UNN Europe's Saviour?

We should not  dismiss too lightly the founding of a Potential for the United Nationalist Nations (UNN). If we attempt to fight this fight on our own we will NOT survive. With the relentless numbers of migrants flocking to this country the demographers have crunched the figures, time lines of the year 2025 or 2050 are forecast when the ethnic people of this country will be in the minority and the peoples of Europe will also be staring at the deliberate ethnic and cultural suicide of their people, by then we would have reached the point of NO RETURN without the retaliation of frightening proportions. End of story.

We cannot wait until 2025 and then decide if the number crunchers were correct, we do not have the luxury of time. Out leaders are selling the freedoms of the people of Europe piece by piece for what and to who, only history will tell.

Great Britain is ruled by a European consortium, a number who are more in debt to the bankers than we are. We are ruled by consensus, and we do not have self government. At election time who do you vote for? You are voting for a person who will represent this country at a talkfest in Brussels.

The consortium's leaders such as Silvio Belusconi whose sexual dalliances have captivated the attention of the Italians has yet to avoid going to jail for tax fraud because of good luck and an able defence team.

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Turkey and the European Union


Cyprus - a bit of a stumbling block for Turkey

There is genuine concern amongst nationalist on the repercussions that would ensue if Turkey were to join the EU. With free travel and work for citizens of member countries then Turkey’s admission to the EU could in theory open up the EU club to 74 Million Turks with an anticipated increase to 100 million before the end of the century.

With 99% of the population registered as Moslems one need not speculate on the spectacular shift in European social and religious demographics which are taking a pounding right now if they were to join the EU.

But there is every possibility that Turkey will NOT be invited into the Pan European Federation.

Phedon Nicolaides of the European institute of public administration said “the real problem in Cyprus is not that the status quo is unsustainable, on the contrary it is that its virtually impossible to move away from the status quo” The result of the recent elections in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus mean that the status quo that has divided for the island for 36 years will become permanent.

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Europa's Expansion into Arabia


Prior to WW2 and for a couple of years post WW2 there were two distinct political parties with differing ideologies. The Labour party was always seen as the champion of the workers; the Conservatives looked after big business and pandered to the ruling classes. It was a case of them and us. That is how it was, but that is history and as irrelevant in today’s Britain as St George’s day and the English as a race. These are truly Orwellian times.

This election is critical: we see the disturbing direction the UK is embarked on but the ordinary person gets sidetracked and is totally ignorant as to the direction the whole of Europe is taking. In the past British politics have fielded the two dominant parties that have governed term about, in exceptional cases they might retain government for more than one or even two terms.

Politically the Liberal Democrats like the UKIP are no threat but are a relief valve for voters disenchanted with the criminals in power and the criminals in waiting, and are not aware that the British National Party would return this country to some semblance of sanity and normality but instead cast a wasted protest vote for Lord Such’s Monster Raving Lunatic party, Death, Dungeons and Taxes party, the Fancy Dress party or opt for the Libs Dems. Their lovable leader Kleggy, of Last of the Summer Wine encapsulates the meaningless triviality of contemporary British politics. Of this I will say no more.

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The Great Robbery, Our country.

Our Statist government is a government which has a political philosophy or ideology that holds that sovereignty is vested NOT in the people but in the national state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, the prestige, and the well-being of the state. Our sovereignty has been passed, by the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, to an entity called the European Union.

I have previously written the above piece but I would like to emphasise that it is of utmost importance that people understand the fascist concept of Statism that among other things it repudiates individualism, although it is a concept which appears to be selective and only applies to the original inhabitants of these islands who are required to sacrifice their homeland in this hideous experiment, which explains the creeping disenfranchising, fracturing, fragmenting and the scattering of the British people to beyond the fringes of our cities and towns to seek refuge in the countryside, to areas that have not already been colonised, areas that our politicians have already taken refuge in while other people and their families flee to the far flung corners of the globe, this flood which will continue the more unliveable and violent our society becomes. Call it white flight if you will. Rest assured with the native people’s criminal apathy we will lose our country.

Our Statist Government concept requires them to crush any signs of Individualism or Nationalism as we the people continue to claim original ownership of these islands. I stress Statism will not tolerate Individualism. The dilution of our population and the encouragement of females by the print media and TV visual programming for them to mate outside of their own tribe are deliberate and only serve to hasten our demise.

Is it perhaps because the invaders have no innate loyalty, ancestry or genetic link to this country or its unique history, song or folklore? For these people it is only a refuge, or in Newspeak, ‘Sanctuary’ from countries they have already overpopulated, culled and terrified their own people, raped, defiled, despoiled and moved on.

