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EDL pay KFC a visit

In the above video, activists from the EDL in the North West of England confront KFC managers meeting at a luxury hotel near Manchester Airport where they were meeting to discuss ways of promoting their KFC outlets.

Not one of the KFC managers had the courage or brains to even put up a decent counter argument to the politely put EDL questions as to why KFC were submitting to Islam and removing pork products from their food outlets around the country and ignoring the demands and the rights for British People to enjoy a bacon burger or to eat a piece of chicken that as been slaughtered humanely as opposed to having some satanic koranic chant blasted into its ears before being deep fried.

Only slightly more sickening than eating meat slaughtered in the barbaric Islamic way, is having to read the deep fried rubbish  published here on the Stourbridge News, about how good Halal meat is.  Halal-only menu is finger lickin' good.

KFC bosses are assuring customers there will not be change in flavour but they are being advised that all halal stores will not be serving bacon as part of some of their burgers as pork products are not considered to be halal.

Nina Ar nott, a KFC spokeswoman, said: “One of our Merry Hill restaurants is taking part in our halal trial, following demand in the area".  Well I suppose at least with the increasing numbers of fast food chains no longer providing good British Bacon to its customers we can monitor the spread of the Islamic cancer in Our Country.

Now KFC have shot their bolt as far as I am concerned just by carrying out this "trial of betrayal" in their stores and I will never use their outlets again but if you want to make KFC see reason and realise the error of their arrogant greedy ways then please go here to the KFC site and leave your comments for them to digest.

Incidentally if you do live near the Merry Hill centre in the Midlands, you might remember this case here, where Merry Hill KFC was fined £7,000 with £3,000 costs for selling undercooked food.  Another reason perhaps why you should stay away from Merry Hill KFC.