Thank you for the Days - This site is now closed.

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Well if you are going to close down a site with a song, what better choice could there be than Days, by The Kinks Ray Davies certainly knows how to turn words into something special.

Well we are in a war for Our Country, so I guess there is little time to spend mourning the loss of something, even if you have poured your soul into it.  Time for that when we have taken back Our Country and brought the evil creatures who have brought the British People to their knees to justice.  So moving on quickly.

I would like to thank personally all those involved in helping create this site, who wrote for this site and supported its many projects with their hard earned money. I know from the number of emails I have had at how successful the site was in opening the eyes of many of the True British People to the danger they are in and also in the many new members of the British National Party this site recruited.

Now then, before we lock the site, just enough time to tell you why the name Green Arrow was chosen for this site and its predecessor just over three years ago - and it is nothing to do with a comic book hero whose existence was unknown to me at start up.

I chose the pen name Green Arrow in memory of a man who used to write angry letters to a local newspaper I read as a child of 9 or 10. He was always complaining and railing against The Establishment and his persistence stuck in my memory. He must be long dead now but at least I remember him and now you also know of him. So in a way his memory lives on.

Will there be a Return of the Green Arrow?  Who knows, it is hard to silence a rebel without a cause let alone one with several causes he believes in.

Now then, all that is left to do, is close the door on the way out and then go join the rest of my kinsmen over on the new British Resistance site where I believe they are waiting for me in our new home.  I will leave the lights on for those who call in to read the articles that we leave behind.  Anyhow, Thank you for the Days.....

Days I’ll remember all my life,
Days when you can’t see wrong from right.
You took my life,
But then I knew that very soon you’d leave me,
But it’s all right,
Now I’m not frightened of this world, believe me.

This site is now Closed.  Please visit The British Resistance at

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Watch America As We Will Follow

George Orwell's late 1940's masterpiece, ''1984'' could not be more relevant in meaning, as it is today. And I mean today. With an attack on American Constitutional protection, the whole of the west seems to have been ''captured'' by a glazed eyed monster, ready to kill any amount of people, Presidents, and outspoken critics. Info Wars has only today, re emphasised the dangers we face as Nationalists, and others who are simply residing in what we loosely call ''countries''. The so-called ''Economist'', owned by a group including the Rothschild banking family, has all but given up pretending to be impartial, as they have stressed in the publication the following statement, after insinuating that people who believe in the American Constitution, therefore by association any patriot in any country, is mentally ill:

Indeed, there is something infantile in the belief of the constitution-worshipers that the complex political arguments of today can be settled by simple fidelity to a document written in the 18th century,” the editors wrote on September 23. “When history is turned into scripture and men into deities, truth is the victim.

Any modern historian, and in fact, anyone with the most basic knowledge of Communism, will spot the link above's paradox to the terrors of that evil ideology. Any one who disagreed with the Communist regimes, both in Europe, and in deepest Russia, was jailed in many cases under the pretext that they were somehow ''insane''. Now look at George Orwell's piece bellow, and you can literally attache the two together, even though they were written over 60 years apart:   

What kind of people would control this world had been equally obvious. The new aristocracy was made up for the most part of bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, trade-union organizers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists, and professional politicians. These people, whose origins lay in the salaried middle class and the upper grades of the working class, had been shaped and brought together by the barren world of monopoly industry and centralized government. George Orwell's ''1984'' page Two, chapter Nine.

Three terms re mentioned above that simply knit themselves together, to form the obvious connection. 1 - Sociologists. 2 - Publicity Experts. 3 - Professional Politicians. All three are used to perfection by the elites, all of whom do not have a single gene of ''Socialism'' in their bodies, nor do they have a single sinew of ''Free Trade Capitalist Democracy'' in them. They are greed mongers, war mongers, and parasitical and psychotic Liers, and their goal is a very simple, but terrifying one... they want a slave class, and a world of ''Coffee Coloured people By The Score''. (Blue Mink's, 1969 hit Melting Pot).