Individualism is God given and is a person’s basic human right to belong to a tribal group or designated race of people. The people of these islands are English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish and should be represented as such. They have a right to a separate homeland and their distinct tribes should not be hyphenated with every other race on earth just to achieve the aims of the treacherous, ambitions of a Fascist Government.

Labour ideology which closely follows the concept of Statism as does the Conservative party is based on the philosophy or ideology of Multiculturalism which I stated earlier is a Statist or Fascist in concept A Multi-Culture it might be, but to achieve true Multiculturalism there has to be a heavy sacrifice, that trade off is the people of the host country having to surrender their country, individualism, their ethnic identity, their sovereignty and claim as the indigenous race of these islands and merge seamlessly without protest or disapproval into a mish-mash of a classless, race-less society so as to accommodate all these strange cultures that are so dissimilar to our own. It is being seen all over Europe.

We and our country are just one small piece in a giant Jigsaw; the agony of the people of Europe will become all too apparent when the people realise too late the treachery and true aims of the faceless people who fit together the pieces of this jigsaw to make it easier to control the masses who one day will be unable to lay any prior claim to their homeland.

You will go to vote in a general election, but who or what are you really voting for? A dangerous, incompetent, traitorous leader and his Statist party are removed and a smooth talking clone and his party with identical philosophies move in. Nothing has changed.

Your future and your children’s future have not altered course one degree.

I will finish by pointing out we are seeing the sick symptoms not the cause, of a country in near despair. Our future was cemented in 1973 when Heath took Great Britain into European community, the EU decide all our futures, not Westminster. We are a western EU satellite.

On election day if you vote for either of the two party system you are voting in another group of highly paid people who will rubber-stamp the orders from Brussels who have already decided your future in consensus, no doubt in many cases under pressure, with 27 of their member states. NOTHING CHANGES. Is anyone listening?


Can you predict our future?


What now for the Sons and Daughers of Albion?

We all wonder what the future holds for us, our children and grandchildren. We hope and pray that one day the British National Party will take government but that appears to be an impossible task, so we hopefully rely on external events taking place very rapidly altering the unwavering course of events we are seeing every day, events taking place in Holland for example.

All criticisms of past governments and present governments and the EUSSR have been said, but what of our futures.

It is an uphill battle to oust corrupt, criminal and traitorous governments and politicians who hang on to power solely to benefit their bank balance or use rigged elections, whether its ballot box fraud or Imams at the local Mosque overseeing by intimidation the marking of ballot papers of their desert cult followers coupled with the whole of the establishment including the Media and Clergy ranged against us.

I would like to include this comment in the brilliant essay by Reconquista titled ‘How Labour and Tories are destroying Britain’

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Screams of the Afflicted


I am sure our Business Secretary, or is it Minister for "Foreign Affairs", Lord Peter Mandelson can attest there is nothing more disturbing, indeed frightening than to find in the midst of an evening of passionate love making with his boy friend a sense of disloyalty to his own people whilst having sexual dalliances with swarthy unwashed, smelly foreigners rather than cohabiting with his own kind. Are these the quiet reflections my Lord contemplates while gazing into the out of focus middle distance during idle moments whilst representing his people’s best interests at the European Commission, better known as the Gallic/Germanic Alliance.

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'This England' Magazine


I noted that on page 29 of the current issue of “This England” magazine, a magazine I have been a subscriber of for many years, a list of 21 pressure groups and one political party the UKIP, who are campaigning to withdraw from the EUSSR.

What was jarringly notable by its absence in the list was the British National Party. Lets us look at this anomaly a little closer. I realised that maybe apart from the UKIP all of the pressure groups listed were one issue groups, but all were vehemently anti-EUSSR, so why was not the BNP listed?

The magazine is a pot-pourri of all things ‘English’. It holds sacred everything that made Great Britain what it was, NOT WHAT IT IS TODAY. It recounts stories of great English writers, painters, heroes, actors of stage screen and radio and it abounds with information on English history, its fauna and Flora.

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Who teaches the Teachers?


Marxism for the masses

I would be extremely annoyed if my young child of innocent, tender years was being taught about same sex ‘marriages’, same sex relationships and sexual foreplay cumulating in the sex act by liberally enlightened teachers who are required to follow closely an extreme far left Socialist, Marxist inspired teaching syllabus. I would most certainly question why my child was being read fairy stories and shown picture books which have been specifically commissioned as a teaching aid for no other purpose than to reinforce a child’s belief that sexual aberrations and perversions are quite ‘normal

My wife and I would be even more incensed if this disgusting practice was being used in some cases as a bizarre excuse to covertly satisfy a perverted teacher’s sexual gratification while teaching young children about subjects which is solely the responsibility of their parents. The final insult would be if these subjects were being taught to my child without my permission. I would also be a peeved if my child was being taught by a person who had some obvious conflict with his/her gender, don’t ask me why.

