephonist would have taken place around 1945. If my grandmother has been asked to press one for English, two for Urdu, three for Bengali etc she would have thought she was either awakening from a nightmare or was into the first chapter of a horrifying Isaac Asimov science fiction novel, not so.

This is the state of play in her England at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. So what is in store for us, say in another 70 years? Will my grand daughter when asking for a 15 digit euro-regional phone number be first required to put on headphones when using the assistance of an interpreter who will then interpret her instructions to the operator.

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Criminal Collusion


We have to assume Electoral Ballots in this country are as free of tampering and manipulating as any third world country, so it follows a corruption free and democratically elected government by the people is never going to happen. What this means is nothing is going to stop the creeping, cancerous rot that is affecting this country.

Even if it takes a couple of years to collect the necessary donations I feel a fighting fund should be established by all patriotic, loyal and nationalists groups, political pressure groups, small political parties whether they be a one issue party or not, associations loyal to this country, groups such as the Countryside Alliance, BNP UKIP, CIB. English Democrats, Free England, England First and many other fringe groups to reserve the services of a couple of Queen Councillors, a trio of Barristers and a perhaps a brace of solicitors to test the legality in a court of law of the treasonous action by our government, aided and abetted by the Queen who have ratified the EU constitution (Lisbon treaty) which now takes precedence over our own constitution.

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Belgium. Our Galaxy or Beyond?


Could not find map of Belgium sorry

As the wire services ran red hot with the news that a Mr Rumpey of Belgium had been appointed the first unelected President of Europe the question on everyone's lips was where's Belgium? and quite rightly so.

Without wanting to appear flippant, I was reminded of a TV quiz show where a young blond lady was asked “What is the capital of Hungary” she replied “that’s a trick question I have never heard of Hungry, I have heard of Turkey

I cannot verify this story other than to say that there was a rumour circulating that this unelected, iffy appointment was just as much a surprise to Mr. Bliar as it was to The Prince of Darkness but the truth is that it was the result of gentlemanly debt that had to be honoured due to a winning hand in a game of poker. This event took place during a blurry, booze ridden card game in the late evening of a G8 meeting a while ago. I really do not know if this win was achieved by a throw of the dice or the turn of the cards. But debts are debts and must be repaid.

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