They are through the gates.  God help us now.

It all started in the year 610 when Muhammad then aged 40 found himself in a cave looking for spiritual guidance in a place called Hira, just up the road from Mecca. He claimed he had a visitation by the Archangel Gabriel.

Now when Muhammad described the Angel Gabriel as having six hundred wings and whose size covered the horizon, one should question his mental state. Personally I would have thought two wings would have been quite sufficient. By comparison it certainly makes the tales of the Prodigal Son and Bread and Fishes pale into insignificance. What history does not tell us is what exactly what is was that Muhammad, with emphasis on the mad; smoking the day Gabriel gave him that surprise visit or was the hallucinations caused by heat of the day.

It did not end there I’m afraid; he also heard voices instructing him to recite. As he could not read, Angel Gabriel revealed to him the teachings that would later be compiled into the Qur’an.

Eureka! It’s all beginning to make sense.

I was going to write about his wives who numbered eleven and particularly about A’isha who was six when she was betrothed to Muhammad but I decided it is an extremely delicate subject to discuss and best left alone. Muslims are not allowed to question the teachings of Islam, so the rule is DON’T TALK ABOUT A’ISHA. We won’t discuss Muhammad’s angelic revelations but segue straight into the nitty gritty.

Misguided fools are deceived into thinking that the draw-card to become a Martyr is the promise and reward of 72 virgins, but nothing is further from the truth, and here I read from the Quran; to Martyrs;

A reward from the presence of Allah and from His presence is the best of rewards." (Qur'an: 003.195) and disturbingly;

I love to fight in the way of Allah and be killed, to fight and again be killed and to fight again and be killed." (Sahih Muslim: Book 020, No. 4626)

so you see killing becomes obscenely addictive after a while.

Now we understand it is the meeting with Allah NOT the reward of the pleasures of the flesh that drive his followers to Martyrdom and incidentally the reward for martyrdom is offered to both male and female so it follows, what use is a lady virgin to a deceased lady Martyr. To prospective Martyrs I stress it is the meeting with Allah that is the reward, not the other.

This is not a thesis on the conquest by the armies of Islam from North Africa through Spain and into Europe but rather than on what happened in 1529 when the European armies banded together and defeated them at the Gates of Vienna causing them to retreat to Hungary then Constantinople and which eventually saw the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

I suppose Suleiman’s the Magnificent decision to invade Europe was a good idea at the time, but it cost the lives of hundreds and thousands of men and civilians. In retrospect the raping’ killing’ burning’ and pillaging’ was an abject waste of time.

We leap-frog forward in time about 470 years when European and United Kingdom Socialist and Marxist governments invited Suleimans Ottoman descendants to once again take over Europe this time by invitation, thus bypassing any possible fracas at the Gates of Vienna where in time past much blood of our European comrades was spilt protecting Christian tribes from the Saracen hordes.

Their desire to once again conquer Europe by apparently peaceful means should be a regarded with deep suspicion. The surrender of many European and British towns and cities so far has been relatively bloodless, only the THREAT of violent retaliation by its Muslim representatives in Westminster, who at a click of the fingers can bring 10,000 of its followers on the streets of London, hold the government powerless and the conquered peasants at bay.

The French now harbour something like 5 million Moslems or 10 per cent of the population and the French government will willingly admit that parts of Paris and other French cities and towns have been conquered.

So who left the Gates of Vienna open? It was not the people of Europe with a strong feeling of Nationalism who would fight to the death to retain their sovereignty, culture and ethnic individualism; it was their leaders who have no allegiance to their people, their history, culture or their country’s future.

There is no word to describe these dastardly excuses for Dhimmi political leaders that would sacrifice a race, THEIR race, on the high altar of greed, political power and money and the insatiable drive for a New World Order and leave their people wallowing in a sea of uncertainty.

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