With America almost finished as a European origin, well organised, and well respected industrial producer, it is obvious that the elitist bankers, political prostitutes, and greedy war mongers, like Tony Blair for example, will try to push the end game nearer by implementing Socio-Industrially engineered recessions. That is why they have instigated the off shoring of millions of former national jobs, and introduced phrases such as ''Wealth Distribution To Emerging Nations'' to our minds. In addition to this, we all know the mass immigration employed in the last 50 or so years, could not have happened, if the millions of youthful men and women used as cannon fodder, had been at home instead of fighting each other in futile, and money/power oriented ''world wars'' and other conflicts that were nothing, and are nothing, to do with them, both then and now.

In Britain, we have the British National Party. In America, they have almost no patriotic political parties, with the exception of the Tea Party, and that could crumble or be destroyed from the inside, and that is the difference between the two nations politically. Having said that, as the title of this article suggests, American governments since the war, have had tried and tested models of Socially Engineered disasters willingly exported to us here, and attacks on our own constitution, will now be far more vicious, and will also contain the same Communist tactics, including some form of psychological disorder, used to brow-beat the cattle into not wishing to oppose it all.

America can save itself if it's political stage is stormed by genuine, and constitutionally serious parties. Britain can off-set the importation of the same, but it needs its premier political party, the British National Party, to make far more use of campaigns such as the very popular ''Bring Our Boys Home'' currently hitting the streets. The sad fact is, after over 50 years of TV, Computer/media propaganda, and total elitist/tribal ownership of the newspapers, both here and in America, only small, bite sized political campaigns and action, can be swallowed at one time. So let's get on with it folks, and let's refuse any more New York Americanisms and Communist subversion in the guise of all of the above, and ALL nationalistic people, both here, in America, and in Europe, should once and for all, put our national stake in the ground, and tell the evil foreign elites... we ain't going one step back.


Changes to the Green Arrow Site

Dear Readers,

As you will have read the Green Arrow site will be going into stasis shortly. You will find that some areas of the site will close down and/or move to the new British Resistance site.

The first to make that move was the VBR comments area. The actual shows can still be found on but the comments on the new shows will be on the new site. VBR has had a few simple changes made to it, and has new email address so please update your address book.

The events list and back-up forum have been removed and for now will not be returning.

The shop has also been removed and for now only the VBR badges will be on sale again on the VBR page.

Please remember to up-date all your bookmarks and the links you have created on your websites for the Green Arrow site. Please keep the links if you wish, the site will still be here, but please could you add links to the new At the moment we do not have any banners for you so please just request any banners you would like stating the size you need in pixels and we will do our best to send you a banner. Please email requests to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

One last thing, our sincerest apologies to all the readers who downloaded the Green Arrow App for iPhone as this will become defunct as there will be no new news items to show. The App will continue to work but will not bring in the news from The British Resistance. The App will be withdrawn from the App Store tomorrow. If you have downloaded the Green Arrow App, you now have a little piece of Internet & Nationalist History.

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Introducing The British Resistance Site

Good day BNP and a good day also to those who also support the British National Party.  Time to give you an update on what is happening on this site.  Of course many activists are not going to be reading this until this evening as I know from our sources across the Country that BNP Teams have been in action across the Country over the weekend, which is great news.  They have been leafleting, filming, manning stalls and gathering names in support of the BNP's Campaign to Bring Our Boys Home and today they have work. Proud of them all.

Well first the bad news or good news depending on your views on this site.  This site will shortly be closing down.  Now when I say closing down, it will not be vanishing, it will just be locked and left as an archive site where people will be free to search it for information and to take away articles - no permission required, just take what you like.  I will ensure that payments are made to the hosting company to ensure it is kept open for a few more years yet.

So why am I closing down a successful site?  Well basically because the name Green Arrow (in my opinion) has started to overshadow the message it was intended to promote which is of course the truth that is spoken by the British National Party.  To me The Party will always come first and so the Green Arrow must be allowed to fade away. 

But believing that there is always a place for a truly dynamic patriotic site in British Nationalism, I along with a team of others have been working on creating a replacement site called The British Resistance which will be officially opened officially this coming Wednesday.  In fact it is open now but work is still continuing on it.

