Peter Vaughan, South Wales' Chief Constable.
pictured here whilst Deputy Chief Constable proudly taking
the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered Rainbow Flag
to its pole outside his Police Headquarters.

(picture courtesy of link to South Wales Police Website. Cheers Guys)

2010 sees the departure of Barbara Wilding and the arrival of Peter Vaughan in the post of Chief Constable of South Wales.

I for one was slightly confused by the picture the BBC chose to show of the new man at the top, not least because it is twisted so as to show the man, and the pillar of the headquarters he is pictured against, leaning at about thirty five degrees to the left. Perhaps a statement about the political leanings of the man and the force he now commands ?

But the name and the face looked somewhat familiar. And then it struck me. I know where I've seen this chap's name before. STONEWALL had him speaking at their conference in Wales where he and his sidekick Chris Wooley of the Crown Prosecution Service positively salivated over the way that they have turned a society in which those whose behavior deviates from the norms of the majority in that that society must justify their deviancy from that norm to one where those who follow the normal pattern of behaviour of that majority must justify their distaste for the deviant upon pain of prosecution.

Stonewall plastering their message of hatred for the straight guy on billboards bearing slogans that "Some People Are Gay. Get Over It" whereas the truth of the matter is that by their very own words because *SOME* people are Gay, *MOST* people are NOT and it is perhaps THEY who should be told in no uncertain terms to GET OVER THAT.

But I don't actually care about what a minority of individuals sitting in their own little world think and do. I am rather more concerned with the attitude expressed by Chris Wooley in his five minutes of fame at the Stonewall Podium. For in his keynote speech Wooley enjoyed expressing how he had been instrumental in bringing about the means to increase the severity of a punishment for a crime - ANY crime - where there was the slightest hint of any sort of "hatred" associated with it.

Very Well, Mr Wooley.

The next time a white woman is raped by an ethnic, or a white man assaulted by one, or worse, are you and your multicultuural-loving, deviancy-loving sidekicks going to FINALLY admit what we here all know all along, that "Racism Cuts Both Ways" and it is high time you started treating Blacks and Minority Ethnics who commit crime against the White Man and white Woman as the racists they are.

Or are you going to sit in your Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered Towers and carry on as you have for the last decade ?

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