The visiting papal dignitary walked through the foyer of the country’s main airport and noted that the country his plane had just alighted in reminded him of a third world country. Was it because the place was filthy dirty, reeked of urine with people begging or was it because everybody working there was black or both, the press withheld this vital piece of information.

Now there are many subjects that are taboo in this ‘New World’ of ours. Subjects that do immediately spring to mind are race, the holocaust and of course Patriotism. A man of social stature to make a public statement like this, one would have to wonder just what planet he had originated from.

This country he spoke of once had an Empire on which the sun never set. It had a mighty navy and army that protected the people and feared no-one. This country that was once the hub of worlds manufacturing production and its people once fiercely patriotic, as an aside so were its politicians, its Kings and Queens.

What would have confirmed any nagging suspicions this confused man of the cloth might have had if he were to have visited many schools in Great Britain that are almost totally devoid of white children, or visited many towns and cities where the indigenous population is noted by their stark absence or ventured into many areas of towns that are off limits to him because of the colour of his skin, areas where he personally might risk bodily harm if he dare visit, or if he had sat in a doctors waiting room and studied the faces of the sick immigrants speaking in tongues whilst waiting for the Indian doctors attention.

Without wanting to venture into the multitude of reasons this country might appear to be terminally sick to a visiting notary, I would like to take this opportunity if I may and at the same time place my reputation on the line, such as it is, that there might be only one remedy and one remedy only to cure this once brave nation of its ills. This suggestion will have many people either wetting themselves, palpitating or to start to sweat profusely. Let us clear the way and understand what we cannot do to end the pain that is racking this country, and then we can see just how formidable the enemy is.

With the present political status quo we cannot deport all those who fled the third world that they raped and despoiled and who were then invited into our civilised society by people who are intent on harming us as a nation, nor can we deport all those who threaten us with violence or criticise our way of life. We cannot deport all those violent eastern European gangs that like diseased rats infest the stygian sub-strata of our society. All these are restrictions are placed on us by an illegally formed foreign government.

We cannot hope to replace the pride that was inherent within all of us, we cannot hope to return to true democracy that the rest of the world admired until the present ‘status quo’ is utterly and permanently destroyed.

Wikipedia informs us that National Socialism is the name of a number of right-wing political ideologies that attempts to appeal to both nationalist and socialist positions and was a name adopted by neo-Nazi groups in various countries. In the past Hitler’s National Socialism attracted some extremely, irritatingly bad press. Now to my mind Nationalism and Socialism are total opposites and the ‘National’ in National Socialism should not be confused with Nationalism, they are in effect complete opposites in political ideology.

Again Wikipedia tells us Socialists advocate complete Nationalisation of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, while others advocate state control of capital within the framework of a market economy.

Russia was the perfect example of pure, unadulterated Socialism and the worry is that most governments in Europe including our own are socialist governments, here I am not sure of the level of Socialist purity though. Electors in Great Britain think they have a choice of differing political ideologies, they don’t. The people do not understand they are governed by a one party state, a Socialist State.

The last time Great Britain had a government that even vaguely resembled a Nationalist government was just prior the WW2. No prior government ever advocated displacing the indigenous people with African, Hottentots, Asians, Pygmies, Caribbean’s or a pot pourrie of other third worlders, or threatening its own people with jail for flying its national flag or uttering words that related to race, any race

But I am wandering off the point. The point I want to make is we need and indeed what the whole of Europe needs is a new direction, a ‘New Horizon’. It does necessarily need to be labelled Nationalism. They need governments that will obey the will of the people. Label it what you will. If the majority of the people say they want to rid the country of all aspects of Islam, the scourge of Roma Gypsies, and Romanian people smugglers also all non indigenous and third world parasites and scroungers then out they all go.


We need a very strong man or woman to lead us and to hell with the liberalists. These northern islands belong to the English, Scottish Welsh and Irish and nobody has any right whatsoever of allowing a foreign power to dictate who or who should not be allowed to live here. I would suggest to any UAF Fascist thug that is frothing at the mouth on reading this to change their nappy or they will smell worse than they would do normally..

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