The main difference to the new site is that it will not be a sort of One Man Band effort but rather a confederation of fellow British Nationalists united in their desire to play their part in the taking back of Our Country.  Will it work?  I believe so.

For the time being I am The Editor of the new site and will remain so until after the Welsh Assembly Elections when I hope to hand the job over to someone who can give 24/7 to the site.   It is a big job to take on and not always a pleasant one.

I have to be fast as I have a lot of travelling to do today.  I have the sad duty of attending the funeral of a long time activist and then a lot more travelling so comments will not be moderated until later this evening.

The new site will go live on Wednesday morning and this site will then be locked for registration and comments.

Now you all know or at least regular readers will, of the generosity with donations to this site to keep it running and to support various projects, buy equipment, software licences and a host of other expenses.  Most of your money I have spend wisely and with great effect for our cause but occasionally I dropped the ball and we did not get full value for your money.  As an example consider my commissioning of the IPod app just weeks before we close this site.  For this I am sorry but I assure you I have learned the lesson.

As you see the sites status is Red, there has been considerable outlay in setting up the new site and there is still much to be paid for - I will not bore you with all the details but will do when I have more time. 

The Editor, whose job it is to raise funds for the site and ensure its contituation has a big responsibility and too many times I have funded outside projects to the detriment of the sites we look after for the British People.  This kind of support will end for the foreseeable future, until we are again in a position to assist worthy BNP causes and individuals. 

One of the reasons, I am stepping down in May is because, quite frankly, I am burnt out with the responsibility of finding the funds to keep operating - it not in my nature to ask for help but again I must ask you to donate to the Green Arrow or rather the British Resistance.  If you feel that the British Resistance has a part to play in the Battle for Britain then please donate what you can.  In the great scheme of things the amount required is fairly small.

Moving on quickly, some people have suggested that the open display of support for the British National Party and their elected chairman, Nick Griffin is too overt and that we should perhaps drop the words BNP from our banners and remove the new Donate to the BNP link on the new British Resistance site.  Their suggestion is that we gain support from new readers and point to the BNP in a more subtle manner and I can see their logic.

However, I created the Green Arrow site(s) and the new British Resistance site for the sole purpose of supporting the BNP and so will not be changing anything.  This site will not strike its colours and in fact has Nailed them to the Mast.  For those who have a problem with this.  Sorry but that is the way it is.  If you want a broad based British Resistance site then go create your own sites and I am done with even debating it.

Another message to those who harp on about lack of "Freedom of Speech" in the comments and my refusal to allow debate that is critical of the Party and their elected chairman, I say this.  There are enough sites attacking the BNP and their chairman.  If you want to criticise the party then go there.  Read the label on the tin.

So if you think the British Resistance has a role to play in supporting the British National Party then please help keep it alive because at the moment it is on life support.  Thank you to all who have helped get us to where we are today.

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Is this a first? A fair report about the BNP.

bnpinChristchurch BNP Patriots

When one of our readers pointed me to this story about the British National Party's campaign in Dorset to "Bring Our Boys Home", I could not believe what I was reading.  A fair report with actual encouragement from the Christchurch People(owned by the Daily Mail). Is this a first or will the editor/writer lose his job for publishing the following?

If you agree with bringing our troops home or think otherwise, why not head into town and have a chat with them on the BNP stall. They will be happy to answer any questions you have.

I stood and watched people passing the stall and I was suprised by the amount stopping and chatting and signing the petition.

All good stuff and some good comments also. 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 September 2010 15:45 )


Wiltshire BNP’s “Bring Our Boy’s Home Campaign” in Trowbridge

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Wiltshire BNP took their campaign to the county town of Trowbridge today and had another good response from the public, we gave out plenty of leaflets and had a steady stream of people wanting to sign our petition to bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

We should not be involved in this illegal war to build a pipeline through Helmand province and some of the visitors to our stall were shocked to find out that this is the real reason why we are there.

We set our stall up in a busy part of the town where there were plenty of people out enjoying the September sunshine and they were more than happy to come over and speak to us. The feedback we’ve had from other parts of the South West tell us that this campaign is being very well received as Exeter, Swindon and Bristol reported that they were extremely busy today as well. Last week saw some 15 000 signatures taken nationwide so I expect that to double after today.

