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Five men have been jailed following a postal voting scam intended to secure a seat for a Conservative Party candidate, Haroon Rashid, at the 2005 general election. The men, two of whom are former councillors, filed hundreds of fake postal vote applications in an attempt to ensure Rashid was elected in the marginal Bradford West constituency.

Detectives scrutinised more than 900 suspicious forms as part of their investigation, many in the name of people who did not exist or did not know an application had been made for them.

Former Bradford City Councillors Jamshed Khan, 65, and Reis Khan, 40, along with Mohammed Sultan, 52; and Mohammed Rafiq, 70, all from Bradford, were jailed for 21 months for their roles in the plot.

Another defendant, Alyas Khan, 52, a Conservative Party officer from Bradford, admitted the offence and was jailed for 11 months.

As many as 50 people were involved in the forgery of the applications but many were never identified and others were not brought to court.

The men were able to carry out the scam by using homes occupied by a number of people, controlled by conspirators with communal postal systems, and by using the votes of people "unfamiliar or uninvolved in the British electoral process".

Judge Bartfield, sentencing, said he had reduced the sentences considerably because each man was suffering from serious medical conditions and their cases were severely delayed, with two previous trials being aborted.

If this crime had been committed by BNP activists on behalf of a BNP candidate can you imagine for one minute that this story would not be headline news on the television and front page news in the papers? Can you imagine the sentences being considerably reduced because of medical grounds?

The good news is that Haroon Rashid failed to get elected despite the fraud.