Wilders to show Fitna in London in March

Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders will travel to London on March 5 to show his short video compilation Fitna at the invitation of two members of the British upper house of parliament, the House of Lords.

Last February Wilders was refused entry to Britain to screen his film because the government said his presence would be a threat to public order.

But in October, a British immigration tribunal ruled Wilders should not have been refused entry.


Serco - the biggest Company you have never heard of

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In the realms of globalist companies and the New World order conspiracy stuff check out a company called Serco, the biggest company you have never heard of! When I say big I mean HUGE. BA wasn't allowed to get to big it had to sell off, Tescos and Sainsburys have been restricted by the monopoly and mergers rules but Serco seems immune to the whole lot.

There doesn't seem much that the company is not responsible for in fact there isn't any thing that one way or another it isn't responsible for and or runs in the realms of government, border control, education, nuclear defence, the armed forces, corporate finance, utilities, petrochemical, European space project, the hadron collider,the list is endless.

This isnt just an IT or systems provider, it provides the people as well. Educate, train in leadership, run local and national governments control infrastructure etc sound familiar?

It has had during the recession a growth of 1200 % !!!!!!!! that's big and a lot of it is our money!

Hat tip:ERF

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Land & People vindicated: The Guardian breaks Trans Afghanistan Pipeline story!


There has been a startling development – the first British national newspaper to report on the importance and significance of the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline (TAP) project – a subject vital to understanding the causes underpinning the Afghanistan war, a story that ONLY the British National Party’s Land & People have reported on in this country previously!

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Global Warming “believer” goes bananas over “heresy”


The false prophets (should that be “profits”?) of the Church of Global Warming have had it their way for so long that some of them simply can’t cope with the truth and go bananas when the basic tenets of their “global warming-ism” are confronted. Today we invite readers to view a recent video from mainstream American TV showing how one such “believer” reacted when his “faith” was questioned by a “heretic”! But, we ask, isn’t this disciple’s reaction typical of how other “believers” have been treating those who dare to question the “faith” for years? Fury and bluster is no substitute for fact and reason – something the high priests of global warming-ism have clearly yet to learn! Perhaps the next step by those who stand to profit (prophet?) either financially or politically from the promotion of this myth will be to declare “man-made global warming denial” a crime – a sure-fire way of shutting up the climate change heretics!
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Copied from Land and People

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A Murder in Moscow

Father Daniil Sysoyev

Daniil Sysoyev was a Russian Orthodox Priest who was assasinated in Moscow on Thursday, after having received death threats on account of having criticised Islam and converted Muslims to Christianity.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 November 2009 10:18 )

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12 Soldiers Killed and 31 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting

Twelve people have been killed and 31 wounded in a shooting spree at a Texas military base by what officials believe was possibly carried out by an Army officer.

The suspected gunman was identified by ABC News as Major Malik Nadal Hasan.

The shooter was killed and two other suspects, who are also soldiers, have been apprehended

Full story here

Update by Green Arrow

You can read more details of the US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan responsible for the murders by going here.

At least six months ago, Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of Internet postings about suicide bombings and other threats, including posts that equated suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade to save the lives of their comrades.


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Britain’s Jews in crisis over national loyalty, identity and Israel

Foreword by The Green Arrow. I did try to write an article about the following information that was posted on the Rederess Information site but decided it was beyond my limited ability and so have copied it over in full for you to make your own minds up. 

Comments are welcome but any comment that drifts away from the contents of the following article will be deleted.  I have taken the liberty of bolding some points that I found to be more than just interesting.  I am just wondering if the NWO intend to sell out Israel the way South Africa was sold out.

This site believes that Israel has the right to determine its own future and take whatever actions that are necessary to defend its people and borders.  Even act pre-emptively.

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Swiss voters ban the building of Minarets

According to reports Swiss voters have supported a referendum proposal to ban the building of Islamic minarets.

More than 57% of voters and 22 out of 26 cantons - or provinces - voted in favour of the ban.

The proposal had been put forward by the Swiss People's Party, (SVP), the largest party in parliament, which says minarets are a sign of Islamisation.

The government opposed the ban, saying it would harm Switzerland's image, particularly in the Muslim world, however, voters worried about rising immigration - and with it the rise of Islam - have ignored the government's advice.

"The Federal Council (government) respects this decision. Consequently the construction of new minarets in Switzerland is no longer permitted," said the government in a statement, quoted by the AFP news agency.

News report here

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Hindu sacrifice of 250,000 animals


Some cultures just enjoy decapitation and fair play to the Hindus when they decide to do something they do it in a big way.

Since Tuesday they have been working their way through a quarter of a million animals in the world's biggest animal sacrifice ever. They kicked of the the event in Nepal with the decapitation of 1,000 buffalo by 250 hackers armed with traditional kukri knives.

Frightened calves galloped around in vain as the men, wearing red bandanas and armbands, pursued them and chopped off their heads. Banned from entering the animal pen, hundreds of visitors scrambled up the three-metre walls to catch a glimpse of the carnage.

Different religions but same people really and they all seem to have a thing about blood and lopping heads off. One Hindu priest said he was pleased with the high turnout at the bloodbath and said "The goddess needs blood" and of course for those who partake in the slaughter: "Then that person can make his wishes come true".

Of course all cultures are equal. And if you believe that you are barking mad. Then again there might be something in it. Consider this story here which reports;

Officials at Nepal’s state-run airline have sacrificed two goats to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, following technical problems with one of its Boeing 757 aircraft, the carrier said Tuesday.

Nepal Airlines, which has two Boeing aircraft, has had to suspend some services in recent weeks due the problem.

The goats were sacrificed in front of the troublesome aircraft Sunday at Nepal’s only international airport in Kathmandu in accordance with Hindu traditions, an official said.

The snag in the plane has now been fixed and the aircraft has resumed its flights,” said Raju K.C., a senior airline official, without explaining what the problem had been.

Cheaper than employing qualified engineers I suppose.

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Somebody's daughter


When I checked the news sites this morning she remained unidentified, a young blonde woman aged in her late teens or early twenties. From what remains of her clothes she seems to have been smart and well groomed, she had manicured nails and coloured highlights in her hair, she apparently cared about her appearance, and was probably pretty.

She was found on Monday on a road side in the Vaal Rand, not far from from Johannesburg. She had no identification, her body had been set alight and she was burnt beyond recognition. Early post mortem results suggest she may well have been alive when first set on fire, and who knows what horrors she lived through before that final agony.

Last Updated ( Monday, 23 November 2009 11:41 )

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