You can keep up with events here in the SouthWest by visiting our new Blog

If you haven’t helped out on a stall before and would like to get involved then please contact your local organizer who will be more than happy to hear from you.

Many thanks to Mike Howson, Mick Simpkins and Sean Witheridge for helping out today.


Bring Our Boys Home say the people of Abertillery

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The following article has been copied over from The Gwent Patriot.  I must confess to knowing the speaker in the above video for many years and have worked on many projects with him.  He would make a fine Welsh Assembly Member.  Here you go....

As part of the National Party Campaign to Bring Our Boys Home  a number of activists turned out out to man a table-top in the town of Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent, a seat we fought for the first time at the last General Election. Local activists, helped by branch organisers from neighbouring regions soon had the stall set out at the side of St Michael's Church and got stuck in to the task.

The reason for the choice of location soon became obvious. In no time at all our activists on the pavement had handed over more than eight hundred of our campaign leaflets. Meanwhile, those manning the table top concentrated on collecting a goodly number of signatures for the petition at the heart of our national campaign to Bring Our Boys Home.

If our results in one small street in one small welsh valley town are repeated across the country, the Con-Dem Alliance will hear a mighty roar of protest at the continued slaughter of our armed forces in these foreign military adventures, a roar which they will ignore at their peril.

One visitor to our stall was a young man just turned 18 who took a very great interest in our policy. He has just completed his basic training and will almost certainly be sent to the Afghan "theatre" to take part in Blair and Brown's military adventure which is now being continued by the Con-Dem Alliance, one half of whom bayed for blood to be spilled even more loudly than Blair, but the other half of which was utterly opposed to this pointless bloodshed from Day One. How they are seeing eye to eye on this across the Cabinet Room is beyond me.

After 30 minutes of leafleting we heard the unmistakable sound of a bullhorn being brought into play just down the road. "Hello" we thought, "here come the UAF sponsored chants". But no. A local evangelical Christian group had chosen this day and this time to bring their message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the shoppers, bystanders, and others of the town.

To hear a Christian group bringing their particular message of hope for the people made a most pleasant change, for in the past, when I have been helping deliver our message of hope for the people, the bullhorns across the street were usually delivering Labour lies combined with a tirade of insults bordering on Public Order Offences, or some Imam ranting at his flock in the hope of "upping the ante".

All in all then, a good day. A day when our message was well received by almost all, politely declined by one or two, and not one voice raised in anger against us.


Since when has Islam been a Race?


I see that two men have been arrested in Gateshead for burning the Islamic Terrorist Handbook known as the Koran.

They were arrested "on suspicion of stirring racial hatred"  and I look forward to seeing this one go to court because as anyone with half a brain knows, Islam is supposedly a religion.

If anyone should be arrested, it is the publishers and booksellers that sell this Encyclopaedia of Hatred towards all civilised people of the world.  This is one book that should be burnt.  Every last copy of it.

Northumbria Police speak for no True Brit when they condemned the book burning.  Besides, burning books is going to be the last of our problems in a few years from now, when it will be more than books that are ablaze.  It will be cars, houses and churches that will be going up in flames courtesy of this new "race" called Islam.

If you want to know what the future is for this country then just look at the history of Kosovo.  When we come to that stage, we will even learn  the smell of burning flesh.

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Tonight in our new British Resistance Room


BNP Chairman and Russ Green

Well it is not officially opened yet (mainly because I have not gotten around to writing an article) but there is going to be a cracking broadcast in our new British Resistance Paltalk Room at 2000GMT this evening. 

The room, that is hosted by Bertie Bert will be playing the full radio interview of Nick Griffin BNP MEP speaking yesterday on the The Political Cesspool Radio Program that is hosted by Liberty News Radio in the US of A.

You may, if you wish listen from outside of the room by just visiting the link and clicking on the unmute button otherwise you will find our room in the poltical area of Paltalk.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 September 2010 16:49 )


The BNP Pill - Do you have the courage to swallow the truth

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Ok, well there is lots happening and I am falling way behind again but I was checking out our video library and being a big fan of the Matrix Films(well the first at any rate) I thought it a good opportunity to mention a few things about travelling the path to the truth.