For instance would I as a parent be informed that my Christian child was being given meat sandwiches in the school canteen consisting of meat butchered to a Middle Eastern Halal tradition from an animal that was slaughtered by the most cruellest of methods, originated by a people of a superstitious, primitive desert cult practised over a thousand years ago and being condoned by our government in a Christian country today and fed to Christian school children?

I have this disturbing picture of a wild eyed, terrified animal being forcibly restrained before having its throat cut and while in excruciating pain slowly bleed to death. I ask, would I and my wife be consulted or even asked for our permission as parents if the teachers were planning to take our children to an alien and hostile place of worship whose cult follower’s rock backward and forwards whilst learning by ROTE their disturbed prophet’s teachings to the letter?

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Our Statist government, a Fascist Concept


When the authors of Mills and Boon stories write to a formula, they find there are a finite number of plots they can employ. The same applies to all fiction writers. The names may change but the plots are repeated, though they may differ subtly, but nevertheless they are still repeated. Which brings me to the accepted notion that history repeats itself? We have seen despots, dictators and madmen slide into oblivion, we have seen crooked and corrupt governments come and go. We have seen great Empires crumble and dynasties disappear. It is history repeating itself.

Today we live in troubled times but troubled times are not the reserve of modern day Britain or indeed the whole of Europe. All throughout history people have experienced troubled times to varying degrees. If we accept the premise that our politicians in Westminster are no more or less corrupt than those of a number of South American governments the difference being our government don't kill its opponents or indulge in military coups and wholesale killing, but where monetary gain, social standing and the rigging of elections is the driving force for holding onto power, I see little difference.

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Cameron, enemy of the people


Regardless of ones political affiliations It shows the depths of depravity particularly when alluding to the wholesale fiddling of politicians tax payer funded expenses and the smell of decay that has descended like a dark poisonous cloud over the entire country when a British politician slanderously rants, not in his party room or in the quiet comfort of the leather chairs in his private club, that he considers another politician, a member of the European Parliament voted in by the people, as “ghastly filth”.

This is the same man that said “It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way round” He is a silver tongued snake, or like scum floating upon a stagnating pond, a questionable example of the elite and socially advantaged who feel their sole purpose in life is to rule the compliant and docile peasants.

Perhaps he can explain to the families that have had their daughters return home traumatised by rape or lost loved ones through the London Bombings or perhaps he can explain to Kriss Donald’s family who was tortured and murdered in a most bestial way why we should integrate more with these people. If they are intent on killing our young and changing the character and fabric of our once well ordered civilised society, perhaps can he explain his comments?

This country has genuine cause for concern when a prospective Prime Minister makes comments about integrating with people who are determined to take control of this country, a man who is pushing hard for turkey to enter the EU. This is the man that would happily curry favour with the Moslem vote if it means he can swing the result of a general election in his favour. He has no loyalty to the British people whatsoever.

Those two instances above shows that this country is in real trouble, this is not a bog ignorant, arrogant rabble-rouser like Galloway or an orange impostor like Hain, who had trouble accounting for over a hundred thousand pounds of tax payers money, mouthing these traitorous words but a man who with the help of the British sheeple could be the next leader of this country.

I will say with all sincerity this man along with others is far more dangerous as were Philby, Burgess and MacLean, they did their traitorous deeds in a veil of secrecy and misguided morality then fled in shame. It does not end there, this man I write of is also is a supporter of a violent British Fascist Movement, the UAF.

So you would ask who would vote for him. Schindler, Ann Frank or the millions of Jews that perished in concentration camps might have asked the same question about Hitler. He also employed and supported fascist brown-shirts, his personal storm-troopers. Are we seeing a repeat of history? I fear the victims here are already being softened up. All legislation to stifle dissent is aimed squarely at indigenous people, white in colour they have the most to lose.

History might show that the damage our politicians have wreaked on this country since WW2 was almost irreversible and lasted for a hundred years before the country was finally sanitised.

Power corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolutely. The saying was coined by Lord Acton in 1887, his actual words being “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men” This saying still holds true today.

Power has corrupted Cameron absolutely, there is no question of loyalty to his people, and it is his manic desire to achieve absolute political power that is responsible for his traitorous actions. Mr Nick Griffin MEP is a clear and present danger to this mans seditious and traitorous aspirations, it can explain the uncontrolled verbal outbursts of this enemy of the people.

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