It is an hard, tough journey.  The more truth you discover, the harder it is to wrap your mind about the enormous treason that has been carried out on the British People for centuries.

It will be hard for many to accept the truth - it is too horrendous.  Much of what you will have been taught or brainwashed into accepting by The Establishment, you will discover to be lies. 

It is like peeling the layers away from an onion - beneath it is another layer.  But the fact that bit by bit Nationalist sites are peeling away the layers and exposing more of the truth is terrifying The Establishment.  Their layers are being stripped away as more and more people discover the truth.  For The Establishment knows that once the majority of the people uncover the truth, their retribution will be fatal for them.

Learn the truth.  Do not just accept what I or others write - start to peel the layers away for yourself and then you can decide on which path you travel.

That of cattle being herded, sheep being sheared or the BNP way.  The way of Truth.


The Loss of Childhood Innocence


The story leaked out that at the young mothers meeting one of the expectant mothers was informed by the hospital after a routine scan that her yet unborn baby was going to be a girl. Another mother inquired if she had she picked a name for her new baby. She smiled mischievously and said she and her husband had plumped for Aisha. She was asked if under the circumstances, that was wise thing to do.

This conversation has been monitored closely by an undercover Stasi State Operative posing as a work experience person at the children’s nursery who quickly alerted the local EU Racial and Thought Police on her mobile. You will be relieved to know the State Police arrived within 2 minutes of the call. It was later discovered this mother had already been in trouble with the Stasi State Police (SSP) after she informed the Day-Care authorities that her child was not particularly fond of Halal prepared food. The mother is now serving 3 months in a re-education camp situated on the Isle of Skye. Meanwhile her other three children have also been placed in care of a state re-education institution for Minors of repeat racial offenders.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 September 2010 08:12 )

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Do We need A New ''National Militia''?

When a government is effectively the enemy of the state, it is therefore, the enemy of all FREE PEOPLE. The acts of law, mostly passed in the last forty or so years, without the consent of Parliament and the British people, have come from the unelected Marxist power bloc of the European Union. Here is the basic format that we have apparently have no choice but to accept, or have any redress:

REGULATION - takes precedence over any member state’s domestic law that is inconsistent with it. Member states are not required to make additional domestic laws to implement regulations. Individuals can rely on regulations in any court cases in their own country. An example of a regulation is Regulation 1408/71 which deals with EU nationals’ entitlement to social security benefits when in other member states.

DIRECTIVES - set a goal which must be reached by a certain date. Member states are responsible for making their own laws in order to reach this goal.

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'I'm glad he's dead' said moslem thug


Arrogant Thugs

Do not expect justice in this Country any more.  Do not expect the courts to sentence violent thugs - especially moslem ones - to serve time in prison as a deterrent to other thugs.  Expect nothing from The Establishment but another kick in the face, the way the thugs shown above kicked Max Sanson in the face after beating him to the ground.

These two creatures, were "enriching" passengers on the Victoria line by attacking them at random after they had been drinking, when they turned their attention on Delphine Le Doussal and her boyfriend Max Sanson.  After first punching Mr Sanson they then showed their contempt for women by giving Miss Le Doussai a black eye.  Real men these moslem thugs.

When a fellow passenger, Daniel Hurley tried to remonstrate he was beaten and kicked to the ground where the two thugs continued to kick at him.  Whilst station staff were rushing to treat the victim of this brutal assault one of the moslems was heard to ask: "Is he dead?  I'm glad he's dead".

Fortunatly Mr Hurley was not dead and later recovered in hospital but what sort of sentence do you think these "enrichers" received for attacking numerous passengers and almost killing one of them?

You know what sentence they got?  Nothing or rather they received suspended jail sentences showing that these days, not only do moslems have a licence to prostitute our young girls but also it seems the right to attack who they wish without fear of retribution from the law.

Grow some nuts Britain and fight back - support and join the BNP.  Screw The Establisment and if they want to call us racists let them.  I do not give a toss what our enemies call us.  They must be removed from  power and brought to trial and punished for their crimes against the True British People.

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